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Crowded House (Deluxe)
Together Alone (Deluxe)
Woodface (Deluxe)
Crowded House
The Very Very Best of Crowded House
Time on Earth
Together Alone
Temple of Low Men (Deluxe)
Temple of Low Men
Crowded House Dec 17, 2018
More moons ago than you might think, this song slid under the doorway and into the open. Beautifully produced by Mitchell Froom, the single was released in December 1988. Team CH.
Crowded House Dec 09, 2018
Thank you very much for all your birthday messages for Nick. Team CH
Crowded House Dec 08, 2018
Wishing a very happy 60th birthday to Nick Seymour! Team CH.
Crowded House Dec 05, 2018
On the WOMAD US tour in 1993 with Peter Gabriel, Sinead O’Connor and others.
Crowded House Dec 01, 2018
Convent girls, controversy over the original cover art and mic'ing the hills for natural echo. Neil Finn and Nick Seymour tell us more about the making of Together Alone in the final instalments of our audio documentary, "Above and Beneath".
Crowded House Nov 23, 2018
22 years ago today, Crowded House played their farewell concert outside the Sydney Opera House. Watch their performance of "Pineapple Head" by clicking the image below. Also, hear Neil talk about the lyrics' meaning in our expanding Together Alone audio documentary:
Crowded House Nov 20, 2018
An album track from Together Alone, "Catherine Wheels" began life as "First To Say Gone", a song Neil first jammed with Split Enz in 1978. This video was shot at Melbourne's Corner Hotel during the Farewell To The World warm-up gigs, 20-21 November 1996. Team CH.
Crowded House Nov 15, 2018
In another episode of our Together Alone special, Neil Finn tells the tail of poet Sam Hunt and Black and White Boy.
Crowded House Nov 10, 2018
Neil Finn was very thin and unwell during the making of Together Alone in '92 to early '93. Listening to a studio out-take of Fingers Of Love, Neil and Nick talk here about stool samples, German backpackers and English “wasters”.
Crowded House Nov 07, 2018
Total surrender... Nails In My Feet, released this day 25 years ago. Team CH
Crowded House Nov 02, 2018
Imagine sitting on your balcony in Jamaica, looking out to sea, guitar in hand. Neil Finn tells us about the day he composed "Fingers of Love".
Crowded House Oct 27, 2018
This story is crazy. Nick and Neil talk about the dangerous, eye opening but exhilarating inspiration behind "Newcastle Jam" from the Together Alone Deluxe Edition.
Crowded House Oct 24, 2018
In another episode of our Together Alone - Above And Beneath audio special, Neil Finn and Nick Seymour talk about going "In My Commando".
Crowded House Oct 20, 2018
"Private Universe" was one of the last singles released from "Together Alone" and had the most densely composited video, made by Kerry Brown and Bruce Sheridan. Neil was flown by helicopter to film on White Island, an active volcano off the east coast of New Zealand. The rest of the band performed safely in front of a chromakey screen in Auckland.
Crowded House Oct 19, 2018
In the first part of our Together Alone 25th anniversary audio series, Neil Finn and Nick Seymour talk about the album's producer, Youth (below right), and the move into Karekare.
Crowded House Oct 18, 2018
Together Alone is 25 years old today! Over the next few weeks, we'll celebrate the album's quarter century with previously unheard audio from the recording sessions, interviews with Neil and Nick, plus promo videos and live footage. Stand by ('til we make the drop...) Team CH
Crowded House Oct 08, 2018
Four Seasons In One Day, Private Universe, Don't Dream It's Over, Better Be Home Soon, the entire Out Of Silence album and more, performed by Neil Finn, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and choir. Listen to the full concert, recorded by RNZ Concert earlier this year: Team CH
Crowded House Oct 06, 2018
"They have this ability to write songs that sound so simple but are still so original – I mean, they can play three chords but it sounds entirely new. How is that even possible?" - Richard Thompson - RT talks about one of his favourite albums, "Woodface". Read more at Team CH.
Crowded House Sep 21, 2018
A quarter century (and one day) ago...
Crowded House Sep 11, 2018
Get Woodfaced with our video playlist. All the album's promo videos and selected live performances, right here.
Crowded House Sep 07, 2018
Neil & Liam Finn are playing Europe and the UK in Jan 2019. Tickets on Sale now 4 January Epstein Theatre, Liverpool 16 January Olympia, Dublin 18 January Queens Hall, Edinburgh 19 January Town Hall, Birmingham 20 January St Georges, Bristol 22 January EartH (Hackney Arts Centre), London 25 January Paradiso, Amsterdam 26 January Het Depot, Leuven 27 January Cafê de la Danse, Paris
Crowded House Sep 03, 2018
Neil Finn
Crowded House Aug 23, 2018
'Anger Plays a Part', the new video from Neil & Liam Finn. Taken from the album 'Lightsleeper', released tomorrow! Team CH
Crowded House Aug 18, 2018
Continuing our celebration of Temple of Low Men's 30th anniversary, we've compiled a YouTube playlist bringing the album's music videos together with live performances and more. Team CH
Crowded House Aug 05, 2018
So They Can