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Coyu Jun 17, 2019
Those who really know me are aware that I am an exceptionally restless person. I'm always endeavouring to try new things musically talking, striving to find the balance between my personal search and my connection with the audience. I feel that I helped the raw sound to have a major presence in techno, but for months now I no longer feel represented by that sound. That much that I don't even play the tracks that I made 6 months ago. I always want to go further. I like and enjoy being in constant evolution. An artist should be able to develop and do what he wants. Art, as such, should have no walls or boundaries. And I know exactly what I want. However, I'm aware of the difficulty that represents explaining to the audience what I want to do in each moment. Should I release more music in order to show the type of sound I'm betting for every moment? Perhaps I should use different akas / projects with different sounds not to confuse the audience? I would love to read you & know your thoughts about it 🖤 📸 Gokhan Turhal
Coyu Jun 13, 2019
La semana pasada celebré en Moog mis 15 años como DJ. Comencé en 2004 pinchando en bares vacíos y desde hace una década viajo cada semana por el mundo habiendo convertido mi pasión en mi trabajo y en uno de los grandes canalizadores de mi vida. Fue una noche especial, mágica, donde puse de todo, cuando y como quise. 5h de viaje, de 123 a 134bpms, la mayoría en vinilo, sin importar género. Dub, deep techno, techno progresivo, techno trance, acid, breaks, Detroit, house, electro techno, indie... Temas de hoy, ayer y mañana. Me sentí DJ. Como la primera vez. Hubo llenazo y ambientazo. Un miércoles. Hacía MUCHO tiempo que no me aplaudían durante tanto tiempo seguido al cerrar. Y en mi ciudad, Barcelona. Fue de esas noches redondas y reconfortantes en las que te vas conduciendo a casa con una sonrisa... y feliz. Feliz por seguir haciéndote bailar. Feliz de tener uno de los trabajos más bonitos y gratificantes que existen. Feliz de poder ser DJ.
Coyu Jun 10, 2019
Hay pocas ciudades en el mundo donde me sienta tan querido como en Madrid. Lo del pasado sábado en Mondo Disko fue pura magia. Madrid, te quiero 🖤
Coyu Jun 05, 2019
I’ll celebrate my 15 years as professional DJ playing an all night long set (vinyl & laptop) at Moog tonight
Coyu May 31, 2019
Crazy Cat Ladies in Detroit
Coyu May 30, 2019
Movement Detroit has been memorable this year. Had a blast playing two very different sets at a sold out Suara Night. EBM at the basement & 138bpm techno (and some drum and bass) at the main room. The vibe at the club was amazing all night long. It was one of the best Suara Nights we ever had. I loved to play disco on Monday afternoon. It was big fun playing & dancing modern & classic disco, house and hymns like Madonna - Vogue under the sun. It feels good to be able to play industrial beats and shinny disco in such a short space of time. I also listened fantastic music at the festival & the afters all festival long. Special mention to DJ Nobu & Floorplan’s live set and the electrifying b2b between Chris Liebing & Charlotte de Witte. Thanks Detroit. See you next year ❤️
Coyu May 26, 2019
‪The Suara Night in Detroit is SOLD OUT! We’ll hold a few tickets at the door tho 😼 Oh, and here you have the running order ‬
Coyu May 24, 2019
Last hours of holidays before the weekend shows! Friday 2-4am Hive, Zurich Sunday 11.30-12.30am EBM Set, Room 2, Suara Night, Bleu, Detroit Sunday 1.30-3.30am, Room 1, Suara Night, Bleu, Detroit Monday 2-4pm Disco Set, Have A Nice Day, Exodos Rooftop, Detroit Let’s dance!
Coyu May 24, 2019
Nature is life 💚
Coyu May 21, 2019
Happy & proud to announce my debut as headliner in one of the best clubs in the World STEREO MONTREAL next June 28. Expect a long set 😼
Coyu May 19, 2019
Look at all that cat food! I have no words to describe last night. Tama is a special place. Its not just a great club but the staff makes it different... And magic! Polish clubbers brought several kg of cat food to donate to the local shelter. Some ppl even brought dog food! 🐶❤️ I love to play in this Polish club because I can go from deep minimal techno (Sleeparchive, Eric Cloutier, Modern Heads...) to off-beat (Stenny, Ploy, Hodge, 1800HaightStreet...) and finish with industrial stuff (Hadone, Clouds, Dax J...). The crowd let you take the direction you want. You can go weird and radical, and they’ll love it. Its lovely to see the devotion and hard work of Arek, Joanna, Irek and all the Tama team. Thanks also to all the Polish ravers who came from different parts of the country to donate cat food and dance with me. We live for moments like this!
