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Crunk Witch Apr 17, 2019
Edit - SOLD OUT! We still have plenty of $10 shirts as a consolation
Crunk Witch Apr 17, 2019
We still have a stash of $10 shirts. Sizes XS - 2XL
Crunk Witch Apr 15, 2019
Just shipped out all these shirts. The 50% off sale is still on and we have all sizes XS - 2XL!
Crunk Witch Apr 14, 2019
We're having a spring cleaning shirt sale! All these shirts (and more) are 50% off! Collect the ones that are missing from your wardrobe!! Link in the comments :)
Crunk Witch Apr 11, 2019
We made it home!! Exhausted to death, but feeling extremely grateful for all the love, support, and hospitality that you all have continued to show us. Every year we think the bottom might fall out, but every year year yall come out with more friends and more passion!! You inspire us and drive us to push harder and harder!! 6 weeks home starts now, and we'll be back on the road in May!! Take care of yourselves and we'll see you soon!! <3
Crunk Witch Apr 10, 2019
Tonight's our last night on tour for this leg of shows. Here a recap of all the great pets we've met! 🐶🐱🦒🐧🦂 If you have pet photos come show them to us tonight @bitbarsalem !!!
Crunk Witch Apr 07, 2019
We made of dough!
Crunk Witch Apr 01, 2019
Can you feel the excitement! Only 7 shows left on this leg 👇 . . . . . . 3/31 Bonus Round - Phoenix AZ 4/03 Hanging Tree Cafe - Pueblo CO 4/05 Boobie Trap - Topeka KS 4/06 Paducah Beer Werks - Paducah KY 4/07 The Empty Glass - Charleston WV 4/08 Bug Jar - Rochester NY 4/09 Bit Bar - Salem MA
Crunk Witch Mar 29, 2019
#tbt❤️ - Taken 4 years ago on tour. It's crazy to think about where we were then, how far we've come, and to know how much further we want to go!! Its truly not said enough, but we appreciate you all way more than you realize. We do this together!! Thanks for having our backs. We hope that we continue to make you smile!!
Crunk Witch Mar 27, 2019
What should our Spring / Summer look be? Pls post inspirations photos below!
Crunk Witch Mar 26, 2019
We've got infinite lives tonight at Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade yall!!! It starts in PDX with doors at 8, Tonight We Launch at 9, and Crunk Witch at 10pm !! ---------- Seattle was dopeness always!!! Thanks to The Central Saloon, Shubzilla, Bill Beats, Death Star, and all our great friends who came out!!
Crunk Witch Mar 25, 2019
LETS GO FAST!!! Speeding our way to Seattle to rock The Central Saloon with great friends Shubzilla Bill Beats AND Death Star!!! Doors at 8pm and Crunk Witch at 10:30!! ------------ The last 2 days in Boise were so dope!!! Thanks to all our ID friends for partying with us, The HandleBar Boise and Kid.Catapult for hosting us, and Mega Ran for having us feature on his set last night!!
Crunk Witch Mar 22, 2019
This love train is pulling into Boise Idaho tonight!! Come get loose and shake your caboose at The HandleBar Boise !! Doors at 7pm, Crunk Witch at 9pm !! ------- What a awesome time we had in Ogden last night!! Thank you Funk 'n Dive Bar The Laohu and the amazing people of Utah for coming out and sharing the love!!! - awesome photo by Quincy Darling
Crunk Witch Mar 21, 2019
We see amazing times in your very near future!!! Especially if you live in Utah!!! We're getting weird in Ogden tonigh at Funk 'n Dive Bar with The Laohu !! Doors at 8pm and Crunk Witch at 10pm!!! ------- Last night at Zodiac Venue/Bar was so special because multiple different groups of people traveled several hours to see us. Deeply humbled by yall!! Thank you Bryan for booking us!!
Crunk Witch Mar 20, 2019
Y'all're straight saucin on our hearts!!! However, if you wanna get sauced up then come to Zodiac Venue/Bar in Colorado Springs tonight!! Doors at 8pm, Crunk Witch at 10:30pm!! --------- Thank you Barleycorn's jeremiah foundation and Remains To Be Seen for hosting us in your city. Big thanks to all of our friends who came and made the rainy night super magical!! We'll be back soon!!!
