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Crestillion Apr 15, 2019
Happy Birthday to the most talented and hardworking musician, not to mention greatest friend you could have by your side - Lilo Crestillion !! 🎉
Crestillion Dec 24, 2018
Crestillion Apr 15, 2018
Today is the birthday of none other than Lilo Crestillion!! Trust me when I say that this guy is working hard on some truly amazing and out there tunes for you all to look forward to! Go wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and shower him with love!
Crestillion Dec 24, 2017
Crestillion Dec 05, 2017
Yo! I will be guest-DJ at the J-rock club "Klubb Lunacy" at H62 in Stockholm this friday! It will be a crazy night with all the J-rock/Visual Kei that you need in your life! My DJ-set will consist of J-punk/J-hardcore bands like "ONE OK ROCK", "Maximum the hormone" and "Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas"! Join the party! A night full of fun! Event page: // Lilo
Crestillion Nov 03, 2017
Crestillion Nov 01, 2017
Lilo, October style. Photo: Amarinarts
Crestillion Oct 30, 2017
Petri, October style. Photo: Amarinarts
Crestillion Oct 21, 2017
October style. Bringing the colors like we always do! Excited for Halloween? Photo: Amarinarts
Crestillion Oct 06, 2017
Our webshop is finally open! We are happy to present a larger and more colorful selection of t-shirts than ever before, as well as an option to ship from the US or Germany, for your convenience! Visit either store for a coupon code and enjoy 15% off! US webshop: European webshop:
Crestillion Sep 29, 2017
🌵 photo: Amarinarts
Crestillion Sep 21, 2017
Today is the birthday of the one and only, Petri! He is seriously the most creative guy I have ever met. Go, wish him a happy birthday! Happy Birthday Petri! Photo: Amarinarts
Crestillion Sep 18, 2017
Lilo enjoying the last remaining sunlight in Sweden. Photo: Amarinarts
Crestillion Sep 15, 2017
Petri with his favorite type of plant, the cactus. Photo: Amarinarts
Crestillion Sep 13, 2017
Crestillion end of summer style. Let's take autumn by storm! Photo: Amarinarts
Crestillion Sep 10, 2017
Petri vibing on stage! Are you guys ready for a new look? Just around the corner! Photo: Anton Ivo Marin of Amarinarts
Crestillion Sep 09, 2017
We brougth the summer vibes. All love. More coming! Photo: Anton Ivo Marin from Amarinarts.
Crestillion Sep 07, 2017
This summer has been crazy! All this time we have been cooking up new stuff for you. New style, new feel, new music, new everything. Prepare yourself for something new. First time on stage since coming back from Japan! It feels great to be back! Photo: Anton Ivo Marin from Amarinarts
Crestillion Aug 14, 2017
FREE SHOW/GRATISSPELNING Tomorrow we are playing at We Are Sthlm with our good homies in BatAAr and Kerbera!! Join the party! It will be a an eventet you wont forget! We will sell our merch on the spot too! Crestillion will also hand out free "Pixel Crest" cards and sign them! See ya there!
Crestillion Jun 28, 2017
Musicmaking. All day, everyday.
Crestillion Jun 27, 2017
Gratis spelning i Stockholm! Vi kan glädjeligen meddela att vi kommer spela på WE ARE STHLM den 15e Augusti klockan 17:00 på Dammenscenen i Kungsträdgården! Med oss har vi de fantastiska BatAAr och Kerbera! Upplev alla banden på samma plats! Konserten är arrangerad av Kitcha som ni kan träffa på plats. Kom och dansa med oss! Free show in Stockholm! We are happy to announce that we will be performing at WE ARE STHLM on August 15'th at 5:00 pm at Dammenscenen, Kungsträdgården! Playing with us are the amazing BatAAr and Kerbera! Experience all three bands at the same place! The concert is arranged by Kitcha who you will be able to meet there! Come and dance with us!
Crestillion Apr 15, 2017
Today is the birthday of the guitar wielding half of Crestillion - Lilo Crestillion!! Be sure to tell him Happy Birthday and show him some love on this special day!!
Crestillion Apr 13, 2017
Tomorrow our livestream will be held at 17:00 SWEDISH TIME (GMT+1) We will reveal some things that we have in store! It will also be Lilo's 22nd birthday by that time here in Japan, so let's celebrate it together! Photo by: Anton Ivo Marin
Crestillion Apr 11, 2017
The time has come. Who is up for a livestream this friday? Photo: Anton Ivo Marin
Crestillion Apr 05, 2017
At Youtube Space Tokyo today with Endigo and Maya Fennec! #spacetokyo #youtubespace #youtubespacetokyo