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Dance, Kiss, Touch EP
Serendib EP
1+1 EP (feat. Thomas Gandey)
Sons of Suburbs EP
Ecstasy EP (feat. Juliet Fox)
Nin EP
Desire EP (feat. Daniel Wilde)
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Trascendental Trips Ep
Coyu Nov 09, 2018
Coyu Nov 08, 2018
My newest Raw Mix is out on Suara now. It clearly defines my current sound: deep, dark, stripped, rolling, pulsating techno. Besides it makes me happy to keep supporting new talent and release a record to Hioll, first Cuban artist on Suara.
Coyu Aug 28, 2018
I'm very happy to announce that starting today I'm part of the roster of artists represented by BLAKKSHEEP _world wild artists, the agency that will be looking after my bookings in Europe, Asia & Oceania. A very exciting future is ahead for me and for Suara as well. I invite you to continue following me and being such an important part of this journey 🖤 You can get in touch with Harald for future bookings here: [email protected]
Coyu Aug 22, 2018
Out Now “The Last Generation”: collab track with Chicago legend Green Velvet, and 2nd volume of my new serie of releases “Coyu Raw Tracks”
Coyu Aug 21, 2018
's cover photo
Coyu Aug 07, 2018
A few minutes after finishing my set at Loop Summer Fest in Bosnia last weekend, one homeless dog came to the DJ booth. He was thirsty, so he drank a whole bottle of water straight from my hand. After coming back from the promoter’s car, where I had some food, he disappeared. He was a handsome black kind of labrador with white paws asking some mercy. Shit! Homeless animals break my heart Animals shouldn’t be homeless! They didn’t do anything wrong. They should be happy and safe at home, loved by a human family, not roaming on the streets begging for food. One day animals will be treated well, then the World will be a good place again. People with certain popularity must contribute to the society spreading the word to make others aware. I have been running Suara Foundation for 7 years now, a foundation that rescues street cats. Since then, there is no verb that makes me happier than “TO HELP”. Try to conjugate it more often, your life will take a 180-degree turn! ❤️
Coyu Aug 02, 2018
Coyu & Green Velvet on Suara. It’s happening!
Coyu Jul 26, 2018
There is no better quality in a DJ than the ability to read the dancefloor. Not so much to give the people what they want, but to make them think, enjoy, creating needs in the audience and delivering a musical experience in the shape that the DJ considers best. However, the market today forces you to sell a product and to sell this product as an experience. It could be upon a macro stage in front of 20.000 people or in a space full of many other things where music is only part of the decoration. That, to me, has no essence and is no experience, because these two things should be supported by the search of excellence, of the unknown, of the surprising, and not by just giving the audience what they want. What do we prefer? To go with the flow of the music or the flow of marketing? Maybe the answer will arrive too late. Perhaps the answer has already been written for a long time…
Coyu Jul 05, 2018
Your favorite Crazy Cat Lady is ready to visit Lima, Montevideo and Buenos Aires this weekend 😼🔥
Coyu Jun 27, 2018
Coyu Jun 04, 2018
The wait is over. My "Raw Mix" for Flug (Official) - Rave is finally out now on Suara along with remixes by Matrixxman & Stanislav Tolkachev
Coyu May 29, 2018
Mrs Amelie Lens playing my new Raw Mix: Flug - Rave (Coyu Raw Mix) Suara
Coyu May 21, 2018
¡El pasado fin de semana fue increíble! Disfruté mucho tocando de nuevo en Quito. Luego pasé dos días inolvidables en Medellín & Bogotá, donde pasé tiempo con unos seres humanos encantadores compartiendo increíbles experiencias con ellos. ¡GRACIAS BAUM Festival & BAUM PARK! P.D: Este apuesto y talentoso caballero me dijo unas hermosas palabras que siempre recordaré MARCEL DETTMANN🖤 #happycoyu
Coyu May 09, 2018
My “Raw Mix” for Blooma’s “Dos” is out now on Suara If you like raw old school techno with trancy vibes, this is your track
Coyu Apr 28, 2018
Women are the present and the future of electronic music. Thanks to the leadership of the current generation of fantastic women DJs, producers and label owners, many young girls & boys are getting inspired by them and getting interest on house & techno music. Yesterday I played music from Anetha, Rebekah, Insolate, Charlotte de Witte, ANNA or Gabriella Vergilov at Le Rex De Toulouse but the list of dope women producers mainly in techno but also in other genres is endless. That’s why we’ll work to have at least the 25% of Suara releases in 2019 made by women. Hopefully one day we can get the real equality and release 50% men and 50% women. Because they deserve credit, they deserve our support. They are the future of electronic music. Our future 🖤
Coyu Apr 16, 2018
"Transportador" is out now. The first volume of Suara's new sub-division called "Coyu Raw Tracks" is old school techno + trance house in just one tune — Products shown: Techno Medicine.
Coyu Apr 06, 2018
I spent one day with Beatport to show them my background and explain them my present and the future, as well as my vision about my beautiful home city, Barcelona.
Coyu Mar 30, 2018
Coyu Mar 26, 2018
Proper Techno in Miami
Coyu Mar 24, 2018
We have a huge problem: people watch the music instead of listening to it, people record the moment instead of feeling it. I am who I am because of my skills and music selection, not because the gear you see at the booth
Coyu Mar 24, 2018
Ultra Techno #Miami #Ultra20 Listen my set here:
Coyu Mar 12, 2018
Congratz to Charlotte de Witte. Her Suara release is the current #1 record on Beatport and both of her tracks are #2 & #8 Techno Top100 today!
Coyu Mar 10, 2018
No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, your commitment and hard work is the key to your future success. Remember you are ahead of everyone who isn’t trying yet 💪 — Products shown: Techno & Pizza & Cats.
Coyu Mar 01, 2018
Some artists demand expensive champagne bottles. My hospitality rider is less luxurious. My main request is 10kg of high quality cat food to be donated to a local animal shelter 😺