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Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did on Our Summer Vacation)
Recovering the Satellites
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New Amsterdam: Live At Heineken Music Hall February 6, 2003
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This Desert Life
Recovering the Satellites
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August and Everything After
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August and Everything After - Live At Town Hall
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Films About Ghosts: The Best of Counting Crows
August and Everything After
Counting Crows Feb 20, 2019
Sorry we’re late. It’s time for Ep. 52 Rod & Woody Pt 3 - Face/Off In which all good things come to an end, and the boys talk it through and none of that has anything to do with me petting my friend’s dog.
Counting Crows Feb 16, 2019
Just off stage at KAABOO Cayman. 📸 Jim Bogios
Counting Crows Feb 15, 2019
ICYMI: Yesterday, we announced the full Underwater Sunshine Festival lineup (minus a couple of surprises 😉), which included poetic songwriter Cameron McGill & What Army! As Katie writes, "What Cameron McGill gives his listener—in any and all of the music he’s released— are the ghosts of a hundred great stories, all eking their way inexorably from the Midwest to the West Coast, from 140-character Twitter poetry to a classroom, from some universal and unspecified here to some as-yet-undreamt-of there. And somehow, I, or rather WE, have had the luck to be in the right place at the right time to see all of it happen." Join us (and Cameron!) April 5-6, 2019 at The Bowery Electric for a FREE weekend of music discovery. For now, sit down and stay awhile. Get to know our friend Cameron:
Counting Crows Feb 13, 2019
It’s podcast day! This one is all about 1971 so here’s a pic of me from back then! Dig Ep.51 Rod & Woody Pt 2 - Henry the Appendage In which the boys revisit 1971, a banner year for Rod & Woody. Not many people can make three albums in one year. Honestly, I have trouble keeping up with one album in three years.
Counting Crows Feb 08, 2019
New Artist Announcement: Petal is joining the Underwater Sunshine Fest lineup! Right now, she's on tour in Europe but we’re really jazzed to welcome her back home in April to play the Festival. "Petal made a whole record about the truth, even though God knows there is nothing scarier than a woman ready both to love with everything…and then to tell the truth about anything." - Katie Mullins, Executive Writer Petal is the newest addition to our FREE festival April 5-6 at The Bowery Electric that already includes Eric Hutchinson, Red Wanting Blue, Fort Gorgeous and so many more! Stay tuned for additional artist announcements. Read more about Petal here:
Counting Crows Feb 06, 2019
Ep. 50 “A Rod, A Woody, and 5 Faces” It’s hard enough to make a great band. And it’s nearly impossible to make a great band which then makes a great record. So how the hell did Rod Stewart and Ron Wood manage to make TWO great bands together at the same time and THEN make nothing but KILLER albums with both of them? We take a look
Counting Crows Feb 04, 2019
This is cool. Underwater Sunshine Fest vet Matt Sucich is playing a live session from Paste Studios today at 4:30 EST. I might try to crash but you should watch it!
Counting Crows Feb 03, 2019
Just got back from the farm so I’m a few days late with this Artist Announcement: Brooklyn-based Fort Gorgeous has been added to our April 5-6, 2019 lineup at The Bowery Electric ! They have a great EP called "The Bottom of the Sea," so they’re perfect for the Underwater Sunshine Festival, right? Lead singer Billy Libby takes us on a musical journey that Katie describes as "thoughtful lyrics but music that is fun, layered, and easy to listen to, similar to bands like Ok Go and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness." Read more here:
Counting Crows Jan 30, 2019
Copper and I are sorry but we’re not going to have an Underwater Sunshine Podcast today. We’re over in England down on the farm for the week but we’ll be back next week. Meanwhile, check out our NEW SINGLE “August & Everything After” on Amazon! Link in bio
Counting Crows Jan 28, 2019
The full video for our NEW SONG "August and Everything After" recorded with the London Studio Orchestra at the famed AIR Studios is available to watch NOW on our YouTube channel. Watch it here:
Counting Crows Jan 26, 2019
Wish Charlie Gillingham a Happy Birthday today!
