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Wroclaw Industrial Festival Wroclaw Industrial Festival 2019
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Covenant Apr 19, 2019
Crowhurst eschews genre completely with the emotive power of "III", available now on Prophecy Productions - - - Jay Gambit has really done it now. After scores of releases crafting his evolving noise electronics based sound, he has done something wholly unique. This is what it would sound like if mid era Swans wrote a black metal album. DIG IN!! - - - "Described by Gambit as the album “he’s always wanted to make”, III is a gloomy and gothic introspective look into intense obsession and depression. Melodic yet intense, the album has an epic orchestrated sound to it drawing from an almost innumerable amount of influences, defying any set genre while doing so."
Covenant Apr 18, 2019
TONIGHT! The Four Gates of Hell officially open ... See all dates and their respective event pages below. May the tradition of Covenant's assault on the holy week continue inexorably.
Covenant Apr 18, 2019
Dreams of the Drowned create an atmospheric singularity dissolving batcave reverb into hellish black metal - - - This is a band you NEED to hear to believe. Do it NOW! Somehow this mad Frenchman has successfully combined the dense 80's atmosphere of post/anarcho punk bands like AMEBIX and KILLING JOKE with the scathing sounds of forward-thinking black metal like VED BUENS ENDE and EMPEROR. A sound you've never heard before and it will go down as one of our favourite albums of this year without a doubt! Also featuring a DHG/Dødheimsgard Official cover featuring Aldrahn on vocals! - - - "Dreams Of The Drowned is a feat that undoubtedly would have fallen apart in lesser hands, but through a determined vision of bleak psychedelia, Camille has painstakingly crafted an oddity that delivers on multiple fronts with originality and substance."
Covenant Apr 17, 2019
On Location at Roadburn Festival 2019 - - - A huge ongoing inspiration for Covenant Festival and this online zine component unsurprisingly came from the incredible work done by Roadburn Festival. Every year the lineup is a multi-faced, eclectically-curated explosion of sonic and visual art. We have yet to be on location for any of these historical events, but, lucky for us, our European (Irish)man on the ground was there to provide a dizzying moment-by-moment account of his experience. [...] Drop in to the madness, see through the eyes of an attendee, and take in this rapid experience of one of the world’s most important festivals.
Covenant Apr 17, 2019
What happened between 2017 and 2018 to seemingly give birth to so many savage death metal maniacs all at once? Few of these newer bands can build as impenetrable a wall of sound as Portland's Mortiferum. With the feeling of being locked in a claustrophobic crypt, each song drags you through a swamp of decaying corpses after a thorough morbid massacring. Smell the decay for yourself as the ghouls unleash hell at Covenant Festival V - Dead Congregation/Antediluvian/Sortilegia
Covenant Apr 15, 2019
Covenant will be present at SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST as we perform with our band Auroch, and on top of that we will be accompanying the fine folks of Roadburn Festival in giving a talk on the struggles and triumphs of putting on an underground festival
Covenant Apr 15, 2019
Reawakening the spirit and sound born in the swamps of Florida during the mid 80's, Superstition are one of the most exciting newer death metal bands going today. They are on a path of total annihilation circumnavigating the globe and entrancing audience after audience with their time portal to a bygone era of death metal perfection. Few bands carry the olde magick as well as they. Bear witness to their morbid mastery at Covenant Festival V - Dead Congregation/Antediluvian/Sortilegia
Covenant Apr 15, 2019
Sanguinary Trance etch an indulgent path directly to the Devil with "Wine, Song, and Sacrifice" - - - With a blisteringly sinister example of debauchery and diabolism out of Austria, Sanguinary Trance has ties to such forces as Amestigon, Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand. and Dødsengel. This release was anonymously submitted to Covenant by its shadowy mastermind ... - - - " ... Abrupt silence, flickering pauses, and slow points sometimes whittling down to a single note are used to build tension- to great effect- before plunging back into a dizzying fray with a fresh sense of gravity and trepidation."
Covenant Apr 12, 2019
Reversed will carry the Covenant torch at the next Total DEATH over México III in 2020.
Covenant Apr 12, 2019
What could possibly be said about Sortilegia that hasn't been repeated ad infinitum? Quite simply one of the most hypnotizing bands in the world, with a live performance that leaves the audience breathless, and absolutely entranced by their ancient magick and works of olde. Due to popular demand, they return to Covenant Festival V - Dead Congregation/Antediluvian/Sortilegia, and it will not be one to be missed.
Covenant Apr 10, 2019
Armed with an intimidating sharpness and militancy that comes across nearly like an anti-God strikeforce, the nihilistic warrior cult of Adversarial (Official) is without a doubt the most demanded band in the history of Covenant. At last, this monumental event is taking place at Covenant Festival V - Dead Congregation/Antediluvian/Sortilegia, and it's such a special occasion that even The Christ himself has bought tickets. A terrible idea, and he will surely be dragged out back, and mercilessly crushed by Adversarial's tyrannical hammer.
Covenant Apr 09, 2019
Kollaps rage against the malaise & disease of our current reality with "Mechanical Christ", available May 3rd in all formats through Cold Spring Records. - - - Returning to our roots, old school Heathen Harvest writer Loke Atropus joins Covenant to help cover the post industrial landscape. His inaugural review dives into the industrial hellscape on Kollaps' forthcoming record. - - - "[Mechanical Christ] is the sort of harsh realism this world needs, as a perfect expression of rebellion against modern soul decay - and the sanitized and filtered picture of culture we seem to be almost force-fed at times."
Covenant Apr 09, 2019
Covenant cultists Mitochondrion and Auroch will bring the work of the Current 137 to Iceland this June for Ascension MMXIX.
