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Cuckoo Chaos Jan 29, 2017
New music from CC members Jeremy Scott & Jackson Milgaten:
Cuckoo Chaos Nov 26, 2016
CC guitarists/vocalists Jeremy Scott and Jackson Milgaten have a new project called BODY SONG! Check it:
Cuckoo Chaos Nov 05, 2014
Watch the newest video installment in the Deadphones project:
Cuckoo Chaos Nov 01, 2014
Impose premiered the new Deadphones video directed by Cuckoo Chaos / Deadphones guitarists/vocalists Jackson Milgaten and Jeremy Scott! Check out the video and a short interview with Jackson:
Cuckoo Chaos Jun 03, 2014
Check out the official video for "Somnambulator" by Deadphones from light painter Darius Twin!
Cuckoo Chaos May 31, 2014
New Deadphones video this Monday! And remember, you can stream the entire record here:
Cuckoo Chaos May 15, 2014
Deadphones full length album is now available for streaming! Enjoy here:
Cuckoo Chaos Apr 24, 2014
New Deadphones track! Download it for free from Owl and Bear:
Cuckoo Chaos Apr 16, 2014
Deadphones are playing an ALL AGES show this coming Monday at The Loft @ UCSD! Event page here:
Cuckoo Chaos Mar 29, 2014
CC guitarist Jeremy Patrick Scott will be playing a solo set of material from his Glasshopper project on April 1st @ The Tin Can in San Diego. All proceeds go towards an AIDS/LifeCycle charity event. Here's the details:
Cuckoo Chaos Mar 11, 2014
Remember that album we promised? It's out today via Waaga Records under the name Deadphones:
Cuckoo Chaos Feb 28, 2014
Impose Magazine just dropped Deadphones 1st single!
Cuckoo Chaos Feb 25, 2014
The 1st Deadphones show is this Friday at Soda Bar in San Diego!
Cuckoo Chaos Jan 22, 2014
The record we spent all of 2013 making is finished and will be coming out via our new project Deadphones. You can read about the details in this week's San Diego CityBeat. We will be debuting the project live at Soda Bar on 2/28 in conjunction with new music dropping.
Cuckoo Chaos Dec 27, 2013
THIS IS THE END. Tomorrow night @ Soda Bar. Here's the event page with the link to get tix:
Cuckoo Chaos Dec 25, 2013
Mr. Keith Sweaty gave us a remix of Super Skeleton for Christmas / a "going away forever" present! So many thanks to him for his countless help, support, creativity, and fantastic work he has done for us over the past 5 years. We love Sweaty!
Cuckoo Chaos Dec 22, 2013
In 6 days we play our LAST SHOW EVER. 12/28 at Soda Bar with Snuffaluffagus & The Most Hi.
Cuckoo Chaos Nov 27, 2013
As you may have already heard, the life of this project is coming to a close. We talked with San Diego CityBeat about why and what the future holds for the five members of Cuckoo Chaos:
Cuckoo Chaos Nov 19, 2013
Dear friends and lovers. Our buddy, filmmaker Destin Cretton's first full length feature is up for streaming on the old Netflix instant queue. This film features our music as well as several other fantastic San Diego artists and we highly recommend you check it out if you have not seen it already. It won the "Official Selection" award at the 2012 Sundance Festival and had Robert Redford crying like a little girl.
Cuckoo Chaos Nov 15, 2013
THE DEATH OF CUCKOO CHAOS 12/28 @ Soda Bar w/ Snuffaluffagus & @The Most Hi
Cuckoo Chaos Sep 23, 2013
We will be playing the grand opening party for the You Are Here - Golden Hill building this coming Saturday!
Cuckoo Chaos Sep 13, 2013
We play the San Diego Music Thing 2nite @ The Sunset Temple. This show is ALL AGES! Bring yr baby! Bring yr grandma!
Cuckoo Chaos Sep 03, 2013
Next week we are playing the San Diego Music Thing. Our show is at The Sunset Temple in North Park and is ALL AGES. It is also the only show we are playing in SD until November.
Cuckoo Chaos Aug 31, 2013
Los Angeles, we are playing a FREE show at The Satellite on Wednesday 9/4! Presented by White Iris Records.
Cuckoo Chaos Aug 14, 2013
We're playing two shows in September: 9/4 - Los Angeles - @ The Satellite (Free! White Iris Records residency!) 9/13 - San Diego - @ Sunset Temple (Part of the San Diego Music Thing festival)