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1+1 EP (feat. Thomas Gandey)
Serendib EP
Dance, Kiss, Touch EP
Sons of Suburbs EP
Ecstasy EP (feat. Juliet Fox)
Nin EP
Desire EP (feat. Daniel Wilde)
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Mi Casa Es Su Casa
Trascendental Trips Ep
Coyu at Analog Bkny (September 20, 2019)
Venue: Analog Bkny (Brooklyn, NY, US) Find tickets
Coyu Aug 21, 2019
Today I'm revealing "Waking Up From Anxious Dreams (Metamorphosis)", one of the tracks of "You Don't Know", my debut album (Sept 23). Yes, it's drum & bass :)
Coyu Aug 20, 2019
New haircat
Coyu Aug 19, 2019
Very happy to announce that FINALLY I’m back to Brazil 🇧🇷💚 Fri 11 October: Warung Tour (Sao Paulo) Sat 12 October: Rio Me Festival (Rio De Janeiro)
Coyu Aug 19, 2019
Mr Green Velvet playing the remix I did for his “Answering Machine“. Currently #15 techno top100 in the Beatport charts
Coyu Aug 17, 2019
“Your life looks bad” My remix for the Green Velvet big classic “Answering Machine” is currently on Overall Top100 & #18 Techno Top100 on Beatport and is being played by some of the best techno DJs of the moment 🔥
Coyu Aug 16, 2019
You know my big love for the kitties... but probably you didn’t know I have a dog, the sweetest one! Heysel, 14 years 8 months young ❤️ #Coyu #Loves #Dogs #Too
Coyu Aug 14, 2019
Sharing is caring. So since this is my first Beatport chart in 8 months I’ve decided to don’t make just a regular top10 but give you a guide of what I most love to play right here right now. When I have the chance choose I ask to play 3-4h instead 2h. It gives me enough time to develop a full story. Or at least to try it. I start from the bottom with deep and groovy sounds (first tracks you see on the chart), speeding up the tempo and the intensity with more energetic tunes (second page of the chart). Sometimes I like to give a break with electronic, weird & tribal stuff (something less straight forward) after the 2nd hour of the set (third page of the chart), to speed up again with aggressive and sometimes industrial stuff (fourth page of the chart). Oh, and I love to finish with melancholic vocal songs with an 80s or 90s feeling (last tracks of the chart). They may be trancy, electro or just pop stuff, but they must sound special. This may be my ideal kind of set. I don’t do two similar sets though... Even during the same weekend. I try to don’t listen (and play) the same tracks show after show. My own tunes too. I don’t use to play many songs more than 4-5 times. I guess I need to challenge myself everyday... or maybe I just get bored very easy. Fortunately there’s a loooooot of amazing music to discover (new and old), we all just have to spend time digging. Listen, buy, play and share these tracks to other people. Sharing is caring. Fuck Track IDs and share your knowledge.
Coyu Aug 14, 2019
The best birthday greetings always come from them, my cats 😻😘
Coyu Aug 13, 2019
For another year of music & cats! ❤️ #Coyu #BirthDay #August13 #Music #Cats
Coyu Aug 12, 2019
Testing for first time a minimalist techno track in Berlin
Coyu Aug 10, 2019
Hay sitios que me hacen sentir como en casa... y luego está MI CASA. Mi Barcelona. Lo que siento tocando para ti es inigualable. La energía que había anoche en esa pista fue increíble. Gracias! ❤️
Coyu Aug 09, 2019
Hace 2 meses celebré mis 15 años como DJ en mi ciudad, Barcelona. Lo hice en Moog, un miécoles. Sold out. Esta noche vuelvo a tocar en Barcelona para celebrar mi cumpleaños. Lo hago en Razzmatazz (The Loft) y con un extended set. Barcelona es única... Y en mis sets en casa nunca fallo. Menos cuando celebro algo 🦁 #Coyu #Barcelona #Moog #TheLoft #Razzmatazz
Coyu Aug 07, 2019
I’ve been sad for a few days. 12 months ago bought the most amazing computer ever, with all the extras needed to work fast & efficient at the studio. A few days ago it got broken for no reason and I lost all the work done over the last months. My last save on an external hard drive was long time ago, after finishing my album. Today I got the computer back, but all the work done for all the future projects I wanted to release after my album was gone. I was sad. Very sad. But not too long ago I learnt that you shouldn’t be sad when you’re alive, living in a safe place & loved by people who take care of you, like my gf, fam, friends and cats. So I have decided to don’t be sad anymore. Fresh starts sometimes are needed, and I decided that this is gonna be one of them. Tomorrow I’ll come back to the studio and will work on my best tracks ever! 💪🏻
Coyu Aug 07, 2019