Counting Crows Jan 25, 2019
New Artist Announcement! "We were all pretty much blown away when Amy Vachal played her #GardenSession in October. She knocked us all out- her guitar playing, her singing. It was all incredible." - Adam That's right, folks- we are adding the unbelievable Amy Vachal to our April lineup! You might remember her as a semi-finalist on The Voice, where America (including coaches Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine!) fell in love with her incredible vocal talent. Her confessional songwriting paired with her heavenly pipes have earned her fans internationally, and we are over the moon to welcome her. Don't miss the opportunity to catch her at Underwater Sunshine Fest in April, FREE only at The Bowery Electric! Read more about Amy right here:
Counting Crows Jan 24, 2019
NEW SONG ALERT! Stream the #AmazonOriginal track "August and Everything After" here:
Counting Crows Jan 24, 2019
See exclusive footage from Adam’s conversation with Amazon Music about “August and Everything After,” the song that took 25 years to make. Stream the #AmazonOriginal track here:
Counting Crows Jan 23, 2019
Ep. 49 “August & Everything* *(after we get done talking ‘bout everything else)” In which the boys accidentally get off on a tangent and forget to ever come back. Plus...we release a new Counting Crows song just cuz we can’t think of anything else to say.
Counting Crows Jan 22, 2019
Follow us on Amazon Music to stay up to date on our new releases! Grab your Echo and say “Alexa, follow Counting Crows on Amazon Music” and you’ll get a notification when our new music is out.
Counting Crows Jan 18, 2019
New Artist Announcement: We are thrilled to add Roan Yellowthorn to our April 2019 lineup! "Today's the day we announce Roan Yellowthorn...a spectacular singer whose songs are gonna flip you the fuck out..." Roan Yellowthorn joins an exciting lineup that already includes Eric Hutchinson, Red Wanting Blue and Jordan Klassen. Meet us at The Bowery Electric April 5-6 for a weekend of FREE music! Our very own Katie Mullins brings you into the world of Roan Yellowthorn right here:
Counting Crows Jan 16, 2019
We're heading to KAABOO Texas May 10-12! Use promo code CROWS to save $20 on LONE STAR (GA) passes. Passes are available at #KAABOOtexas
Counting Crows Jan 16, 2019
Photos from Counting Crows's post
Counting Crows Jan 16, 2019
Yo Folks, Immy here again…just a shout out to let ya know I’m doing a quick stealth run this weekend up the West Coast with my buddy Coby Brown (composer of Crows’ “Hospital”) and our stellar rhythm section of Michael Jerome and Jon Flaugher. It’s a rarity that we get outta the hood like this, so we’re kinda giddy! Gigs below: Thursday 1/17: Seattle WA - Fremont Abbey (7:30pm) Friday 1/18: Portland OR - Alberta Street Pub (8:30pm) Sunday 1/20: Los Angeles CA - Gary Calamar’s Mimosa Sunday At The Federal (11:00am) Thursday 1/24: Los Angeles CA - Hotel Café Stage 2 (8:30pm)
Counting Crows Jan 11, 2019
Keeping the New Year heading in the best of all directions, we are ecstatic to announce another new addition to our April lineup! Jordan Klassen is a storyteller born from the inspiration of legends like Harry Nilsson, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, and Joni Mitchell. His aim is to create the most personal, vulnerable, and intimate songs his personal journey can conjure. Our very own Zoe Mintz weaves a story of how Jordan’s poetic work seems to perfectly intertwine with her own journey, and we are so happy to be able to add him to the Underwater family:
Counting Crows Jan 09, 2019
Ep. 47 “Awesome Fuck Yeah Radio” Well, my computer is sitting in a bin of rice cuz I spilled water on it at a gig yesterday trying to warm up and autograph CDs at the same time. THAT was not the best day of 2019 so far. That said...TODAY is an entirely different day and it brings with it the first Underwater Sunshine Podcast of the year! So THIS is going to be a truly GREAT day...albeit one without a computer (other than one that looks like it’s trying to commit suicide by stir fry).
