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Emerging Adulthood
Sweet Disarray
Dan Croll Jul 22, 2019
'Emerging Adulthood' turned 2 today, massive thanks to all of you who have shared and streamed it! What was your favourite track off it? New music is just around the corner...
Dan Croll Jun 13, 2019
Had a great week of new music, head to my @spotify playlist below to check out all of the new additions!
Dan Croll Apr 22, 2019
Just spotted 'Compliment your soul' passed 10 million streams on Spotify! So happy to see you all still enjoying it, thank you for the support! Here's a video of it live in Leeds back in 2014 🎥- Thomas Harrison-Lord
Dan Croll Mar 27, 2019
Ran my first marathon at the weekend in 03:39:41 and now everything hurts. Thanks to your donations over $400 was raised for Dementia UK and I believe the donation page is still active if you'd like to donate! Now for a few weeks rest before Album 3 recording starts! Dan x
Dan Croll Mar 23, 2019
Race day is tomorrow! Thank you for all of the playlist links, they'll hopefully help me push through tomorrow's pain! Also, now's the last chance to donate anything you can to my chosen charity Dementia UK here: Dx
Dan Croll Mar 18, 2019
My first marathon is less than a week away and I need YOU to provide the soundtrack! Send me your spotify playlist links below and help me get through the pain with some motivational tunes! Also, if you want to donate to my chosen charity Dementia UK you can do so here: Dan x
Dan Croll Feb 13, 2019
Running the LA Marathon next month for Dementia UK, an incredible charity offering specialist support for families facing dementia. If you'd like to make a donation you can do via this link: Any amount is appreciated, Dan x
Dan Croll Feb 07, 2019
Thanks to everyone for coming out last night, it means a lot to test out new material in front of such lovely people! Also, today marks one year since I decided to uproot and move to America, and while I'm still finding my feet I feel like I've written a pretty solid album. I can't wait to get it down in the studio and have you all hear it, but until then I just want to say thank you for everything ❤️
Dan Croll Jan 10, 2019
Excited to announce Luke Sital-Singh is the special guest at my next solo show in LA on 6 February at Moroccan Lounge. Tickets from: 🇺🇸
Dan Croll Dec 18, 2018
After last months sold out solo show I’ve decided to do it again! I’ll be back at the Moroccan Lounge on Feb 6th to play some more new songs and some oldies. Show is 18+ and Tickets will go on sale 10am Pacific time this Thursday Dec 20, with a limited number of pre-sale tickets available from at 10am Pacific time tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 19 Dx
Dan Croll Dec 07, 2018
It's been a quiet yet fun year moving my life over to America, and to see these stats is mind blowing. Thank you all so much for the support and I promise there will be a new album in the new year ❤️ Dan x
Dan Croll Nov 20, 2018
Solo show tonight is now sold out! See you tonight LA, Doors at 7:30PM Dx
Dan Croll Nov 16, 2018
Excited to announce Julianna Zachariou will be joining me for the LA show next week! Still a few tickets remaining so grab them while you can! Dan x
Dan Croll Nov 06, 2018
Two weeks until I play the Moroccan Lounge , cant wait to try out some new songs as well as play some oldies! Tickets available from
Dan Croll Oct 16, 2018
A new album is still in the early stages but I've been wanting to try out a few new stripped back songs as well as some oldies. So I'll be playing an intimate show at the Moroccan lounge in LA on the 20th November! Head over to for tickets!
Dan Croll Aug 27, 2018
Dan Croll Jul 09, 2018
Slipping some new jams through your letter box, with new additions from Sam Evian, Still Woozy, Once and Future Band, Rex Orange County and more... Listen here:
Dan Croll Jun 28, 2018
Excited to be heading back to Germany this August and I’ve added another solo show at Appletree Garden festival! Tickets from: D x 📷 by Calum Buchan
Dan Croll May 14, 2018
Have a look below at what I’ve been listening to the past few weeks whilst I’ve been writing lots of new tunes for you all!
Dan Croll Apr 09, 2018
I've added a bunch of fresh tracks that I've been enjoying this week to my Spotify Special Delivery playlist, check them out below!
Dan Croll Mar 13, 2018
Can't wait to head back to Austria this Summer for Acoustic Lakeside. See you there? Tickets from: Dx
Dan Croll Mar 09, 2018
Throwback to playing Bad Boy for Red Bull with the band last Summer. Check it out plus a few more tunes over here: 👌 Dan x
Dan Croll Mar 07, 2018
Fallen behind with my playlist updates whilst I've been getting used to life stateside, but I've just dropped a bunch of tracks I've been enjoying the past few weeks in the playlist below! Dx
Dan Croll Feb 20, 2018
Excited to announce I’m back in beautiful Germany this summer for Watt En Schlick - Fest. Tickets from: Dx 📷 by Camila Noriega Photography
Dan Croll Feb 14, 2018
Happy Valentine's Day x Watch the full video: Also the Be Alone t-shirt is back in my store for a limited time only: <3 Dan x