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La Liberación
La Liberación
La Liberación
La Liberación
Cansei de Ser Sexy
CSS Dec 12, 2018
FOREVER 41 #F41 #spicegirlsreunion #allsaintsreunion #rougereunion #lcdsoundsystemlastshowmadisonsquaregarden #icq #orkut #backstreetboysreunion #destinyschildreunion #pussycatdollsreunion #girlsaloudreunion #divaworldcup #mariadanielaysusonidolaserreunion #revlon9reunion #chicksobspeedreunion #misskittinreunion #reunion
CSS Mar 29, 2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR SISTER LULUCA! Seeing here chilling with her 2 babies. #pepezinho #happyBdayluluca
CSS Mar 23, 2018
O Miranda foi um dos maiores responsáveis pelo Cansei acontecer. Ele não só assinou a gente com a Trama, nossa primeira gravadora, como foi fundamental em vários aspectos da parte criativa. Foi dele, por exemplo, a idéia de colocar um CDR virgem dentro CD de lançamento… pra estimular pessoas a basicamente copiar o disco q eles acabaram de comprar e dar de graça pra um amigo (isso na época que as gravadoras morriam de medo dos Napsters da vida). Ele era um cara revolucionário, entendia de cultura pop e de música como poucos, e era uma das pessoas mais queridas, engraçadas, amorosas e alegres que passaram pela nossa vida. E temos certeza que ele significa tudo isso e muito mais pra muitas bandas e artistas brasileiros, o que mostra o impacto que ele teve no cenário musical do país. Muito triste ver uma pessoa tão boa ir embora tão cedo. Nosso coração está partido. Mandando nosso amor pra família, e pra todos os incontáveis amigos tocados pelo carinho, senso de humor e alegria do Miranda. Valeu, Velinho.
CSS Feb 18, 2018
CSS Oct 20, 2016
Tonight, LA! A nostalgic set for the music of the mid 2000s
CSS Aug 11, 2016
LAX always gives you a chance to FAN-OUT! @naomismalls is everything you expected: very very sweet and on point on that selfie game! Have a nice trip home!
CSS Aug 04, 2016
's cover photo
CSS Aug 04, 2016
ATENÇÃO GALERE! Estamos de volta em edição Olímpica!!! Em homenagem às Olimpíadas aí em casa, fizemos um cover de Rio do Duran Duran, com participação do Simon Le Bon e do John Taylor (!!!!!). Disponível no iTunes e tb por aqui: Beijo em todas as amigues
CSS Aug 04, 2016
ATTENTION, ATTENTION!!! CSS OLYMPIC EDITION!! In the spirit of the Rio Olympic Games, we did a cover of Duran Duran's Rio, featuring backing vocals from Simon Le Bon, and John Taylor playing the bass (!!!!!) - which obviously was a huge honor to us! It's available on Itunes worldwide! You can also listen to it here: Thanks to our friends at Syn who made this happen
CSS Aug 04, 2016
CSS Jul 15, 2016
We are so proud to have our song on this show. Go @ellenpage and @ianjamesdaniel ! #Repost @ianjamesdaniel with @repostapp ・・・ GAYCATION was just nominated for an Emmy! This is for the fearless people who shared their stories with us, to the tireless team @viceland, to LGBTQ+ people all over the world, to those we lost, to those who struggle, fight, persevere. I love you all. So proud to be making this with my best friend/love @ellenpage
CSS Jan 08, 2016
Can't wait for Gaycation on Viceland Channel! We'll be doing a cameo ;) <3
CSS Jul 23, 2015
Our drummer Jarz found this nice video of us performing ALALA in Japan in 2013
CSS Jul 17, 2015
In a few hours, London.
CSS Jul 08, 2015
Our friends Subpop are doing this amazing bike ride in support of a great cause, and for one of the best human beings on this planet! ❤️please support and share
CSS Jul 08, 2015
Hello there, UK friends. Luiza Sá here. I'll be spinning after a show at the Koko in London this month. You can get tickets on the link below. It's on july 17th, I go on around 1am. Hope to see you there and make you dance! Cheers
CSS May 22, 2015
Last day to make the Lexington Club Archival Project a reality! Fun doc in the making with your help! LGBT history. link:
CSS May 06, 2015
Hello LGBT supporters all over, support the Lexington Club Archival Project and help preserve the legendary Lexington Club's history as the only lesbian bar in San Francisco since the late 90s. The Lex just closed it's doors but the history should remain. <3 Here's the link:
CSS Apr 20, 2015
To celebrate 420, we would like to announce that the music video for City Grrrl (feat SSION) is BACK on YouTube Worldwide! It went down for technical issues, but now it's back 4EVER! O clipe de City Grrrl voltou no Youtube do Brasil. Tinha caído por questões técnicas, mas voltou pra SEMPRE. <3
CSS Feb 22, 2015
Lovefoxxx and her PAKERAPAKERA earring <3
CSS Feb 10, 2015
Hey guys! We did a remix for Oh Land's new single. Super happy to be part of it! Hope you like it! <3 Fizemos um remix para o novo single da Oh Land!!! Espero q vcs gostem <3
CSS Jan 30, 2015
Support this and we can all watch this documentary about women who changed history!!! L7 Official
CSS Dec 31, 2014
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Lots of love to you all ❤️ FELIZ ANO NOVO PRAS LYNDAS!!!! Muito amor pra vcs ❤️
CSS Nov 17, 2014
Hey all! Lovefoxxx here. Check out the song I did with my dear Bosco Del Rey! "WATER THE GARDEN" X
CSS Nov 15, 2014
HELLO THERE! Luiza here. Tonight, come to the rooftop of the @acehotel #dtla for #YOWSAH. Showcasing my photography art work on a slideshow by the dj booth. I'll be selling a limited, hand made box of 10 photographs for a special price tonight (will be available online if they don't sell out). Also will be a dj with carol (it's her birthday!!)