My remix for Green Velvet's 1996 classic "Answering Machine" will be released this Friday! Listen it here and leave your comment :)
Coyu Aug 06, 2019
Juanito photobombing me when listening your demos & working on the schedule of Suara 😬 We have fantastic upcoming stuff from newcomers & big artists! I think you will love what we are cooking 😈 P.S: Our email of demos has been closed for a while. We are changing the way we receive your music. We will let you know how send us new stuff again very soon 🤗
Coyu Aug 04, 2019
El domingo pasado estaba en Perú disfrutando de las Fiestas Patrias. Lo hice en Far Away, festival del que soy partícipe desde 2011. Siempre es un placer tocar en Perú, país que me hace sentir como en casa. Espero seguir visitándoos durante muchos, muchos años! ❤️
Coyu Aug 04, 2019
Last night’s rave in Bulgaria playing a new remix of a 90’s classic
Coyu Aug 02, 2019
On the road again! Harry Klein in Munich 🇩🇪 tonight and Infinity Festival in Varna 🇧🇬 tomorrow. And (with my best smile 😀) i’m very happy to announce my next US tour in September! 18 Celine (Orlando) 20 Analog *Extended Set* (New York City) 21 Anchorz Boat Party (San Francisco) 22 Shady Park (Phoenix) You can get tickets for all those shows now! Hope to see you around! 🦁
Coyu Aug 02, 2019
Cerrando la Main de BAUM Bogotá el sábado pasado. Increíble club! Increíble fiesta! Increíble energía! Increíble PÚBLICO! Gracias Colombia 💛💙❤️
Coyu Aug 01, 2019
Smiling to August! 8 dates + holidays for my Bday! ☀️🌴😋 02 Harry Klein, Munich 🇩🇪 03 Infinity Festival, Kavarna 🇧🇬 09 The Loft (Razzmatazz), Barcelona 🇪🇸 10 Ost, Berlin 🇩🇪 23 La Daurada, Vilanova i la Geltrú 🇪🇸 24 Feldheim Festival, Brussels 🇧🇪 30 Eden, Beirut 🇱🇧 31 Open Air Jarun Lake, Zagreb 🇭🇷
Coyu Jul 31, 2019
When I say on Suara we only care about the quality of the music and not the names of the artists involved, I mean it. The debut EP of German artist Polli ji proves it. These are her first tracks released ever. And they are way better than the main of the demos we receive, sometimes from way bigger or hotter artists. That’s does not mean these are the first tracks she ever made. She has been working patiently but hard on the studio for years til find her own sound and the right stuff to release. The result is a fantastic 4-original track EP which shows her versatility and innovation, something very difficult to find in the music industry, where seems like everybody try to make the copy of a copy. I’ve been playing the acid bomb named Sad Girl in many of my shows lately and the aggressive Savage in all my up-tempo/hard techno sets. Dirty Choices & Meant To Be are a perfect crossover between electro pop & techno. I love it all! I made a remix of Meant To Be thinking on the dancefloor, stripping down the beat, using the vocals to match the groove and giving it an Age Of Love vibe with the trancy chord. It works great on my sets and the feedbacks from all my DJ friends have been fantastic. If you also think music should be treated by the quality of its own and not just for who made it (quality against names), check this record out because you’re gonna discover something good, different and fresh! Listen here:
Coyu Jul 31, 2019
The risk to love your cat so much 🤣
Coyu Jul 31, 2019
Una de las mejores cosas de ser DJ es conocer seres maravillosos por todo el mundo. Como Candy, la preciosa y dulce gata que vive y es tratada como una princesa en Baum Bogotá. La conocí en 2015 (cuando aún era una cachorrita) y desde entonces le doy una merecida ración de mimos antes y después de mis actuaciones 😻
Coyu Jul 29, 2019
Hace más de 7 años toqué por primera vez en Lima. Ese día me sentí el DJ más querido del mundo. La conexión fue instantánea. Desde entonces Perú y yo hemos tenido una relación muy especial. Gracias por el amor que me mostráis cada vez que os visito. Feliz de haber sido partícipe del crecimiento de la escena electrónica limeña, la cual hoy en día está más que consolidada. No es casualidad que Lima sea una de las mejores ciudades de Sudamérica en cuanto a música electrónica se refiere. Lo pasé genial en Far Away tocando b2b con Ramiro López ❤️
Coyu Jul 29, 2019
No se ni como explicar lo de anoche en Bogotá. Se me pone la piel de gallina viendo los videos. Ha sido una de las mejores noches que he tenido en mi carrera. También disfruté muchísimo por la mañana tocando en El Árbol. Esa terraza es mágica! Gracias, gracias, gracias Colombia y su gente. El cariño es mútuo 💛💙❤️🇨🇴 Ya en Lima para tocar b2b con Ramiro López en Far Away para celebrar las Fiestas Patrias Peruanas! Vamos con todo!