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One Second Closer
One Second Closer (Deluxe)
Elevate (feat. Renny Carroll)
The Sound of Garuda: 2009-2015 (Mixed by Gareth Emery, Craig Connelly & Ben Gold)
Goodgreef Future Trance
Karl K-Otik, Bryan Kearney, Craig Connelly, James Dymond, and 8 more… at Circus Afterhours (March 2, 2019)
Venue: Circus Afterhours (Montreal, QC, Canada) Find tickets
Bryan Kearney, John Askew, Craig Connelly, Sied van Riel, and 4 more… at fabric (May 4, 2019)
Venue: fabric (London, UK) Find tickets
Craig Connelly Feb 15, 2019
The Key4050 album is out today and features (unbeknownst to me until recently) a track named after myself, which is explained in the documentary! I fully recommend this album to anyone who believes in Trance music made with passion, soul and a rich history of incredible influences. This is as real as it gets. All the best lads, congratulations! Link:
Craig Connelly Feb 14, 2019
#unkonsciousfestival @ Paradise Beach Phuket
Craig Connelly Feb 12, 2019
's cover photo
Craig Connelly Feb 12, 2019
Save the date: Lights Around The World will be released February 22nd on Subculture! Here is the artwork, can't wait to finally share this track in full with all you guys. Sample posted in the comments.
Craig Connelly Feb 09, 2019
My live set from UnKonscious Festival is now uploaded to my SoundCloud! (Link in the comments!) What an amazing show, playing Trance under the stars on a beach in Thailand, with some of the most passionate clubbers I've ever met. Thanks for an unforgettable night!
Craig Connelly Feb 08, 2019
Catch me 21:30-23:00 today at UnKonscious Festival!
Craig Connelly Feb 07, 2019
Setting off for Thailand. See you soon Phuket. ✌️
Craig Connelly Feb 04, 2019
This is Liberation
Craig Connelly Feb 01, 2019
Music update! 😎🐕
Craig Connelly Jan 30, 2019
Can't wait to drop my festival anthem in Phuket next week!! The track is out now!
Craig Connelly Jan 29, 2019
Coming back to Calgary with Factor B on Feb 23rd! #trancefamily #thatstrance #trance
Craig Connelly Jan 28, 2019
Couple of quick pictures of my brand new studio. Will post more build pictures at a later date. Now time to make some more soul shaking Trance 🕺
Craig Connelly Jan 28, 2019
Studio construction, treatment and decorating is complete. Just need to fill it with my stuff now. EXCITED!!! 🤓
Craig Connelly Jan 25, 2019
's cover photo
Craig Connelly Jan 17, 2019
Craig Connelly Jan 16, 2019
I've been fairly quiet on the socials for the last few weeks, mainly because of moving house and building a brand new studio, where all this funky foam will be installed. But sit tight as 2019 will be a rocket ship ride of new music and massive shows starting with my first release of the year; Phuket on the 25th Jan. As soon as the studio is done I'll do a tour video and overview of how it was put together.
Craig Connelly Jan 15, 2019
Two things I love about DJing are travelling to new places, and playing extended longer sets, so can't wait to make my debut in Vietnam with a 3 hour set!
Craig Connelly Jan 09, 2019
Then & now profile pictures: First pic is 2009 when I was reviewed in Computer Music magazine for a reader demo I sent in. I had no releases, no agent, no fans, nothing. I also thought having long shaggy hair and sitting outside with a desktop synth that wasn't plugged in was a decent promo picture. Second pic is 2018, playing a set of predominantly all my own music in the main room of Fabric. Grateful for all my believers over the years 🙏
Craig Connelly Jan 06, 2019
Get your hands on my T-Shirts half price right now:
Craig Connelly Jan 05, 2019
What a melody @daxsonmusic and what a vocal @elleveemusik . My first 2 million streamed track 🙏
Craig Connelly Jan 04, 2019
's cover photo
Craig Connelly Jan 03, 2019
Throw back to February 2018 when I played my remix of Jewel by Solarstone & Clare Stagg for the first time. I was quite nervous because I had only finished it the night before and hadn't really had time to test it out properly, but it went down well at Lumi Trance Gathering and the following night when Rich played it at ASOT. After nearly a year it will be released in full tomorrow on all stores.
Craig Connelly Dec 31, 2018
Just wanna say a massive thank you to all my fans and my team around me for an incredible year. I’ve been lucky to play across the globe from Subculture Melbourne, to Luminosity Beach festival, Dreamstate SoCal and loads more. I’ve released some of my favourite records I’ve ever created and made a whole ton more ready for you guys next year. Have a great New Years eve celebration and see you all very soon!
Craig Connelly Dec 23, 2018
Last show of 2018 for myself tonight in Seattle. A festive 2 hours of Trance 11:45-1:45
Craig Connelly Dec 21, 2018
Craig Connelly feat. Megan McDuffee - Lights Around The World Subculture 2019