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Bring Ya to the Brink
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Cyndi Lauper Aug 21, 2019
This week's woman crush is P!nk! Did you see the news? Her Beautiful Trauma World Tour is the 10th highest grossing tour in Billboard Boxscore’s history –- and the biggest for a woman in over a decade! I just love her. Who are you crushing on this week? #wcw
Cyndi Lauper Aug 21, 2019
On this day in 1990! Another Brick in the Wall. Pink Floyd
Cyndi Lauper Aug 20, 2019
Happy National Radio Day! Yeah, yeah, I know. This is from the UK and it's kinda long but hey, give it a listen:
Cyndi Lauper Aug 19, 2019
Hey I guess there's some weirdo pretending to be me on messenger?? I don't even use messenger. Anyway, it's not me so please report them and block them. Thank you!
Cyndi Lauper Aug 19, 2019
Share the hope! And share your story, just like I did, to help raise awareness for the millions affected. #Hope #Sponsored
Cyndi Lauper Aug 18, 2019
Well, one place on the internet says 2016 and another says on this day in 2014 but hey, either way, it's always a good time to check out #HenryAndMe. ☺️
Cyndi Lauper Aug 17, 2019
It's also National Thrift Shop Day so I gotta shout out Screaming Mimis! Screaming Mimi’s - and of course Laura Wills, the owner - totally inspired me. I shopped all around the city and always went back to Screaming Mimi’s because it had this fun approach to fashion. It had humor, it had wildness, it had sexiness, it had the old-movie vibe. And I had always felt like I was born in an old movie. To me, the whole Screaming Mimi’s look wasn’t just a style—it was a movement. Do you have any cool thrift shops where you live?
Cyndi Lauper Aug 17, 2019
It's National Nonprofit Day! Did you know that you can donate to True Colors United via Amazon every time you make a purchase? Click here to learn how:
Cyndi Lauper Aug 16, 2019
Happy #NationalTellAJokeDay!! I crack myself up! 🤪
Cyndi Lauper Aug 15, 2019
I’ll never forget in 2005, when I was presented by the Human Rights Campaign with their National Equality Award, for my advocacy for equality for the community. When I accepted the award I decided to sing “True Colors” because I’m not a speechmaker. Afterward, I went backstage and there was a woman just sitting and staring. It was Judy Shepard. We locked eyes, and Judy started crying, and we hugged for a good moment. It had been so profound to hear her speak about the son she had been robbed of. We started talking and what we eventually did was take the Matthew Shepard Foundation's purple “Erase Hate” bracelets and put them on special cards that shared information about Matthew and the foundation, with a special message from me. Matthew had said he wanted to get into politics, and in the end, through his mother, he did. Happy Birthday Judy Shepard! Thank you for all that you do. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Cyndi Lauper Aug 12, 2019
It's National Vinyl Record Day! Post a pic of yours below in the comments. 📀👩‍🎤🎶 And psst: you can still get the Barnes & Noble special edition yellow vinyl here
Cyndi Lauper Aug 11, 2019
I can't believe it's been 19 years since The Opportunists came out! Did you see it? - Chris Walken, Actor Christopher Walken, Peter McDonald.
Cyndi Lauper Aug 09, 2019
Have you no heart? Have you no soul? This is not ok!
Cyndi Lauper Aug 09, 2019
Originally I wanted to write it alone and then I realized, fat chance I’ll have the time to write the way I was imagining I would be able to write. I don’t know what I was thinking, but you see stories about writers where they go for a walk, they come back, they type all day. Jancee Dunn is a rocker. She worked for Rolling Stone and she had written her own memoir, so I felt that she was perfect for me. I’m not Ernest Hemingway. I’m gonna write how I talk. I’ve always felt even as a songwriter that the rhythm of speech is in itself a language for me. It's #BookLoversDay. If you haven't read my memoir yet, click here to get your copy! It's good. I swear. ☺️📝📚
Cyndi Lauper Aug 08, 2019
Say A Prayer #tbt
Cyndi Lauper Aug 06, 2019
#TravelTuesday Have you ever been to Japan?
Cyndi Lauper Aug 05, 2019
Vibes came out on this day in 1988! We definitely had a time, huh Jeff Goldblum? RIP Peter Falk.
Cyndi Lauper Aug 04, 2019
Happy Birthday Barack Obama!
Cyndi Lauper Aug 04, 2019
Happy National Sisters Day from me and Elen!
Cyndi Lauper Aug 03, 2019
Happy Birthday Martin Sheen!
Cyndi Lauper Aug 02, 2019
The weekend starts now! "Disco Inferno" turns 20 tomorrow. Click here to listen: 💃 🕺
Cyndi Lauper Aug 01, 2019
DJ Beauty & the Beatz gave my new "She's So Unusual" yellow vinyl the 1 & 2 treatment! Thank you! I love it. What do you guys think? 🎶👑⚡️📀
Cyndi Lauper Aug 01, 2019
Happy #NationalGirlfriendsDay! 👑
Cyndi Lauper Jul 31, 2019
Marsha Vlasic is my #wcw this week! Please click thru to read about this amazing woman! 👑
Cyndi Lauper Jul 30, 2019
How's your week going so far?