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One Second Closer (Deluxe)
Elevate (feat. Renny Carroll)
One Second Closer
The Sound of Garuda: 2009-2015 (Mixed by Gareth Emery, Craig Connelly & Ben Gold)
Goodgreef Future Trance
Bryan Kearney, John Askew, Craig Connelly, Sied van Riel, and 4 more… at fabric (May 4, 2019)
Venue: fabric (London, UK) Find tickets
Craig Connelly Apr 20, 2019
Good morning Sydney
Craig Connelly Apr 16, 2019
Savage line up
Craig Connelly Apr 16, 2019
Not a job ♥️
Craig Connelly Apr 15, 2019
Craig Connelly
Craig Connelly Apr 13, 2019
Fucking epic in Taipei! #trancefamily #trance @ PIPE Live Music
Craig Connelly Apr 13, 2019
Debuting my new stage get up tonight at a sold out Pipe Live in Taipei. What do you think?
Craig Connelly Apr 09, 2019
Last minute confirmation: KL this Thursday!!
Craig Connelly Apr 08, 2019
Phoenix Beyond kicking it in Seattle!
Craig Connelly Apr 07, 2019
I really need to get a better phone to capture these moments but fuck it, amazing show and amazing crowd. Thanks Seattle! Thanks Lazerface!
Craig Connelly Apr 06, 2019
Feelin proud to be part of a label with such high integrity. My latest contribution is online everywhere right now. #trance #trancefamily #thatstrance #subculture
Craig Connelly Apr 05, 2019
My new record 'Phoenix Beyond' is out now on Subculture. A club uplifting Trancer tried and tested for the last 6 months in my live sets. Links to Spotify / Beatport etc etc in the comments, you know the score ;-)
Craig Connelly Apr 02, 2019
Another huge announcement... LA family you've been crying out for a date so here it is! Ecstatic to be joining my Subculture label mates on this huge stage. Tickets go on sale Thursday!
Craig Connelly Apr 02, 2019
My upcoming shows for April and May, making debuts in Las Vegas, Chicago, Taipei and Orlando. Which show will I see you at?
Craig Connelly Mar 30, 2019
Just setup my brand new @astonmics microphone in the new studio. Who should I put Infront of it ? 🧐🤔
Craig Connelly Mar 29, 2019
'Phoenix Beyond' is the name of my next single, released next Friday April 5th. Here's a little teaser, who's excited? ⚡
Craig Connelly Mar 27, 2019
EDC Las Vegas 2019. Saturday. ⚡
Craig Connelly Mar 25, 2019
Craig Connelly Mar 16, 2019
#trance 📽️: @misspsykopuff
Craig Connelly Mar 15, 2019
Seattle - I'll be joining Gareth on his Laserface Seattle show on April 6th in the huge Wamu Theatre. Can't wait to perform at this show again after the insane LF New York I played in 2017, be prepared! Tickets on sale now.
Craig Connelly Mar 13, 2019
Throwback to when I dropped Lights Around The World for the first time back in November at Farbic. I'll be back again for Liberation on May 4th, with even more new music. Tickets available now!
Craig Connelly Mar 11, 2019
I'll be returning home to Manchester on *Friday May 31st for a special evening of the very best uplifting Trance with John O'Callaghan & Liam Wilson for Rong at Gorilla. Tickets on sale Thursday March 14th.
Craig Connelly Mar 08, 2019
The lyrics Megan McDuffee wrote for 'Lights Around The World' still give me chills today as they did when I first heard them. She’s an unbelievably talented artist, and I can’t wait to work with her again. "Here, in the dark, Sending shivers and sparks. You and I breaking the core. Our connection screams for more. Now, together unstoppable. Fully recharged and burning so bright. We overload every wire, Falling so fast, it’s lightning tonight. I can feel your voltage heartbeat. We’ll escape from the lies, Off the grid this time. And in this moment, we’re electric. Power surge, in our eyes, Lights around the world, come alive."
Craig Connelly Mar 07, 2019
Trance Unity Festival was insane last weekend. Pure passion and energy from the crowd in Montreal.
Craig Connelly Mar 03, 2019
What a fucking night in Montreal. Sweaty pounding Trance madness and not a beer in sight. Thank you Circus and Monkey Buzinezz ! #badpicture #afterhours #trance #trancefamily #thatstrance
Craig Connelly Mar 02, 2019
2:30-4:00AM tonight in Montreal #trance