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Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did on Our Summer Vacation)
Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings
Counting Crows: The Collection
August and Everything After
Films About Ghosts: The Best Of...
Across a Wire - Live From New York
Somewhere Under Wonderland
New Amsterdam: Live At Heineken Music Hall February 6, 2003
This Desert Life
Hard Candy
Recovering the Satellites
Echoes of the Outlaw Roadshow
August and Everything After - Live At Town Hall
Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings (Bonus Track Version)
iTunes Live from SoHo
Films About Ghosts: The Best of Counting Crows
August and Everything After
Kaaboo Texas Kaaboo Texas 2019
Venue: AT&T Stadium (Arlington, TX, US) Find tickets
Ravinia Festival Ravinia Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Highland Park, IL, US) Find tickets
Counting Crows at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery (August 7, 2019)
Venue: Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery (Woodinville, WA, US) Find tickets
Counting Crows Apr 14, 2019
Dig the good word! Underwater Sunshine Fest returns for the 3rd time this NOVEMBER 8-9 on ALL THREE STAGES at Rockwood Music Hall !!! Join us! Start making plans NOW!
Counting Crows Apr 13, 2019
‪Alright, who out there is not following our music festival Underwater Sunshine Fest here on FB and at @underwatersunshinefest on IG? Ummmmm...why not?‬ PS. I love this pic of me introducing Petal . “She makes music about what it’s like to feel and dream and love and fail and be human.”
Counting Crows Apr 12, 2019
Greeting Earthlings! Immy here just letting you know I’ll be out on the road at the end of this month with my compatriot's Monks Of Doom - Catch us if you can, I DARE ya! (Dates below) 4/26/19 Savannah, GA - The Jinx 4/27/19 Atlanta, Georgia - 529 4/28/19 Charlotte, North Carolina - The Evening Muse 4/29/19 Nashville, TN - Spring Water Supper Club 4/30/19 St. Loius, Missouri - Blueberry Hill 5/1/19 Chicago, IL - Beat Kitchen 5/2/19 Madison, WI - Ruby 5/3/19 Saint Paul, MN - Amsterdam Bar & Hall
Counting Crows Apr 10, 2019
HEY!! Seán Barna & me say “Check Out this week’s podcast TEENAGE SUPERSTARS! It’s all about Scotland-ish shit!” Randall Slavin is like “HOLY CRAP! No way!” TEENAGE SUPERSTARS! Dig it! Get some. . Ep. 59 “Teenage Superstars” (link also in bio) In which I follow a musical family tree so far up my own ass that flowers come out of my mouth. And then...we trace one of the coolest musical scenes ever all the from Gran’s house to the stars.
Counting Crows Apr 03, 2019
Ep. 58 “Underwater Sunshine Dose” (link also in bio) It’s time. One last look at a few artists playing the Underwater Sunshine Fest and comes the Sun! This week we check out Fairhazel, Amy Vachal, Eric Hutchinson, Wild Pink, and...Cyndi Lauper!!! April 5-6 at The Bowery Electric. Be there!
Counting Crows Apr 02, 2019
This is it, Fairhazel is our last Underwater Sunshine Fest artist to announce before the show THIS FRIDAY! "Hugh Macdonald, the man behind Fairhazel, is tapping into something special. It’s clear that Hugh is a writer’s writer and a storyteller’s storyteller. He just also happens to be a talented musician with an ear for melody and a gift for building simple, restrained parts that layer together to form a perfect, complementary bed for his stories to inhabit. This combination of tight, purposeful prose wrapped in meticulously crafted, lush melody is the hallmark of Fairhazel..." - Andy Mullins Be sure to arrive early to The Bowery Electric on Friday and Saturday April 5-6 to our FREE show that includes Eric Hutchinson, Fort Frances, Hollis Brown, Cyndi Lauper and so many more! The first act takes the stage at 6pm sharp both days! Big thanks to our sponsors, PIECE [email protected], Big aLICe Brewing DATG - dreams aren't this good, Elyse Winery, and FlexPower. Learn more about why you don't want to miss Fairhazel 4/5 at 6:30pm here:
Counting Crows Apr 01, 2019
When I saw her there, a prowling and howling vision of glory in a gleaming white leotard with the most impressive afro I have ever seen, she made me forget my friends, my drink, my name, and pretty everything else. My time was now hers. To watch Julissa Lopez and her band 'get up for the down stroke' is to witness a Performance with a capital P-FUNK. You wants to get funked up." Experience the magic of Jules & The Jinks at our Underwater Sunshine Fest VIP event (open to the public) at 6pm on 4/6 at The Bowery Electric! Read more here:
Counting Crows Apr 01, 2019
Still in need of plans next weekend? We give you 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss the Underwater Sunshine Fest...
