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Love Is Here
Crimes of Passion
Endless Flowers
Sleep Forever
Sleep Forever (Special Edition)
Summer of Hate (Bonus Track Version)
Crocodiles (Band) Feb 09, 2019
See you next week Belgium!
Crocodiles (Band) Feb 08, 2019
Our new album, Love Is Here, is out today! Come buy a copy at our show at Ubu in Rennes, France tonight ❤️ Click on this link to listen on all streaming platforms : And spread the word, Love Is Here is here!! Big thank you to Carla Sariñana for being the queen of the bass, Carlos Icaza from @sextetolaredada for providing muy excelente drums, @aj_davila for his guest vocals on a few songs, Martin Thulin Producer Page for his production, guidance and beautiful eyes, Duncan Mills for his mixing wizardry, @mazenmastering for being our top mastering dude, @amoysenhor for collaborating with us on the art, @d.j.claxical and @clopsy_daisy for housing us for a month while we mixed and Deaf Rock Records for releasing it into the wild! And a big thank you to all of you Croc-Heads out there for sticking with us all these years with your love and support, you are truly the best!! ❤️❤️❤️ Now go spread the love!!! ❤️❤️❤️ — Products shown: NEW ALBUM - Crocodiles - "Love Is Here" Vinyle and NEW ALBUM - Crocodiles "Love is here" CD.
Crocodiles (Band) Feb 06, 2019
Played some new songs in Paris today, check it out <3
Crocodiles (Band) Feb 05, 2019
Hey guys, tour starts this week and in a few days, we'll be near our label Deaf Rock Records at La Laiterie Artefact in Strasbourg ! Don't forget to get your tickets ! Crocodiles + Eut - le 12 février 2019 à La Laiterie Strasbourg
Crocodiles (Band) Feb 02, 2019
Thank you for the support FOXES Magazine! In good company <3
Crocodiles (Band) Jan 30, 2019
Hello everyone :) Our new single "Wait Until Tomorrow" as been added to the Deezer playlist "Hot New Rock." Also, TOMORROW at 1pm, we will be performing live in the Deaf Rock office. You can watch us burn through some new songs on our acoustics :)
Crocodiles (Band) Jan 25, 2019
Hello friends! Our new album Love Is Here will be out February 8 on Deaf Rock Records <3 Preorder is now available by following this link:
Crocodiles (Band) Jan 19, 2019
We are happy to announce that after two years we will be releasing a new album and playing shows around France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands :)
Crocodiles (Band) Jan 11, 2019
Hey, Croc-Heads ! We are super excited to announce that our first single with Deaf Rock Records, "WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW" is available today ;) It's been two years since we have released any new material. We are working with our friends at Deaf Rock Records to make this a productive year. There will be more announcements to come. Check out our new video and purchase "WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW" here...
Crocodiles (Band) Jan 03, 2019
Hey gang! We are coming back to Europe in February. It's been two long years. What songs do you wanna hear??? We can't wait to see all your pretty faces again. Dates and tickets below. Bisous! 7 February - Amiens, France @ La Lune des Pirates *** 8 February - Rennes, France @ L'ubu *** 9 February - La Roche Sur Yon, France @ Le Fuzz *** 10 February - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Q Factory *** 11 February - Arlon, Belgium @ L'Entrepot *** 12 February - Strasbourg, France @ La Laiterie *** 13 February - Roubaix, France @ La Cave aux Poetes *** 15 February - Paris, France @ Point Ephemere *** 16 February - Romans Sur Isere, France @ La Cordonnerie *** 19 February - Turin, Italy @ Astoria *** 20 February - Milan, Italy @ Ohibo *** 21 February - Bologna, Italy @ Covo Club *** 22 February - Rome, Italy @ Le Mura ***
Crocodiles (Band) Nov 27, 2018
Crocodiles (Band) Nov 16, 2018
New video from our long time friend, Kuba Kaifosz, featuring Charlie Crocodile on guitar. Check it out! Lazer Viking
Crocodiles (Band) Nov 14, 2018
Over the weekend we signed with Strasbourg/Paris based record label Deaf Rock. We are very happy to forge a future with them. Tour dates and other announcements coming soon.
Crocodiles (Band) Nov 13, 2018
Photo by Maurice de la Falaise
Crocodiles (Band) Nov 13, 2018
Crocodiles (Band) Sep 10, 2018
Charlie will be providing the soundtrack for your wednesday night at Pigalle Country Club with host Third Coming Records. Goth / Punk / Psycho Oldies... Come say hello!
Crocodiles (Band) Sep 10, 2018
Charlie will be providing the soundtrack for your wednesday night at Pigalle Country Club with host Third Coming Records. Goth / Punk / Psycho Oldies... Come say hello!
Crocodiles (Band) May 03, 2018
London dining, 2013 📸 @jacoblillis
Crocodiles (Band) Apr 30, 2018
Thank you for having me Chris, I love you 😘
Crocodiles (Band) Apr 27, 2018
Los Angeles! See you this Sunday with my punk 45s 😎
Crocodiles (Band) Apr 26, 2018
PARIS , Charlie is spinning rock n roll tunes from all decades down at Le Sans Souci TONIGHT... 9pm (21h) On va faire du sale mes amis...
Crocodiles (Band) Apr 25, 2018
San Diego! Brandon and @dreamrecordings will be spinning punk, rap, weirdo shit, noise, chaos etc this Thursday at Live Wire $0$0$0$0$0 free fun 👽😎💀
Crocodiles (Band) Apr 20, 2018
DF! Nos vemos hoy en 📸 @aj_davila
Crocodiles (Band) Feb 07, 2018
Oi oi London, I’m selling this sunburst Aria dm-380 Mosrite-style guitar, used on our tour with @wearepins a few years back and also on the recording of our album Boys. As you can see, it has a few blemishes, but like scars and acne, you can consider those punk beauty marks 😊 If you’re interested, DM me ❤️ @ London, United Kingdom
Crocodiles (Band) Jan 24, 2018
Truly one of a kind. RIP MES <3 <3 <3