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Baker's Dozen: Daedelus
The Light Brigade
Drown Out
L.A. Series 6
Righteous Fists of Harmony
Friends of Friends Volume 1
Love To Make Music To
Live At Low End Theory
For Withered Friends / Touchtone
Axe Murderation (Remixes)
Her's Is > [SIC]
Denies the Day's Demise
Exquisite Corpse
Of Snowdonia
A Gent Agent
Rethinking the Weather
The Weather
The Quiet Party
Her's Is > [sic]
Daedelus, J-Justice, and WD4D at Nectar Lounge (April 25, 2019)
Venue: Nectar Lounge (Seattle, WA, US) Find tickets
Daedelus Apr 17, 2019
Spring blooms. Much like how a song can just appear, fully formed, as if the melody remembered rather than composed. We’ve had such flowers this year in LA which means the producers are coming from their hide-outs, arms ladened with honeyed beats. I’m no exception.
Daedelus Apr 14, 2019
The LOVE mix’s 💖🎵🌀 (part 10) concluding @drewtetz ‘s animated turntable routine with me on mix duties‼️ Do check out the full length out at Always time for love in abundance (and dance). #tetzoscope
Daedelus Apr 13, 2019
Dublab getting into the record store day spirit is offering up previously private mixes from their Exploration Kit series. Mine being all exotica! Please 🔭 for.
Daedelus Apr 10, 2019
Notes on how to conduct a seance. First you’ll want to angle your music controllers at such a degree that might be comfortably witnessed by you and the assorted spirits... —— This from Room205 sessions where they dolled up the room like no other. Mine being most Victorian 🎩
Daedelus Apr 09, 2019
portrait by Charles Munka
Daedelus Apr 08, 2019
Little leaps and bounds. Sound on please.
Daedelus Apr 04, 2019
I've been broadcasting on dublab for over 20 years. That's at least a few good mixes during which and the most recent here:
Daedelus Apr 02, 2019
Returns to Seattle this April 25th with J-Justice and WD4D at Nectar Lounge Come out to play!
Daedelus Mar 23, 2019
This masterpiece is 15 years old today. I’ve the smallest part in the story of, but still feel deeply connected to. Maybe you as well? I hear often about how it’s transformed ears and created long shadows across all music to come. Hope somewhere DOOM and Madlib are feeling dastardly.
Daedelus Mar 18, 2019
We can all learn echolocation! This bears repeating. You can train to "see" with sound. In fact "when sighted people learn to navigate by sound, they engage the part of their brain that usually deals with vision." Hear here:
Daedelus Mar 17, 2019
Continuing to dissolve my candy making secrets (really just discovering with my Patreon's music techniques and opinions). This was an exploration of pitch effecting time manipulation using my Succumbing To in example.
Daedelus Mar 16, 2019
Smirks < Smiles So happy to have opportunity to share sounds with you! Also honored when artists bring their artistry to an event and makes us all extra. Here @thelowestfidelity shot consecutive frames of Kodak Tri-X400 35mm film pushed to ISO 1600 to make this little drama.
Daedelus Mar 15, 2019
🎵Keep your hands where my eyes can see🎵 Last night in San Antonio by @mikeystrange
Daedelus Mar 14, 2019
This year’s SXSW was marked by an incredible final moment at the capitol thanks to Diego Bernal and Ernest Gonzales before tonight’s show in San Antonio. Amazing to witness up close the levers of power, and meet such a humble practitioner.
Daedelus Mar 08, 2019
Some might say the spell has been cast, arcana consumed, incantations exhaled, bringing forth all the meaningful music! Thanks to everyone who believes in the magik that is sound.
Daedelus Mar 03, 2019
Happy #303 day, not the beloved TB, but rather its less recognized stepchild the EF. #sliders for days
Daedelus Mar 03, 2019
This past Friday marked the return of the Weather for your streaming pleasure! I dare say never has there been a record to more aptly call out the hypocrisy of the US government’s involvement in oil conflict and with absurdly good rapping. (At least it might be about that, or boy bands, not sure)
Daedelus Feb 28, 2019
Whatever poise I possess comes from my family, and specifically posing for my painting mother’s creations. Those of you with artistic family might understand how at once you feel pride at their accomplishments, but not always how you get depicted. No matter though, I’m grateful to her for giving me wings. If you want to check out more just search Ruth Weisberg.
Daedelus Feb 27, 2019
Hello from today. Feeling like the world drained of color so I too am. How is it that overwhelming is such a perfect word for the music life and yet so rarely sung? All that said I’ll be seeing you soon touring March and April ahead. Thrilled to return somewhere close.
Daedelus Feb 21, 2019
Ancient tour antics.
Daedelus Feb 20, 2019
Your eyes don’t fool you. This slice from a live routine of magic records which I was honored to make a music mix for. The LOVE Mix can be found in full through creator Animated Records by Drew Tetz ’s page. All go follow their magic musing! #tetzoscope
Daedelus Feb 16, 2019
Friday means fresh music, even if those sounds been doing for a bit. Ears perk up at the chance some new will change a life! This weeks batch thus far include new Sjamsoedin, now Swisha, amazing previous flip by Stro Elliot, and blissful-much-needed Rosalía.
Daedelus Feb 15, 2019
Too much time before the show and this is what you get...
Daedelus Feb 13, 2019
Been feeding my Patreon all along. The latest a playlist of essential Rave from the early 90s. My ever obsession, my stuck on, my rosebud. This assortment cobbled together from what’s available on Spotify, which is painfully anemic. Stand outs present, but much didn’t make the leap of formats. If curious to know more about the history of this genre in LA I’d highly recommend following @map_pointz it’s a treasure trove.
Daedelus Feb 12, 2019
Your attendance is requested March 23rd at Metro Chicago Full A/V Panoptes + featuring @iamdeku Will be lush!