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Gaia & Friends
Gaia & Friends
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Kitsuné: I Love London (Bonus Track Version)
Kitsuné: I Love London
Crystal Fighters at Jardins del Reial - Vivers (July 24, 2019)
Venue: Jardins del Reial - Vivers (Valencia, Spain) Find tickets
Wave Rave Wave Rave 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Bermeo, Spain) Find tickets
Crystal Fighters at Bay of Biscay (July 25, 2019)
Venue: Bay of Biscay (Bermeo, Spain) Find tickets
POLandROCK Festival POLandROCK Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland) Find tickets
Festival Sonorama Festival Sonorama 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Aranda de Duero, Spain) Find tickets
Crystal Fighters Jun 16, 2019
Wachuma Sunday 🌵
Crystal Fighters Jun 15, 2019
Happy Paella Saturday from the Wave Rave squad 🌊🌊🌊 Belako & Nina Coyote eta Chico Tornado! Aupa Gu!
Crystal Fighters Jun 08, 2019
💗 Txatxo 💗 #crystalfighters by @sarah_ch._treadaway
Crystal Fighters Jun 07, 2019
omg 😲 it’s our first ever cassette tape!! Our latest release “Gaia and Friends” mixtape, in full, on real live tape! 🥳🥰😝 Only 150 hand-numbered copies of this little gem exist in the whole entire world and they’re SO retro and tangible and cute and lovely so do quickly navigate yourself to our website and order one before they’re all gone! 🏄‍♂ But hey! We are also giving away the extra special #1 tape to to one of YOU! Type 🎶 and your favourite track from the album below if you want it! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
Crystal Fighters Jun 06, 2019
🌍 On World Environmental Day, as every day, I am so awe-inspired and grateful for this amazing planet that provides everything we need without asking for a penny in return! Thank you Earth for everything, in your silence your love speaks eternal volumes. There goes the saying “empty vessels make the most noise” and it is the empty, vacuous, vessels of (government-endorsed and sponsored) consumerism that most loudly try to persuade us that we should just keep on consuming for their profit and are completely drowning-out the silent shouts of the voiceless. Planet earth cannot speak. Who can speak and are speaking with her in mind are the children. Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion Kids and millions of others are speaking up, asking us to come together and unite behind the idea that we must make urgent changes to our consumerist ways on a GLOBAL GOVERNMENTAL level 💜 #WorldEnvironmentDay
Crystal Fighters Jun 03, 2019
💚❤💚❤Maite zaitugu Maren ❤💚❤💚 As soon as we heard the heart-melting, soul-soothing vocals of Basque singer songwriter Maren we immediately knew we had to try and get her to perform with us in Euskadi at WAVE RAVE 🌊 🌍 So happy she agreed! 🎶💫 Check her stuff out and come down to Rave to see us all on 25th July in Bermeo 🌊✨
Crystal Fighters Jun 02, 2019
First heard Hinds in 2015 and was blown away ❤ Can’t believe they’re at WAVE RAVE with us as they’re one of our favourite bands 🙏🏻 Two classic albums so far & more to come 🌟 This new single is 🔥
Crystal Fighters Jun 01, 2019
Trust me, can’t wait for summer 🌞 #crystalfighters #waverave pic by @mertin15 😘
Crystal Fighters May 31, 2019
Akabadgyal is DJing at WAVE RAVE! Caught her performing live in London a few weeks back and it was 🔥 One of our fav new artists - pure energy and honesty, check out her music issa viiiibe 💯✨💜💜💜
Crystal Fighters May 31, 2019
So happy to have our friends Belako, Hinds, @Akabadgyal (DJ set), DJ Marfox, Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado & Maren performing live with us at WAVE RAVE festival in the beautiful Basque Country, plus lots of special events to educate & celebrate our Mama Earth together 🙏🏻 You can buy tickets now to join us there ☀️🌍
Crystal Fighters May 30, 2019
The people, the nature, the sights, the sounds 🙏🏻🌍 Bermeo in Basque Country is the location for our WAVE RAVE next month.. Who’s been? Who's coming? #nature #bermeo #basque
Crystal Fighters May 29, 2019
Belako are performing at WAVE RAVE and were with us for an early live show back at our CAVE RAVE in 2013! 🌘 So amazing to see them grow, inspirations to us as musicians and people 💙 Check the video from deep in the Zugarramurdi caves in 2013 🙏🏻
Crystal Fighters May 28, 2019
Fighters! Back in the beautiful Basque country, this time in Bermeo for our WAVE RAVE festival!! 🙏🏻 Bilbao and San Sebastian we want to see you represent! We are so happy to have our friends Belakoo, Hinds, DJ Marfox, Akabadgyal (DJ), Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado & Maren performing there with us plus lots of special events to educate & celebrate our Mama Earth together. You can buy tickets now to join us there ☀️🌍
Crystal Fighters May 27, 2019
So much love @d2dfest Nottingham 💕💕 thank you for an amazing weekend 🇬🇧⭐️👏💏🌴 next stop @hiddendoorarts 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿#crystalfighters pics by @jake_haseldine
Crystal Fighters May 26, 2019
🌴 Bristol dot2dot you were wild 🦁 felt like some sort of crazy homecoming with a family we never knew we had ⭐️ so much love for all the amazing new bands at this festival too, such a vibe 💖 see you tonight in Nottingham 21:45 😘 #crystalfighters @d2dfest 🎥 : @matthewd
Crystal Fighters May 25, 2019
💖 MANCHESTER LOVE Dot To Dot Festival last night 💕 here in Bristol ready to do it all again 😝🙏🌴 #crystalfighters 🎥 by @matthewd
Crystal Fighters May 23, 2019
🌞 SUMMER IS HERE 🌞 2019 festivals around the 🌍 starting with Dot To Dot Festival tomorrow 😝 ready to spread some love with you all 💕💕 Who’s coming out to these shows?
Crystal Fighters May 23, 2019
See you in August, Poland !! 🙌🇵🇱 #PolAndRock2019
Crystal Fighters May 21, 2019
✨ Familia ✨ excited to play shows in 🇬🇧 this weekend Dot To Dot Festival ❣ we are coming to MANCHESTER + BRISTOL + NOTTINGHAM alongside some amazing acts like Jordan Rakei + SWIM DEEP 🙏 hope to see you all there x
Crystal Fighters May 15, 2019
Throwback to writing with Eleanor K and Alyshah in our Echo Park jungle hut 🍃🎤 #GaiaAndFriends
Crystal Fighters May 12, 2019
Take a moment ... breathe .. appreciate #crystalfighters 🌲 🌳
Crystal Fighters May 10, 2019
🎶 Getting so high on the freedom, live for today and the moment, ain’t no way that we can slow down yeah yeah yeah 🎶 Fighters singing for the freedom of all beings! Where do you feel most free? What do you sing in the shower? #freedomrules
Crystal Fighters May 06, 2019
Thank you Groningen 😘 such a beautiful evening celebrating love and freedom together ! Next stop @d2dfest in 🇬🇧 #crystalfighters
Crystal Fighters May 04, 2019
🦋 Beauty is all around us 🌍 you just have to open your eyes 👀 #crystalfighters 🦋
Crystal Fighters May 01, 2019
Excited to be back on the road for our first festival of the year !! Liberation Day festival 🙌 See you on Sunday Groningen 🇳🇱