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1+1 EP (feat. Thomas Gandey)
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Coyu Apr 19, 2019
I’m vegan since Feb 1st 2018 and its the best decision I ever made. I only regret myself to haven’t made it earlier. Its good for your body, mind & soul. Plus being vegan you don’t harm animals and contribute to save the Planet Earth 💚 A few weeks ago I joined How V Dance, the first international association of electronic music artists who support and promote veganism. We’ll be doing parties around the World making ppl aware of the benefits to be vegan 💚
Coyu Apr 10, 2019
Big THANKS to every single promoter who read my hospitality rider and accept to buy cat food and donate it to a local animal shelter. I prefer they spend their money feeding cats instead buying luxurious champagne or vodka. Dj Jock in Split is not just a very talented producer but an example of how a promoter should take care of an artist 😽❤️
Coyu Apr 09, 2019
Suara after hours in Detroit for Detroit Electronic Movement Festival Proper underground vibes. Proper underground techno Tickets on sale now
Coyu Apr 07, 2019
He’s not just a musical genius but is still the cool cat I met back in the late 2000s Maceo Plex
Coyu Apr 06, 2019
April Raves 05 Central Club, Split (Croacia) 06 Maximus, Kotor (Montenegro) 12 Grielle Forelle, Vienna (Austria) 13 Sektor Evolution, Dresden (Germany) 21 Ein Tag Am Rhein, Mainz (Germany) 21 102 Club, Neuss (Germany) 26 Nordstern, Basel (Switzerland) 27 Hirsch, Nürnberg (Germany) 30 Mauerpfeiffer, Saarbrücken (Germany)
Coyu Mar 13, 2019
Please welcome to the new member of our family: Bäumel aka Pingu 🐧 Named after Patrice Baumel, he is a member of Suara Foundation who has been VERY sick and was fostered at our home since November. It’s very healthy now 💚
Coyu Mar 08, 2019
Wicked line up for the Suara x Miami Music Week at Wynwood Factory Sunday, March 31st. Tickets are on sale now:
Coyu Mar 06, 2019
The support on the Album Sampler of “You Don’t Know” has been astonishing so far. We’ve got support from the media, artists like Charlotte de Witte, Sam Paganini or even Sasha... and the most important, you. Thats why “Unite”, the track with Gabriella Vergilov, is climbing the techno charts so fast and its already #15 on Beatport’s techno top100 and reached overall’s top100. Thanks again for your support on my music and Suara, The Big Cat loves you.
Coyu Mar 05, 2019
‪El proyecto de mi vida se llama Suara Foundation y en este report en la Cat House para imaginCafé lo cuento ❤️ ‬
Coyu Feb 25, 2019
The Album Sampler of “You Don’t Know” is out now on Suara showing the diversity of a lifetime project and my love for many different genres. I’ve been working in this album during 7 years and cannot wait to show it you. For now you can listen the preview of the first 4 tracks here: 01 Coyu feat The Horrorist - My First Pill 02 Coyu - Happiness? Go Ahead 03 Coyu feat Gabriella Vergilov - Unite 04 Coyu - Insania Which one is your favorite?
Coyu Feb 21, 2019
I’ve found a 115bpm electronica track checking old projects. Then I’ve decided to work on it again just for a few minutes... Suddenly I’ve pitched up the bpm, I’ve changed the kickdrum, I’ve added some other extra minor changes... and boom! Drum n bass! Do you like it? Should I incluide it on “You Don’t Know, my album? Here’s the Album Sampler of “You Don’t Know”, out next Monday:
Coyu Feb 19, 2019
When the acid kicks in!
Coyu Feb 11, 2019
Today is a very special day of a very special moment of my life. Today you can listen the Album Sampler of “You Don’t Know” for first time. 4 tracks that describes well the whole album project: this is deep, raw and harsh music. It starts with “My First Pill”, the collabo with @thingstocome aka The Horrorist -one of my fav techno artists ever- which is an ode to my first raves and the techno from the late 90s and early 00s. Its the track of the night everytime I play it... as you can see on the video. This is followed by the brutal “Happiness? Go Ahead”, which describes pretty well my current personal moment: I’m trying to take up only positive vibes but fighting with my own ghosts, some of them created by this album. Then we have “Unite”, probably the closer track of the album to the “Coyu Raw Tracks” records I started releasing 12 months ago. Collabo with the fantastic Gabriella Vergilov, this is a very functional dancefloor burner. Finally “Insania”, one of the first tracks I made for the album, back in 2012. I love how fresh it still sounds 7 years later. We live in a insane World and this track tries to describes our failed coexistence with everything that surrounded us.
Coyu Jan 29, 2019
Coyu Jan 28, 2019
I cannot believe it! “Coyu Raw Tracks Vol. 4” is the #1 Techno release on Beatport! My first time having a #1 techno release 🖤
Coyu Jan 25, 2019
Thanks for your support on the 4th volume of Coyu Raw Tracks. Its not just the best selling techno record of the week, but 3 of the 4 tracks are already on Beatport’s top100.
Coyu Jan 10, 2019
Words cannot describe how special & fun was Holy Ship this year. Starting with an industrial raw techno set, followed by a progressive house one (both sets touched me in many ways, both were def very special to me) and ended with a magic morning along many old & new friends and Papa Claude VonStroke ❤️
Coyu Dec 31, 2018
Thanks to all the crazy ravers and cat lovers for the support & love during the last 12 months! 2019 is gonna be a crazy good year, I can feel it 🖤
Coyu Dec 19, 2018
Coyu Dec 18, 2018
Out Now “Dry Tears” and “Running On Circles”, the 2 a-sides tracks of the 3rd volume of “Coyu Raw Tracks” on Suara. My tribute to 90s hardcore, ravey and hoover techno. Here you can see me playing “Dry Tears” on a sold out Laut Club in Barcelona.
Coyu Nov 09, 2018
Coyu Nov 08, 2018
My newest Raw Mix is out on Suara now. It clearly defines my current sound: deep, dark, stripped, rolling, pulsating techno. Besides it makes me happy to keep supporting new talent and release a record to Hioll, first Cuban artist on Suara.
Coyu Aug 28, 2018
I'm very happy to announce that starting today I'm part of the roster of artists represented by BLAKKSHEEP _world wild artists, the agency that will be looking after my bookings in Europe, Asia & Oceania. A very exciting future is ahead for me and for Suara as well. I invite you to continue following me and being such an important part of this journey 🖤 You can get in touch with Harald for future bookings here: [email protected]
Coyu Aug 22, 2018
Out Now “The Last Generation”: collab track with Chicago legend Green Velvet, and 2nd volume of my new serie of releases “Coyu Raw Tracks”
Coyu Aug 21, 2018
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