Crunk Witch Mar 19, 2019
Another round of Crunk Wichita is going down tonight in KS!!! We're getting weird at Barleycorn's with jeremiah foundation and Remains To Be Seen !! Doors at 9pm and Crunk Witch at 11pm ------ We had a fun time in Norman last night at Red Brick Bar!! Thanks to our friends from OK and CO that came out and partied, also to Kat Lock Music and Schat and The Skeleton Trees for sharing the stage!!!
Crunk Witch Mar 18, 2019
We survived SXSW and ST Paddys day!! Nothing but love and thanks to Limelight Bitforce Gross Angel Music Star Fighter Dreams and our amazing San Antonio friends for coming out last night!! Having a lil nap before our show tonight in Norman OK!! We'll be at Red Brick Bar with Kat Lock Music and Schat and The Skeleton Trees !! Music at 9, @crunkwitch at 10:30 !! Come through yall!!
Crunk Witch Mar 17, 2019
Sharing a bottle of Proper Twelve on St Paddys day to celebrate the 12 year anniversary of the day we met!!! You can celebrate with us tonight at Limelight in San Antonio with Bitforce Gross Angel Music and Star Fighter Dreams !! Doors at 9pm, Crunk Witch at 11pm!! Invite your friends and come party!!! --------- Also..... Our official SXSW showcase last night was stupid amazing and absolutely jam packed!! Thanks so much to Flamingo Cantina and all our friends who performed and partied with us!!! We'll share and post some photos and videos from this later!!!
Crunk Witch Mar 16, 2019
Theres nothing you can do Austin!! Tonight is our 3rd show at SXSW 2019, and our 4th consecutive year as official performers!! Come on out to Flamingo Cantina and party. Doors at 7, music at 8, Crunk Witch around 10:30!!! -------------- P.S. - Last night was so dope at Kickbutt Cafe Restaurant!! Thank you so much to Kool Keith MC Homeless, and College of Hip Hop Knowledge for having us!!
Crunk Witch Mar 15, 2019
1st show at SXSW was awesome!! Got to see lots of friends, including Mega Ran before his flight to Vegas!! Thank you DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N. for having us!! 2nd show goes down this evening at Kick Butt Café for the Kool Keith show!! Crunk Witch goes live at 6pm!! Invite your friends and come party!!!
Crunk Witch Mar 14, 2019
As to be expected, Houston was packed and off the rails!! We love these people!! Thank you Neil's Bahr and Ryan Adam Wells for always making it special!!! BUT, now it's time for 3 days of Crunk Witch at SXSW!! We kick things off TODAY (Thursday) at 2PM for Nerdcore Dayz at Kickbutt Cafe Restaurant!!! No badge required, bring your kids, and come party while the suns still up!!
Crunk Witch Mar 12, 2019
We are in Texas yall!! Our home away from home!! Excited for 6 amazing days starting tonight at Neil's Bahr with Ryan Adam Wells !!! Straight fire times ahead yall!!!
Crunk Witch Mar 11, 2019
Back from a day off and ready to shake it up in NOLA tonight!! Its going down at Sidney's Saloonsa with our friends Enviromantix and Macavoy - doors at 8pm, Crunk Witch at 10pm!! ----- Also, thank you so much to Buzzbin Art & Music Shop, The Intangibles and Thorla for the great show in Canton on Saturday. Awesome turn out, awesome night!!
Crunk Witch Mar 09, 2019
#ithaca knows how to get down! Last nights show was amazing! . . . . Thank you to Lot10, Teencat and Vee Da Bee and all of our friends and family for coming out. . . . . Tonight we finally return to Buzzbin Art & Music Shop in #cantonohio If you're in the area, come party with us tonight!
Crunk Witch Mar 08, 2019
We were turning it up at starlite last night, and pumped to keep the sonic flame burning tonight at Lot 10 Be a great friend; dont deprive yours of the great time we'll be having!! Shout out to MessiahCarey Targus Targus Space Heater Artist Jackie