Coyu May 18, 2019
The little things make the World a better place! I’m playing at Tama in Poznan (Poland) tonight. Last year I had a blast there. Its not just a fantastic club but the crowd and the staff are fabulous. It was one of my fav shows of 2018. For second year in a row Tama is inviting to anyone who bring cat food to the club. Cat food = Free entry. No matter the quantity you bring. 1, 2, 5 or 10kg. You get a ticket for helping local animal shelters. And that’s amazing! I encourage every promoter & club to do the same! Because there’s no better thing in life than help ❤️
Coyu May 17, 2019
Sweet on the walls 💦
Coyu May 14, 2019
Music sounds better with your cats around. Studio time with my gang
Coyu May 02, 2019
El de 2004 fue un verano de descubrimientos, cambios y emociones. Tenía 18 años cuando actué por primera vez como DJ delante de público. Fue en La Cova, club mítico a las afueras de Barcelona, para el colectivo de Psy Trance Muskaria, el cual me dio la oportunidad de pinchar en la terraza del club. Fue un set de ambient, dub y techno minimalista donde pude poner discos de Säkho, Chain Reaction o Monolake. Desde entonces no he parado de hacerlo casi ningún fin de semana, habiendo viajado por todos los continentes y por más de 60 países. 15 años que han pasado volando y me gustaría que celebráramos juntos el 5 de Junio en Moog, uno de los clubs históricos de la ciudad y en el que hace más de una década que no actúo. Pincharé toda la noche en una sesión muy especial con laptop y vinilo. Será un día muy emotivo. Espero veros 🖤 Link de pre-venta:
Coyu Apr 26, 2019
Cats are human best friends #Maceo Suara Foundation
Coyu Apr 19, 2019
I’m vegan since Feb 1st 2018 and its the best decision I ever made. I only regret myself to haven’t made it earlier. Its good for your body, mind & soul. Plus being vegan you don’t harm animals and contribute to save the Planet Earth 💚 A few weeks ago I joined How V Dance, the first international association of electronic music artists who support and promote veganism. We’ll be doing parties around the World making ppl aware of the benefits to be vegan 💚
Coyu Apr 10, 2019
Big THANKS to every single promoter who read my hospitality rider and accept to buy cat food and donate it to a local animal shelter. I prefer they spend their money feeding cats instead buying luxurious champagne or vodka. Dj Jock in Split is not just a very talented producer but an example of how a promoter should take care of an artist 😽❤️
Coyu Apr 09, 2019
Suara after hours in Detroit for Detroit Electronic Movement Festival Proper underground vibes. Proper underground techno Tickets on sale now
Coyu Apr 07, 2019
He’s not just a musical genius but is still the cool cat I met back in the late 2000s Maceo Plex
Coyu Apr 06, 2019
April Raves 05 Central Club, Split (Croacia) 06 Maximus, Kotor (Montenegro) 12 Grielle Forelle, Vienna (Austria) 13 Sektor Evolution, Dresden (Germany) 21 Ein Tag Am Rhein, Mainz (Germany) 21 102 Club, Neuss (Germany) 26 Nordstern, Basel (Switzerland) 27 Hirsch, Nürnberg (Germany) 30 Mauerpfeiffer, Saarbrücken (Germany)
Coyu Mar 13, 2019
Please welcome to the new member of our family: Bäumel aka Pingu 🐧 Named after Patrice Baumel, he is a member of Suara Foundation who has been VERY sick and was fostered at our home since November. It’s very healthy now 💚
Coyu Mar 08, 2019
Wicked line up for the Suara x Miami Music Week at Wynwood Factory Sunday, March 31st. Tickets are on sale now:
Coyu Mar 06, 2019
The support on the Album Sampler of “You Don’t Know” has been astonishing so far. We’ve got support from the media, artists like Charlotte de Witte, Sam Paganini or even Sasha... and the most important, you. Thats why “Unite”, the track with Gabriella Vergilov, is climbing the techno charts so fast and its already #15 on Beatport’s techno top100 and reached overall’s top100. Thanks again for your support on my music and Suara, The Big Cat loves you.
Coyu Mar 05, 2019
‪El proyecto de mi vida se llama Suara Foundation y en este report en la Cat House para imaginCafé lo cuento ❤️ ‬