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Baker's Dozen: Daedelus
The Light Brigade
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Drown Out
L.A. Series 6
Righteous Fists of Harmony
Friends of Friends Volume 1
Live At Low End Theory
Love To Make Music To
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The Quiet Party
The Weather
Her's Is > [sic]
Daedelus at Headrow House (October 4, 2019)
Venue: Headrow House (Leeds, UK) Find tickets
Daedelus at Soup Kitchen (October 6, 2019)
Venue: Soup Kitchen (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
Daedelus Aug 21, 2019
Daedelus's cover photo
Daedelus Aug 11, 2019
Mid-century audio architecture by way of Delaydelus2. Getting ready to hightail it out of LA; Boston bound, but one more gig and countless to-do’s yet done. Already planning a return visit. See you soon somehow!
Daedelus Aug 05, 2019
This August 17th I’ll play my final show as a Los Angeleno. Couldn’t ask for a better line-up to send off live SALVA & Baseck, and opening DJ sets by Bell Curve & Snakefoot It is a small room so pre sale highly recommended: 9pm-2am | 21+ | @theyorkmanor
Daedelus Jul 31, 2019
Revisiting this beautiful moment in time. Thank you dublab for bringing us together in our pursuit of the perfect sample. A little aside. Ras G was so prolific. Whereas the rest of us made a beat or two from the collected vinyl, Ras was creating dozens of bonus beats not only from his 5, but also from the stack. It was awe inspiring then, and now again wonderful to think back upon.
Daedelus Jul 25, 2019
I am so proud to announce I’ll be joining the faculty at Berklee College of Music as an Assistant Professor in EPD (electronic production and design). Can’t wait to teach and in turn be taught (as music has always been for me, but now more aloud and with some of you).
Daedelus Jul 20, 2019
Found an old fragment for a song that was never written. I’ve been using this open tuning since before I released albums. It came into my life because of a discarded instrument, missing strings, and broken pegs. You don’t know whence the melodies will enter your life, or where they will go once they’ve passed through your fingers. If you’d like to try it for yourself - Bb, D, F, A - works best with nylon strings.
Daedelus Jul 17, 2019
Modular on the Spot is always outdoors, always free, and of course always modular! Join in celebrating 4 years of modular music picnics with Kid 606 ,Pablo Kris ,heare , Logrey beam, BBartok and me at Spoke Bicycle Cafe. Sunday July 21st - 3:30PM. Welcome to all! Bring your curiosity (and friends)
Daedelus Jul 15, 2019
There isn't a break in the breakers. Each Friday holds a new electricity to channel. This latest I'd highlight is a bass-y Hz featuring Huxley Anne, Cakedog, Paul Starkey Geissinger, and more oompf to go with your Ωs.
Daedelus Jul 09, 2019
Never been more a cat than in this performance portrait by David Bodnar in Budapest. Plus all those cables as 🧶 to play in!
Daedelus Jul 06, 2019
Every week is another mountain of music to ascend. However towering the heights we must climb! Here is an update to my infrequent attempt to sort through. This weeks includes new Braille, Mndsgn, KOKOKO!, and more!
Daedelus Jun 28, 2019
🥰🎼🎶 ...The clock ticks faster... Just like that we are down to the last few (something like 15?) delaydelus2. This edition of 💯 has been a pleasure to offer and tricky to know if indeed the world wanted yet more buttons? Happy to witness those out there looking for novel sounds, in new ways, onto the unknown. Beyond these last few there will a small handful going to physical stores in Japan, N. America, extremely limited quantity. We need to be real about the assembly process and can’t go beyond our ability, but are very empathetic to life’s squiggly. We will do our utmost.
Daedelus Jun 27, 2019
Celebrating the genius that is Madlib with an Okayplayer far-from-complete list (no slight, but Lord Quas deserves more)
Daedelus Jun 25, 2019
While making a sample pack I thought to document this hard-to-describe interaction hopefully illustrating with a video. The SWN is modulated by a press of the Delaydelus2. The modulation is coming from an unheard default sample (in this case MF DOOM) which I play alone in the second press when just the output of the Delaydelus2. The instrument distills CV and Gates from whatever samples and allows you to patch that out however your modular might receive. All to say a nice function for those looking for a different ways to play. Sample pack coming soon and get your Delaydelus2 today.
Daedelus Jun 25, 2019
Putting together a far-from-comprehensive list of synth stores where you can find your next sound. Please tell me about your local and I’ll add it to the collection!
Daedelus Jun 24, 2019
Mashing buttons plus external triggers to create a few little beats. Trying to explain the process, but getting lost in the delay of it all at times. Maybe you’ll recognize some of the sounds used / mangled?
Daedelus Jun 22, 2019
Bespoke instrument, hand assembled, and lovingly limited. The object isn’t to add to the din of the noise makers already out there, but rather be something really useful to your set-up, rack, and skiff. Limited to less than 100 by virtue of sourced materials and so many soldering points. Thanks to everyone that’s already ordered! (and those of you considering)
Daedelus Jun 22, 2019
Behind the scenes of a sound. @domeofdoom intern Cali provides her review of Delaydelus2’s mew!
Daedelus Jun 20, 2019
Delaydelus2 is here. A performance sampler that speaks modular! In collaboration with Bleep Labs and featuring design by Trek Alexander Matthews.
Daedelus Jun 20, 2019
Delaydelus2 by Trek Alexander Matthews
Daedelus Jun 20, 2019
Daedelus Jun 15, 2019
Ever updating my @patreon with little assignments and what might be considered insights? I’ve relished the opportunity to connect with similar minded producers and deep diving fans, amazed by what’s possible given a longer span of time than a show or albums length. My latest is an Ableton session of novel approaches to automatic composition. Nothing too programic or coding complicated, just happy little decision trees (shout out to Bob Ross). I’m working towards some bigger teach things, we’ll see what’s possible. For now grateful to be here, a bit there, and ever over coffee somewhere.
Daedelus Jun 13, 2019
What have we hear? I’ve been keeping quiet as I can, although wanting to shout in joy to share. Newly featured Delaydelus2 for you next week. In conjunction with @drbleep and designed by @trekmatthews (these graphics quite included).
Daedelus Jun 09, 2019
I believe you must sacrifice something at your altar in order to art. It’s been a sensation I’ve felt for sometime, but without words to speak on it. Today I offered up my distractions to be wholly consumed in the act of. Making for this serious face that Samantha so kindly captured. Seriously though grinning ear to ear inside. Was beautiful in that park with those people.
Daedelus Jun 01, 2019
The varied way that listeners cry... So touched that a little thread could burst into song and the sky could open up with such selections that pointed towards poignant, uplifted, ambient, unruly, and low. Collected into a long document that I'd highly recommend tucking into. Each selection feels so intimate with the knowledge that it was someone's chosen.
Daedelus May 18, 2019
Every Friday a bevy of sounds to sort through! May I offer up these excellent newness. DāM-FunK's STFU II is perfectly tempo'd and just on time. Injury Reserve self-titled is not simply catchy catchall, but really a good all-the-way through LP Holly has an EP that's insane as ever and with features from LITTLE SNAKE and more it's a family affair Mark Redito has Neutropical which balances pop-sweet electronics with enough madness to make for a compelled dance party. What are you feeling?