Covenant Apr 08, 2019
Miasmal and stinking with a primordial reek, Antediluvian crawls in to frame. The last time their pre-Cambrian spells were cast over Vancouver, the year was 2011 CE. Now, nearly a decade later, the band will return Covenant Festival V - Dead Congregation/Antediluvian/Sortilegia to strike another blow against space-time and i's meek inhabitants. Cower, mortals!
Covenant Apr 08, 2019
Akrotheism plummet to the depths of a mythic abyss on "Law Of Seven Deaths", released on all formats by Osmose Productions - - - Featuring the fine work of Studio Emissary and stunning cover art from David S. Herrerías, this is Hellenic black metal like you have never heard before. - - - "Akrotheism plumb the depths and reach to Olympian heights, seamlessly going from soaring flight to earthbound violence."
Covenant Apr 05, 2019
The consensus best death metal band in the world will at last bring their blasphemous violence against God to Vancouver at Covenant Festival V - Dead Congregation/Antediluvian/Sortilegia. Having already made their intentions known to Canadian fans with a scathing performance at the final Covenant Montreal, Dead Congregation - Official has shown that they are nigh-unstoppable, and absolutely out for blood!
Covenant Apr 04, 2019
THE FOUR GATES OF HELL tour, organised in collaboration with Sepulchral Productions begins in only two weeks! - - - For four consecutive nights, hell will be unleashed across the Canadian east coast. Do NOT miss these exclusive North-American performances by Arkhon Infaustus Official, one of the most intense and evil acts to curse this wretched planet. They will be joined by Gevurah and Phobocosm, two of Canada’s most crushing extreme metal acts. The three bands together united for this unique streak of shows will undoubtedly be one of this year’s finest black and death metal performances. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear people in the audience leave with permanent scars. - - - Individual event pages: Toronto: Ottawa: Montreal: Quebec: Once again, Covenant unleashes Hell upon the east coast in celebration of Christ’s death. Hail Satan!
Covenant Apr 04, 2019
Obscuring Veil slide between life & death in harrowing psychedelia on "Fleshvoid To Naught", released by I, Voidhanger Records. - - - Featuring members of Gnaw Their Tongues, Urgehal Ævangelist, and Wormlust, Obscuring Veil presents a twisted psychedelic void that spasms between the conscious and subconscious. Devour Luke Olson's first piece for Covenant Magazine! - - - "Like being trapped in a Pentagonal prism (prison) of fractured mirrors, reflecting abominations. More details are revealed with each listen as the sonic illusions begin to become more and more vivid. If you’re looking for an album that will deliver the psychological torment of a bad acid trip, Fleshvoid To Naught offers an aural razor blade to sever your connection with sanity."
Covenant Apr 03, 2019
Whether he is performing with a full band, by himself, or being featured in live performances of Night Profound, witnessing the man known as Crooked Mouth is an absolute must for all aficionados of underground Canadian music. An inventive song-writer who puts all in attendance in to an atavistic trance-state!
Covenant Apr 02, 2019
DEIPHAGO unveil an extra-dimensional source of pure evil on "I, The Devil", to be released on Walpurgisnacht by HELLS HEADBANGERS - - - This might be the most bizarre and angular thing that any black/death metal band has done let alone the Filipino/Costa Rican maniacs themselves. Solos, structures, and concepts from another planet. - - - "The final flourish is how an album with such ferociously ridiculous concepts are treated with grave seriousness, allowing you to suspend your belief and dive deeper into the rift. It’s time to recognize Deiphago for their years of dedication and clandestine adherence to their diabolic art, as I, The Devil cultivates bestiality to new levels."
Covenant Apr 01, 2019
Zombie-slow in their approach, but frighteningly meticulous, Portland death metal gods Ritual Necromancy finally unleashed the album they had been threatening to make with 2018's 'Disinterred Horror'. The album immediately elevated them to a special echelon, occupied by the likes of Dead Congregation and Morbid Angel. Once again showing that no matter how much hype a shiny new band may have, it is ONLY grizzled, battle-hardened veterans who are capable of such a high level of song-writing.
Covenant Apr 01, 2019
An exploratory interview with Balkan shamans Vartra. Discover where traditional Slavic music collides with doomy, dark folk in a radically unique sound. Ana Krunic conducts this deep dive into the artistic collective on site in Serbia. FFO: Dead Can Dance, Wardruna, Lamia Vox, Delirium - - - “All around the world in shamanism and spirituality you see the same motifs and rituals. While they do vary they’re all at their core very similar. So for us all of this fusion in our music really makes sense”
Covenant Mar 29, 2019
Constantly shedding its skin, the serpent known as Night Profound is fresh on the heels of their 'Via Nocturna' release, which showcases a nearly hymnal effect, filled with psalms of both rabid ecstasy and deep contemplation. This summer they will take their work to the Covenant stage in a unique capacity, collaborating with Aos Si for a singular and introspective performance.
Covenant Mar 28, 2019
Mephorash craft an unwavering esoteric vision with "Shem Ha Mephorash", available soon on all formats through Shadow Records. - - - Featuring members of the almighty Ofermod and Malign, this is a serious voyage into an ecclesiastical black metal dimension. - - - "Shem Ha Mephorash relies more on atmosphere than any of the previous releases, and as a whole feels more like a crepuscular ceremony than a metal album."
Covenant Mar 27, 2019
Dark ambient mastermind Kanashibari has been toiling in the shadows for many years, but it was his decision to return to the live arena at Covenant III in 2017 that sparked a renewal of fascination in his haunting and uneasy music. Now an active live act, few projects in the genre can captivate a crowd quite the way Kanashibari possess the minds of those present.