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A for Amiga
cTrix Dec 08, 2018
In a session with Dot.AY recording the new EP. 8-track MCI tape from 4 sync'd gameboys... with reamping. Huge vibe.
cTrix Dec 07, 2018
Pre-set organising of tunes. Being a warm day changes the vibe a bit - but I'm super exciting about these new tracks. Daaaamnn.
cTrix Oct 31, 2018
Every year I pull out various machines and give them a once over (in case they need some loving). Got at least one old C64 back to life - needed new SID and 6526. Still working on an MSX II (very very dark image and kaput floppy drive) pong machine (needs new pots + switches; will also add a composite out for it) Hardware hey!
cTrix Oct 17, 2018
So - looking to the future - if I want to upload any more to Soundcloud I'm up for $$$ (per year). I plan on also putting on Bandcamp as "pay what you want" to get FLAC (and hopefully fund a 2019 tour!). So apart from YouTube with tracker viz - are there anymore independent platforms that people use? (not iTunez, Googs or Amazzzon; they are all way too hard to deal with!)
cTrix Oct 02, 2018
Been thinking about socials recently. I'm still occasionally active in chipmusic (looking to step it up again) but also in electronics, oldskool programming, music in general, etc. Been doing lots of live-streams on personal FB, but could span this to cTrix socials? What do people expect / want from Facebook / this account? Happy to take requests!
cTrix Sep 15, 2018
Hey! I'm live streaming Square Sounds Tokyo for next 2 days!! Linnnkk bellooowww
cTrix Jul 23, 2018
These little fellows just arrived! I mastered them for the folks at Obole earlier this year :-) Unfortunately sold out - but I maaaay be dropping them back-to-back in a little set at Melbourne Chiptune Academy - July Meetup! Otherwise, stay tuned for new cTrix stuff at end of Aug :-o
cTrix May 26, 2018
Doing a session on General MIDI and it's sound progression tomorrow at Bar SK from 6pm. Beer and GM!! (free, Sunday, craft beer on tap)
cTrix Apr 01, 2018
In case anyone interested in seeing where I'm at with the PMA-5 ....
cTrix Mar 29, 2018
The Roland PMA-5 General MIDI pocket sequencer! Thought I'd share my first (after a quick test) power up of the unit. And the user experience trying to quickly sequence something without reading the manual. Plus demos. Defs reading the book on this one... units like this continously remind me how amazing LSDJ / Piggy are for a pocket device... (edit: a bit of lag on the video thanks to facebook)
cTrix Mar 21, 2018
It's been a while since I got stick into a hardware project! Any guesses?
cTrix Mar 07, 2018
It's been crazy times with Square Sounds Melbourne festival + more. So this Friday, a few of us having a fun little show - I'll have an Amiga and Gameboy, and it's free drinks. Yup free. Come chill and party!
cTrix Jan 05, 2018
Hey Sydney - I'll be in your city tomorrow (Sunday) night playin an Amiga show. Here's what I was looking at yesterday. Maybe going to add a Sega Nomad into the mix.
cTrix Jan 02, 2018
Happy New Year all :-) For Melbourne / Syd peeps see below, else I hope to catch up with many of you later in the year if I can (aka "touring"). Cheers for the continued support on projects and experiments - some on hold, some still happening. Hope you all have a great 2018.
cTrix Dec 20, 2017
Quick tip - if someone accidentally breaks off a headphone jack in a piece of gear and a tip stays lodged in the hole... a small touch of superglue on the end of a toothpick or match stick though a straw (to act as a shield!) will hopefully remove it. I'm hoping... else gonner have to just add (yet another) jack to the case!
cTrix Dec 15, 2017
Lots of people asking about shows, and answer is yes! In Janurary - playing Melbourne at the Speigal Tent (hahaha, yup!). Also in Sydney in first weekend of the year. Both with Ladybeard from Japan. No idea what's gonner happen at either - all the more reason to come hang and enjoy the show! Links belowwwww
cTrix Dec 08, 2017
Well, after lots of revisions and coding / timing fixes, here's the latest MSDOS demo... for Pentium 75mhz (1993 era). I actually wrote the tune to be a 4ch MOD so it can also play on Amiga but using the stereo advantage of the Soundblaster / GUS.
cTrix Dec 02, 2017
Who remembers having to do this?! The downside of the old DOS days was having so many sound configs... luckily SET BLASTER would usually take care of it. Been a while since I've had to work with this though... also incoming DOS demo soon ;-)
cTrix Oct 28, 2017
Chilling back stage at PAX AU!! We're playing a show at 1030pm in the main Theatre. SNES vs Megadrive :-)
cTrix Oct 02, 2017
Some things just don't emulate!!
cTrix Sep 17, 2017
I think a typhoon might be screwing a bit with the livestream, but dat 2 of Tokyo Square Sounds is now live!
cTrix Sep 09, 2017
Part 2 of live in Magfest for you all :-)
cTrix Aug 29, 2017
For those that live in Melbourne, we're doing a chip music / lofi tek take over of Fed Square (public space) on Friday. Come hang and watch 1/3 of the audience dig it, 1/3 looking completely confused, and 1/3 ignoring the show completely while playing their Switch.
cTrix Aug 19, 2017
New live video with an Amiga and live synths just released. Enjoy!
cTrix Jun 04, 2017
Peeps of Brisbane (Australia) - this weekend I'm hanging at Switch On demoparty + Soundbytes parties and playing shows. Come join the fun! (links below). For everyone else... new video content is being made... gimme 3 more weeks!