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L.A. Series 6
Righteous Fists of Harmony
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Live At Low End Theory
Love To Make Music To
For Withered Friends / Touchtone
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A Gent Agent
Of Snowdonia
The Quiet Party
Rethinking the Weather
Her's Is > [sic]
Daedelus Dec 11, 2018
Just returned home from Japan to find my copies of Brainfeeder X awaiting. What an incredible collection of the once and future kings and queens, I’m proud to be a part of.
Daedelus Dec 03, 2018
's cover photo
Daedelus Dec 03, 2018
I sat down with The New Old Heads a spell ago, wonderful this little look back is up to share.
Daedelus Nov 29, 2018
Mental health in the music industry is almost a contradiction in terms. Immerse(d) gave me an opportunity to speak at length about and I’m so grateful to share with you now. Hoping, no matter what you are undergoing, that this could be of use to you.
Daedelus Nov 24, 2018
Upcoming! Smoke monster? Handled.
Daedelus Nov 24, 2018
My little store front is taking a little extra (25%) off as a THANKYOU. Your support of the arts makes my world go round.
Daedelus Nov 22, 2018
Got caught pondering what to do next in Tokyo. Taken by Mitsuru Troutman
Daedelus Nov 19, 2018
Spotted this Brainfeeder X display at the Shibuya Tower Records and felt all the feels! It’s a past, present, and future compilation and what a bright path forged! My contribution lifted from Righteous Fists of Harmony is Order of The Golden Dawn featuring Laura Darlington
Daedelus Nov 10, 2018
This here is the prototype for Delaydelus part 2. Wild adventure with Bleep Labs getting this far. Can’t wait to show!
Daedelus Oct 30, 2018
A sizzle reel of a few highlights from recent Immerse(d) in Montreal. With LA almost upon our humble-event-with-large-aspirations it's nice to look at some of the smiling faces from the previous.
Daedelus Oct 25, 2018
I’m playing as never before for Immersed’s LA edition November 3rd. Low Rumbles becoming bass-y blooms in fine company all mindful of the utter depth of sound possible. Join us.
Daedelus Oct 25, 2018
Committed to sharing new music, and now going about that through this Heart Beats Beat's Beat playlist. If you have spotify check this link and click on the latest added.
Daedelus Oct 16, 2018
Committed to sharing new music everyday, but will be tardy often in the attempt. For now a playlist of latest releases I've been feeling; some songs deeply others a passing fancy, but maybe they will stay with you... New from Heavy Mellow, Ben Wendel, LONE, and more
Daedelus Oct 06, 2018
A wild ancient mix unearthed circa 2004 when made a mix for Disc Wave records in Japan. From HipHop to Broken Beats through Rave onto Jungle all from vinyl so extra wiggly as ever.
Daedelus Oct 04, 2018
San Francisco! The Midway SF is giving away 2 pairs of tickets to my talk + show with Huxley Anne on Friday October, 12th. TAG friends in the comments & SHARE this post for a chance to win... Winners selected soon!
Daedelus Oct 02, 2018
For your considerable consideration check out Immersed. A new series I am very much part of and will be commencing October 20th in Montreal’s Phi Centre!
Daedelus Sep 28, 2018
I had the fortune to remix Death Cab for Cutie into an 80s anthem. If I could insert a Footloose montage of dance moves here that would be appropriate to the feeling I was going for.
Daedelus Sep 24, 2018
This Thursday Machinedrum and I celebrate his seminal album Vapor City!
Daedelus Sep 20, 2018
Excited to announce BRAINFEEDER’s X a catalogue spanning compilation due November 16th. I’ve contributions therein
Daedelus Sep 18, 2018
Putting forward a place where I'm perching found sounds. I love making mixtapes! This will be curated as such, but emphasizing songs of yesteryear. #NowPlaying
Daedelus Sep 17, 2018
Thanks to Modular Grid I can share what I've been playing on lately. May I present to you my stab at a dj-style interaction. This isn't an end, really more an architecture I'm aspiring to climb on. I've grand plans for a future build, but for now please check this out this almost complete mapping.
Daedelus Sep 17, 2018
Had a demonstration of nura 🎧 at this past Sonár. Took me quite off guard how effective a listening experience they could be. I still feel embarrassed about crying a bit so publicly. The Tech demonstration hall at the festival was full of people, but I had an honest experience so what’s there to do... For years I’ve travelled with cheap ear buds and airplane freebies because I know travel mistakes happen. Things get misplaced sometimes. Also the compromised listening experience we are taught to seek out because others listen to shitty playback that you are supposed to make audio mixes with them partially in mind (look at the cult status of NS-10’s), but I had bad-fidelity too long. Now some very excitingly sounded instead!
Daedelus Sep 06, 2018
Most recent mix for dublab is now archived and activated. Take a spin with me.
Daedelus Aug 19, 2018
Honored to go deep with Switched On about my attempt at modular. An hours worth of words, oh my!
Daedelus Aug 11, 2018
SENSORiUM on August 25th will be such mad music made! I’m very excited to return to Philadelphia and witness for myself.