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Baker's Dozen: Daedelus
The Light Brigade
Drown Out
L.A. Series 6
Righteous Fists of Harmony
Friends of Friends Volume 1
Live At Low End Theory
Love To Make Music To
For Withered Friends / Touchtone
Axe Murderation (Remixes)
Her's Is > [SIC]
Denies the Day's Demise
Exquisite Corpse
Of Snowdonia
A Gent Agent
The Quiet Party
Rethinking the Weather
Her's Is > [sic]
Daedelus at Conde Duque (February 15, 2019)
Venue: Conde Duque (Madrid, Spain) Find tickets
Dorian Concept and Daedelus at The Sugar Club (February 16, 2019)
Venue: The Sugar Club (Dublin, Ireland) Find tickets
Daedelus at Jazzcampus Basel (February 19, 2019)
Venue: Jazzcampus Basel (Basel, Switzerland) Find tickets
Daedelus at Unknown venue (February 20, 2019)
Venue: Unknown venue (Luzern, Switzerland) Find tickets
Immerse(d) Immerse(d) 2019
Venue: Ravensbourne Art College (Greenwich, UK) Find tickets
Daedelus Feb 15, 2019
Too much time before the show and this is what you get...
Daedelus Feb 13, 2019
Been feeding my Patreon all along. The latest a playlist of essential Rave from the early 90s. My ever obsession, my stuck on, my rosebud. This assortment cobbled together from what’s available on Spotify, which is painfully anemic. Stand outs present, but much didn’t make the leap of formats. If curious to know more about the history of this genre in LA I’d highly recommend following @map_pointz it’s a treasure trove.
Daedelus Feb 12, 2019
Your attendance is requested March 23rd at Metro Chicago Full A/V Panoptes + featuring @iamdeku Will be lush!
Daedelus Feb 07, 2019
My long ago life as an Egyptologist.
Daedelus Feb 05, 2019
Talked with Magnetic Magazine ahead of Sónar NYC festival at Avant Gardner. The mix especially is for your pre-night moments in anticipation; I hope it serves you well.
Daedelus Feb 04, 2019
Sunday funday hanging around the studio making lowest fidelity sequences.
Daedelus Jan 29, 2019
Every Friday it's music. I'm ever hunting that new. Maybe one of these will set sate your appetite until the next Friday full? DJ MANNY's Let The Music Talk V1 is such a unique take on 160bpm. Shrimpnose and K.Raydio have made Cabernet leading towards a full length in February (full disclosure I've production on the LP). Lush and yearning. Boogie has a long awaited LP "Everythings for Sale" and it doesn't skimp on those measured measures he's so very good at. I'd be remiss to omit my own "Pluses" an EP of older remixes and covers that is now, for a first, available on streaming platforms.
Daedelus Jan 26, 2019
Come fly with me and all that Life and Death + Sónar Festival bring this together Feb. 8th.
Daedelus Jan 25, 2019
Previously unavailable music that played as bonus tracks but really were universes of their own and deserve a listen-type release. Fantastic cover art by Noopur Choksi Out now
Daedelus Jan 23, 2019
Being swallowed by my whale, Archimedes. Proud that we were foolish enough to dream this show, Emmanuel, David, and myself. Still foolish enough to present Panoptes, the next dazzling thing defying easy description. and to those at the defunct Kaizamier, Coachella, or any of the shows attempted I hope you remember like I remember, but with far more reflection.
Daedelus Jan 20, 2019
In a wonderfully exhaustive study by Matt Daniels on vocabulary in Hip Hop its been proven I've worked with some incredibly lyrical emcees (especially Busdriver/, my goodness!).
Daedelus Jan 19, 2019
In an effort to share what hands do, where ears go, and moments between shows. Here in the coffee shop plotting next additions. The Bitbox from 1010 Instruments is a remarkable instrument, that I’ve placed in a 4ms Company Pod along with Folktek Gait as a sample chop workstation writ small! I avowed in 2018 that I’d have no screens standing in my way. Now that’s it’s 2019 I’m ready to ease back, but still staving off laptops... can’t wait to share with you at some soon gig.
Daedelus Jan 18, 2019
Every Friday a new wave to catch - all the music that's ever been and what's just now come to surface. I've collected a few fresh takes for your ears for this day January 18th, 2019. Maybe they'll change your life? or at least change your channel.
Daedelus Jan 18, 2019
This moment plucking sound from the bottom of the sea. Captured by Jorge Meza Photos who’s pictures have been crucial framing our electronic world. Thanks to him, Beat Cinema, and the many brave who joined our rain-soaked session!
Daedelus Jan 13, 2019
An appreciation post of Tennyson and our time together in Delhi not long ago. We were all quite freshly arrived yet they went out of their way to make my odd-one-out feel comfortably caffeinated and puzzle solved. They are gems.
Daedelus Jan 10, 2019
Felt lucky to be talking about these Immersed events I’m so passionate about, even if I rambled on a bit at times...
Daedelus Jan 09, 2019
's cover photo
Daedelus Jan 09, 2019
With much trepidation and excitement I’m launching a Patreon page. I’ve just far too many ideas running about that don’t fit sharing here or twitter’s blurbs. I’ve always been keen to spend time working in collaboration with others or lending an ear or advice, but there is always other priorities getting in the way. I yearn to fill my time in service and with creativity. This is uncharted territory as I’m used to transnational relationships with listeners. That’s an old paradigm long shifted, and I need to move my mind from. Inspired by Noer the Boy and others offerings I’m going to be sharing more there. if you are so inclined.
Daedelus Jan 07, 2019
My infrequent but earnest attempt to highlight latest releases catching ears. Every Friday a new wave to crash over us unless we learn to dive in...
Daedelus Jan 05, 2019
Its ⏰ for the Chronoblob 2. Modular can be a playful 💃🏼 partner.
Daedelus Jan 03, 2019
A stolen moment from a sneak peek.
Daedelus Dec 31, 2018
Here’s to the year that was and clearing the table for all that’s to be. There was this Taut, sounding nothing like this, yet the secret melodies of the world within... Taut will forever be my 2018, full of dazzling heights and little melancholies. Ever onward you all.
Daedelus Dec 26, 2018
Sorry I been silent of late. In fact 2018 was a loud year, full of new sounds. In an effort to demythify, demystify, and share more in 2019 here is a tiny look at Frap Tools very formidable Fumana. Please tell me what you’d like to see/hear next and we’ll find ways!
Daedelus Dec 20, 2018
A beautiful dream we are having! “Life and Death” by Sónar Festival February 8th in New York’s Avant Gardner. tickets:ónarNYC
Daedelus Dec 20, 2018
Thrilled to announce Sónar’s New York edition. February 8th alongside DJ Koze, Nosaj Thing, Zora Jones, Sinjin Hawke and more! Been winding down 2018 with a respite from social media but couldn’t quiet my excitement towards this play! tickets:ónarNYC