Counting Crows Mar 29, 2019
"Hollis Brown is a formidable name in the rock ‘n’ roll community already. If their name sounds familiar, it could be because you saw them play with Counting Crows, The Zombies, Deer Tick, Lucero, or Heartless Bastards — it could be because their tribute to Lou Reed at a benefit concert wound up becoming a Velvet Underground cover record, "Hollis Brown Gets Loaded"— or maybe you’re just incredibly musically literate and know that “The Ballad of Hollis Brown” is on Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are a-Changin’." Catch their FREE set featuring Very Special Guest Cyndi Lauper at The Bowery Electric on Fri., April 5 at 11pm! Get to Know Underwater Sunshine Artist Hollis Brown:
Counting Crows Mar 27, 2019
They let THIS kinda stuff happen in Oklahoma?? Who knew?! It’s with great pleasure that I alert you to the fact that our dear friend and resident genius Tyson Meade finally released his brilliant new album “Robbing The Nuclear Family” this week: Yours truly produced, played Bass etc, gave guided tour of LA taco trucks and all sorts of other nonsense… So I sez “Approach with caution, but DEFINITELY approach! cheers, Immy
Counting Crows Mar 26, 2019
San Francisco! We're heading home for Outside Lands Music Festival this August! Get your tickets on Thursday at 10am PT.
Counting Crows Mar 25, 2019
"Wilder Maker has incredible guitars, brilliant vocals, amazing lyrics— and honestly, I hate making a list of adjectives like that. Please just listen to these songs so you know why it’s so important to make it to The Bowery Electric for Underwater Sunshine Fest — and Wilder Maker, we’re so happy you’re joining our colorful crew." Dig Underwater artist Wilder Maker, who join a diverse lineup that includes Cyndi Lauper, Eric Hutchinson, Maria Taylor, Amy Vachal and so many more! And did we mention the show is FREE?! April 5-6, 2019 at the Bowery Electric. See ya there, kids!
Counting Crows Mar 22, 2019
Texans should be proud to call this guy a native. A rock 'n' roller who puts on one hell of a live show, the lead man in Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts is bringing his solo show to the stages of Underwater Sunshine Fest April 5-6 at The Bowery Electric. And we. can't. wait. (!!!!) Get to Know Underwater Artist Ryan Hamilton:
Counting Crows Mar 20, 2019
Ep. 56 “Petal In The Canyonlands” In which the Underwater Sunshine Festival draws another week nearer and we dig into four more incredible bands traveling here to play, bands like Petal from Pennsylvania and Red Wanting Blue from Ohio, from as close as Jules & The Jinks in Brooklyn here in NYC and as far away as Pullman in western Washington state, AKA the town that gave us Cameron McGill & What Army AND Klay. April 5-6 at The Bowery Electric in NYC!
Counting Crows Mar 18, 2019
Underwater alum Stephen Kellogg first introduced us to Taylor Carson and we couldn't be more excited to welcome him to the stage on April 6th at The Bowery Electric. "Taylor leads with his heart,” Kellogg says. “On stage, in his music, his writing...I could see that right away. Having him on the road was like traveling with a brother you rarely get to see and whose company you adore. He crushed it every single night.” Allow our pal and esteemed music journalist James Campion to welcome you into the world of Taylor Carson:
Counting Crows Mar 15, 2019
TGI Fort Frances! We played them on the podcast a few weeks ago and NOW we’re announcing they’re playing the Underwater Sunshine Fest! Only three weeks until we take over The Bowery Electric and this is one of those bands that you won't want to miss.