Counting Crows Jan 08, 2019
New Underwater Sunshine Podcast coming tmw! In honor of our pal James Campion, I found this pic of me in #TheHimalayans wearing the shirt of his old IG name!
Counting Crows Jan 04, 2019
Underwater Sunshine Fest is honored to have Eric Hutchinson join the April 2019 lineup! Nearly a decade ago, Eric scored the highest charting album on iTunes by an unsigned artist in its history, and his fan base has only continued to multiply over the years. His live show is mind-blowing, and his songwriting is pure poetry. Allow his (and our!) friend James Campion to better introduce you to the man of the hour:
Counting Crows Jan 02, 2019
Well HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends, fans and furious music lovers everywhere! It’s that time again for “Immy’s Top Twenty” annual round up… Since 2018 was the year I finally got the entire back catalogue of The Ophelias (the band I cast my lot with in the 80’s) up and streaming (, and Monks Of Doom embarked on 2 short but action packed tours bookending the extremely fun Counting Crows 25th Anniversary Tour, I’ve included the above rare photo of Ophelias singer Leslie Medford sitting in with Monks of Doom in 1987, at the long gone SF Music Works (where water dripped all over the bands from the ceiling, whether it was raining or not!?) – pretty sure the song performed was Zeppelin’s “The Ocean”, but who knows? More importantly, please find below my list of the albums that really flipped my wig this year. (and yes, if I wasn’t a card carrying member of both bands, Monks Of Doom’s “The Brontë Pin” and The Ophelias’ “Bare Bodkin/O List!”, all 2018 releases, certainly would’ve made the grade, but that wouldn’t be politic, would it? Ohh…see what I did there?) Anyways, peruse, and argue amongst yourselves…listen and enjoy!! Thanx for another great year, and see you soon! Love on ya! Immy Immy’s Top “Twenty” 2018 Oh Sees – Smote Reverser Jon Hassell – Listening To Pictures: Pentimento Volume One Szun Waves – New Hymn To Freedom Cypress Hill – Elephants On Acid Dead Meadow – The Nothing They Need Boubacar Traoré – Dounia Tabolo Julia Holter – Aviary Thom Yorke – Suspiria Stick In The Wheel – Follow Them True Soft Machine – Hidden Details Courtney Barnett – Tell Me How You Really Feel Animal Collective – Tangerine Reef Blue Orchids – Righteous Harmony Fist Sleaford Mods – Bunch Of Kunst/EP Richard Thompson – 13 Rivers Harmony Rockets w/Peter Walker – Lachesis+Clotho+Atropos Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt Seán Barna - Cissy Jack White – Boarding House Reach/Kneeling At The Anthem D.C. Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Hormone Lemonade Aphex Twin – Collapse EP Cat Power – Wanderer Donnacha Costello – one two three four five six The National – Boxer (Live In Brussels) Death Grips – Year Of The Snitch Guided By Voices – Ogre’s Trumpet Mott The Hoople – Mental Train: The Island Years 1969-1971 Brian Eno – Music For Installations Zappa/Mothers – The Roxy Performances Bob Dylan – More Blood, More Tracks: The Bootleg Series Vol. 14 Humble Pie – Official Bootleg Box Set Volume 2 Robbie Basho – Live In Forli, Italy 1982 Miles Davis & John Coltrane – The Final Tour: The Bootleg Series Vol. 6 New York Dolls – Personality Crisis Big Brother & The Holding Co. – Sex, Dope, & Cheap Thrills John Coltrane – Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album The Who – Live At The Fillmore East 1968 The White Stripes – The Complete John Peel Sessions various – African Scream Contest 2