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The Blinding Dark
Leaving Babylon
Last Dance
Modern Ruin
Lightbringer (feat. Necro Facility)
In Transit
Skyshaper (Limited Edition)
Ritual Noise
Northern Light
United States of Mind
Euro E.P.
Dreams of a Cryotank
Covenant with Empathy Test at Das Bett (February 22, 2019)
Venue: Das Bett (Frankfurt, Germany) Find tickets
Covenant with Empathy Test at Kulturfabrik (KuFa) (February 23, 2019)
Venue: Kulturfabrik (KuFa) (Krefeld, Germany) Find tickets
Covenant with Empathy Test at F-Haus (March 1, 2019)
Venue: F-Haus (Jena, Germany) Find tickets
Covenant Feb 15, 2019
COVENANT MAGAZINE RETURNS - - - - - - - - - - - - Behold! The first transmission from Argonavis, Western Canada's mysterious new death/doom juggernaut
Covenant Feb 14, 2019
It is our great honour to announce the relaunch of Covenant Magazine! From May to October last year, Covenant Magazine posted articles, debuts, interviews, and features with bands like BÖLZER , Ascension, Antediluvian, HACAVITZ, Blood incantation, Superstition, Ash Borer -Black Metal-, Witches Hammer, artists like Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos, Cold Poison, and Veera Kaamos Pitkänen - gaining tens of thousands of views. We realized it could no longer be a small feature on the side like we had originally intended. Conspiring with our genius webmaster A.S., COVENANT MAGAZINE has been reborn into this world! New articles coming as early as TOMORROW and all through next week... spread the word!
Covenant Feb 07, 2019
Covenant & Famine Fest NW Presents: Gevurah Northwest Tour, featuring Diabolic Oath Only one month until this unholy caravan rolls through the pacific northwest. Sort yourself out and don't miss it - - - VICTORIA, March 7, Logan's Pub w/ Burialkult & Orphanofkos - - - VANCOUVER, March 8, Wise Hall w/ Reversed & Harrow - - - SEATTLE, March 9, Highline w/ Plaguebearer & Blood Atonement - - - PORTLAND, MARCH 10, Twilight Cafe & Bar w/ PANZERGOD & Eosphoros
Covenant Jan 31, 2019
Dire Omen is dead. Long live Dire Omen. Forever one of the greatest death metal songs to come out of Canada.
Covenant Jan 30, 2019
Passionate footage of Covenant Cult Harrow from last year's Vancouver Island Metal Festival. Killer!
Covenant Jan 23, 2019
Covenant & Sepulchral Productions Presents: Arkhon Infaustus Official "The Four Gates of Hell" Eastern Canadian tour, featuring Gevurah & Phobocosm ONLY 3 MONTHS AWAY! Act accordingly in your respective cities ... - - - TORONTO, April 18, The Smilling Buddha - - - OTTAWA, April 19, Cafe Dekcuf - - - MONTREAL, April 20, Bar Pirahna - - - QUEBEC, April 21, L'Anti
Covenant Jan 21, 2019
Be quick or be dead... OR BE BOTH!
Covenant Jan 19, 2019
Hear ye! After many long delays, we have finally surfaced live videos from the Covenant Montreal II. What was an absolute triumph of Death has been immortalized and presented for all to see. While there will not be a full festival this year, we are proud to present Arkhon Infaustus Official over the eastern Canadian shores this April. Until then, delight in these live videos of all 17 bands who performed last year! Praise Death! ----------------------- Après plusieurs longs délais, nous avons enfin mis en ligne les vidéos du Covenant Montréal II. Ce qui fut un triomphe absolu de la Mort fut immortalisé et peut être maintenant présenté à tous. Bien qu'il n'y aura point de festival cette année, nous sommes fiers de présenter Arkhon Infaustus à travers la côte-est Canadienne. D'ici-là, délectez-vous de ces vidéos des 17 groupes ayant performés l'an dernier! Vive la Mort! The Ruins Of Beverast Dead Congregation - Official Suffering Hour Adversarial (Official) Auroch Malokarpatan Zealotry Sabbath Assembly (official) Garotting Deep
Covenant Dec 12, 2018
Auroch and Mitochondrion journey to Iceland this June!
Covenant Dec 10, 2018
Covenant Festival & Sepulchral Productions present: THE FOUR GATES OF HELL Tour Arkhon Infaustus Official / Gevurah / Phobocosm 18 - 21 April 2019 Toronto / Ottawa / Montréal / Québec
Covenant Nov 19, 2018
Heathen Harvest Periodical
Covenant Nov 18, 2018
The poster for the full Gevurah & Diabolic Oath PNW tour sponsored by Covenant Festival and Famine Fest NW.
Covenant Nov 15, 2018
Night Profound
Covenant Nov 13, 2018
At this interstice we are happy to give you more information about Covenant Records. The latest head of this endlessly spawning hydra, we toil to spread the art from our inner circle to the outer world, but will also do select releases from beyond the boundaries of Covenant. The catalog proper, as it shall come to be know... Out Now + + + + + + CVNNT02 - - - - - - - - Temple Of Abandonment - Chasm Of The Horned Pantheon: By Your Death They Live (Cassette) SOLD OUT CVNNT03 - - - - - - - - Saturn's Cross - This Is Going To End In Blood (Digital) CVNNT04 - - - - - - - - Night Profound - Via Nocturna (Digital) Up Next + + + + + CVNNT05 - - - - - - - - Aos Si - Vol. I (Digital)
Covenant Nov 13, 2018
Doors at 8pm
Covenant Nov 13, 2018
New Saturn's Cross video impending.
Covenant Nov 11, 2018
New NIGHT PROFOUND out now on Covenant Records.
Covenant Nov 01, 2018
Covenant Nov 01, 2018
Covenant Nov 01, 2018
Night Profound
Covenant Oct 31, 2018
For all SoundCloud users, the Covenant collective is now active there. You can listen to Mitochondrion, Auroch, SPELL, Night Profound, Culain, Saturn's Cross, Crooked Mouth, and more all in one spot.
Covenant Oct 16, 2018
Saturn's Cross has unveiled The Meeting Place.
Covenant Oct 14, 2018
From the Covenant inner circle- Culain. Follow our brother to stay up to date as he prepares to release his first album. World/ambient music with spacious, dark synths. For fans of Delerium and Dead Can Dance.
Covenant Oct 12, 2018
Saturn's Cross
Covenant Oct 12, 2018
Saturn's Cross