Counting Crows Mar 13, 2019
Ep. 55 Double Nickels On The Shine We go deep on a few more artists playing the Underwater Sunshine Festival April 5-6 at The Bowery Electric this time shining the spotlight West Coast, then East Coast, and finally North to our friendly neighbors across the border. They’re coming from all over to play this one! Why? Because flights are cheap, because we’re all kinds of cool, and because - apparently - nobody thought to build a wall above Michigan. (shrug)
Counting Crows Mar 12, 2019
We are announcing one of my favorite new bands today: Bear Cub! BEAR CUB is the Phoenix risen for Underwater Sunshine Fest from the ashes of one of my favorite Outlaw Roadshow bands American Hotel and you are going to flip out when you hear them. Shades of the Beatles and the Flying Burrito Bros. The ghosts of Laurel Canyon mixed with the spirits of St. John’s Wood. Words, music, melody, harmony, and guitars...lots of guitars. Freak out! It’s Bear Cub at Underwater Sunshine Fest, April 5-6 at The Bowery Electric in NYC!
Counting Crows Mar 08, 2019
ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT: This week, music journalist and podcast extraordinaire James Campion introduces us to the world of Wild Pink, who we are THRILLED to add to our April 2019 Underwater Sunshine Fest lineup! "But it is playing live when Wild Pink makes the most sense – the playing with genres, the cinematic flourishes, the countrified storytelling. And what makes it work flawlessly is the three men, and on occasion, one or two others, that provide depth and purpose that has resonated thus far with audiences." Catch Wild Pink for FREE at the Underwater Sunshine Fest, along with other amazing acts like Cyndi Lauper, Cameron McGill & What Army, Maria Taylor and MORE! Only at The Bowery Electric April 5-6, 2019. Dig Wild Pink:
Counting Crows Mar 06, 2019
Ep. 54 Underwater Brooklyn and then some In which the boyz begin the march to the Underwater Sunshine Festival by playing some of their favorite new music, including a Brooklyn band, a Brooklyn boy, and a few once and future Outlaws.
Counting Crows Feb 27, 2019
Ep. 53 The Gospels of Sam Cooke In which James has a song he wants to play and I reveal some of the effects of Christian religious fervor on Jewish kids from Berkeley.
Counting Crows Feb 22, 2019
I’m so excited because this week we’re announcing one of my faves is playing Underwater Sunshine Fest at The Bowery Electric on April 5-6, 2019 in NYC! Click the link and read the piece where Zoe welcomes us into the beautiful world of Maria Taylor! "Pairing well with her whispering-in-your-ear storytelling style, Maria Taylor’s singing voice is elegantly controlled and conversational. I’ve already used a lot of descriptive words of a heavenly variety to describe her and her music, but it’s undeniable - she has a fascinating, divine stoicism in her delivery." Get to Know Underwater Artist Maria Taylor:
Counting Crows Feb 20, 2019
Sorry we’re late. It’s time for Ep. 52 Rod & Woody Pt 3 - Face/Off In which all good things come to an end, and the boys talk it through and none of that has anything to do with me petting my friend’s dog.
Counting Crows Feb 16, 2019
Just off stage at KAABOO Cayman. 📸 Jim Bogios
Counting Crows Feb 15, 2019
ICYMI: Yesterday, we announced the full Underwater Sunshine Festival lineup (minus a couple of surprises 😉), which included poetic songwriter Cameron McGill & What Army! As Katie writes, "What Cameron McGill gives his listener—in any and all of the music he’s released— are the ghosts of a hundred great stories, all eking their way inexorably from the Midwest to the West Coast, from 140-character Twitter poetry to a classroom, from some universal and unspecified here to some as-yet-undreamt-of there. And somehow, I, or rather WE, have had the luck to be in the right place at the right time to see all of it happen." Join us (and Cameron!) April 5-6, 2019 at The Bowery Electric for a FREE weekend of music discovery. For now, sit down and stay awhile. Get to know our friend Cameron: