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Cut City May 11, 2019
Just watched this heartfelt and beautiful documentary about Klaus Dinger and his motorik beat. There are countless bands that have employed that forceful beast of a beat and Cut City is certainly among them. I think when we wrote Like Ashes Like Millions, I (Max) had just heard Neu! for the first time and was floored. Like every other band, you steal shit and rearrange them. And so we did. David drummed the shit out of that beat and I can't imagine any other song that would've opened Exit Decades better. So proud of that song (and album). Can't wait for the reissue. Motorik Beat Top 3 1. Neu! - Für Inner 2. Primtal Scream - Shoot Speed Koll Light 3. Silverbullit - Run (though it's a slight variation) What's your favorite motorik beat song? Leave a comment below! #theheartisadrum #jacobfrössen #neu #primalscream #silverbullit #cutcity #exitdecades #wherestheharm #postpunk #postrock #indierock #indiepop
Cut City Apr 08, 2019
EXIT DECADES REPRESS THROUGH SPECIFIC RECORDINGS It’s a bittersweet announcement to make but our dear friends at Rundgång Rekords just have way too much weight on their shoulders to be burdened by the Exit Decades repress. But we’re happy tell you all that Specific Recordings, based in the wonderful city of Metz, France, have decided to take it into their hands and make it happen. Florian and Jennie, who run Specific, are old friends of ours and we’re psyched to have them be a part of this. We’re sending the masters in May and we’re aiming for a September release (this is in part due to the waiting list at the pressing plants here in Europe). We’re going to drop more news in the near future so stay put.
Cut City Jan 05, 2019
Tomorrow at 5pm (Central European Time) we’ll be doing a song or two through a live feed on IG and/or FB (depending on if we get the tech right). Make sure to tune in. Sound and video might be crap but it will still be something you can tell your grandkids about. Leave yr requests in the comments section. #cutcity #postpunk
Cut City Jan 04, 2019
Having spent almost 10 years inactive, at least in the public eye, we always promised ourselves that when the time was right we’d try to get together to see what happens. Well, the time has come. But to give you an idea how hard it is to get us cramped up together in the same dark room: we booked this date more than six months ago! And before that there were the initial discussions if we’d be able to do this at all. So it’s safe to say that shit’s not like it once was when we hade no families but our own camraderie and we could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. 2019 will see us do a couple of shows. Don’t know when but probably not until we approach summer (yeah, as it is right now we’re shaky at best and unintelligble at worst and we need a couple of more play dates before we can do Like Ashes in a faithful and proper manner). But please stay alert as news will be dropping about boths upcoming shows and the repress as well. Take care. Take care. /Comeback City
Cut City Dec 31, 2018
So, the one major thing we shared this past year, in between ripped tour posters and quasi-funny posts about non-existant streaming, would be the anticipated reissue of the long out-of-print vinyl issue of EXIT DECADES. We’re so happy this is coming into fruition and we can’t wait for it to be done. 2019 is the year to look forward to. More news soon. In the meantime, stay safe and please say no to fireworks as they’re literally killing animals. That shit’s dumb beyond comprehension. Cheers!/David, Magnus, Max & Oskar #postpunk #cutcity #reissue #2019 #exitdecades
Cut City Nov 11, 2018
When Exit Decades was released back in 2007 we did a small print run of 300 vinyl copies for the sole reason that we couldn’t afford to do a larger run. Those copies were sold within a couple of months and we went on to do other stuff. As years have passed we’ve been asked more times than we can remember if we’d do another pressing. Of course we never opposed the idea but our bank accounts did. Now, eleven years later, we’ve somehow persuaded our favorite pals at @rundgngrekords that it is indeed a financially sound idea to make Exit Decades available again on vinyl. Next year, some time in the spring, it’ll happen. So make sure you follow @rundgngrekords to get your copy. More information will rain down upon you as things progress. Much love, David, Magnus, Max & Oskar
Cut City Nov 10, 2018
Dear ladies and gentlemen, we seek to grow our online presence with historical artefacts (i.e. photos). So we’d like to ask of anyone and everyone who might possess images of Cut City-related stuff to send them our way. It could be photos of dirty socks we left behind when we crashed your apartment; it could be an old show ticket which now serves as a bookmark in that book you said you were going to finish (but let’s be honest, you won’t); or it could be a selfie with a band member that you doctored just to make us happy. Send that shit to: exitdecades (a) Thanks buddy! / Cut City
Cut City Feb 05, 2018
Hey, Our entire discography is up for grabs for absolutely nothing. You have the option to drop us a dime but that’s all up to you. Head over to bandcamp, download and spread it around like it was the black plague. Much love// Cut City #postpunk #cutcity #deletedart #goldstandardlabs #someindustries
Cut City Sep 26, 2017
New Ep 'Apocalypse Blues b/w Glazin Daze' by Heathen Hands ( Max & David from Cut City) out via bandcamp. Check it out!
Cut City Sep 20, 2017
New song out by Heathen Hands. Max and Davids new project.
Cut City Jun 09, 2017
Cut City Jun 09, 2017
Oskars new project ƝѲⱤTHΞⱤN ƮⱤѲⱣIϾ is streaming today, check it out on Spotify, Apple music, Tidal or Soundcloud.
Cut City Jun 02, 2017
Heathen Hands new video 'Glazin Daze is featured in this week Staff favorites at swedish webzine Hymn!
Cut City May 31, 2017
Max & Davids new band Heathen Hands release new single video "Glazin Daze'. OUT NOW !
Cut City Feb 13, 2017
Warmer Climes
Cut City Feb 05, 2017
Heathen Hands
Cut City Nov 04, 2016
Cut City Oct 28, 2016
Cut City's cover photo
Cut City Oct 28, 2016
Both Exit Decades and Narcissus Can Wait is up on Spotify again, finally!!!... but for some damn reason i can't share the album links here on fb. You have to search for them on Spotify. Love, / CC
Cut City Oct 27, 2016
Narcissus Can Wait - EP av Cut City på Apple Music
Cut City Sep 05, 2016 wrote some nice words about Heathen Hands. (In swedish)
Cut City Aug 30, 2016
Without the video if you prefer that! (Members from Cut City)