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Sister (feat. Corinne Bailey Rae)
The Heart Speaks in Whispers
The Heart Speaks in Whispers (Deluxe)
The Love E.P.
The Sea
Corinne Bailey Rae (Bonus Track Version)
Live In New York
Corinne Bailey Rae
Corinne Bailey Rae
Bob Moses with Corinne Bailey Rae at Wanderlust O'ahu at Turtle Bay (March 1, 2019)
Venue: Wanderlust O'ahu at Turtle Bay (Kahuku, HI, US) Find tickets
Corinne Bailey Rae Feb 13, 2019
Forever an indie girl. Thanks @jojos.homegym for sending me this photo of our old band days! @astralunamusic miss you guys!! #helen #helenrulestheworldtomorrow
Corinne Bailey Rae Feb 12, 2019
Aloha! I've never been to Hawaii and I'm excited to play 2 shows next month! Won't you join me? 1 March 2019 Maui Arts & Cultural Center Castle Theater - Tickets: and Wanderlust Festival in Oahu on Saturday, 2 March. - Tickets: Hope to see you there!
Corinne Bailey Rae Feb 03, 2019
Playing with @preshallband the other night in San Francisco for #sfjazz ... So much fun
Corinne Bailey Rae Feb 01, 2019
Dawn, San Francisco. Thank you
Corinne Bailey Rae Jan 31, 2019
at a beautiful house last night getting ready for my performance with @preshallband @subpop tonight!!! Love this wallpaper !!!
Corinne Bailey Rae Jan 31, 2019
Nothing better than roses .... in my dressing at #sfjazz .
Corinne Bailey Rae Jan 23, 2019
I still can't get over this dress @alicetemperley ...
Corinne Bailey Rae Jan 16, 2019
Corinne Bailey Rae Jan 15, 2019
Something beautiful will come out of the wreckage, don't despair. This fallen tree is on my daily walk.
Corinne Bailey Rae Jan 02, 2019
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank you to everyone who made last year so special for me, what a journey! Here's to all of us as we carry on our way . I wish for us all kindness and understanding and LOVE.
Corinne Bailey Rae Dec 24, 2018
Gregory Porter- his voice is so ridiculously good, you just end up smiling! I had such a glorious time doing this show, it has that old time magic, fireside chats and a big band. Hope you and your family enjoy it. 9.15pm on Christmas Day on BBC 2. Merry Christmas!
Corinne Bailey Rae Dec 14, 2018
I was blown away last night by #bullettongue by @thebighouseuk , a truth-heavy theatre piece on London's gang culture, the London so many of us don't see. #ShonaghWoodburn-Hall was incredible. I'd encourage any policy makers who work in issues around young people/drugs/violence to see it . It will stay with me forever. @rachelreevesmp it's on until Saturday... maybe they'll do a special performance for some M.P's
Corinne Bailey Rae Dec 05, 2018
Overjoyed to have this #senganengudi exhibition on my doorstep in Leeds. I love her fragile, tense work and the fact that she could store a whole exhibit in her handbag when she was starting out. I wanted to interact with the vinyl water pieces... like melted Mr Freeeze lollies
Corinne Bailey Rae Nov 28, 2018
Going through old photos.... this is when we sang for @barackobama @michelleobama in celebration of @paulmccartney. What a night!! I sang with Herbie Hancock and got to hang with Stevie Wonder. I never dreamed my music would take me to the places it has . Just feeling grateful and amazed as I reorganise my archive.
Corinne Bailey Rae Nov 23, 2018
Playing my very first show in Hawaii at Maui Arts & Cultural Center - Castle Theater on March 1! It’s going to be a special one, tickets are on sale now xx
Corinne Bailey Rae Nov 08, 2018
Had so much fun with Trevor Nelson chatting about our favourite soul music. Tune in to BBC Four this Friday, 9 Nov. 8pm GMT to watch!
Corinne Bailey Rae Oct 25, 2018
Deco dreams ... the #BeaumontHotel
Corinne Bailey Rae Oct 23, 2018
Stepping out to very special dinner in @duroolowu x
Corinne Bailey Rae Oct 18, 2018
Late afternoon light by the Rhine. People are still swimming the river, leaving their clothes upon the shore. Pondering... shall I leave mine... @adetacher
Corinne Bailey Rae Oct 18, 2018
Just catching the final few days of @theastergates #blackmadonna . So elegant. This a fragment of a prayer/poem
Corinne Bailey Rae Oct 16, 2018
So excited to share my story as part of the Windrush children .... well Grandchildren in my case!!! This is an excellent book. Can't wait to read everyone else's stories . Congratulations to #charliebrinkhurstcuff @charliebcuff of @galdemzine . OUT 18th OCTOBER!!!
Corinne Bailey Rae Sep 18, 2018
On my way out to @redmagazine party !! Thank you @alicetemperley for this incredible dress!! Feel like a 1920's deb x
Corinne Bailey Rae Sep 16, 2018
Corinne Bailey Rae Sep 16, 2018
Front row @ashish with @claraamfo and the wonderful @rayblk !!
Corinne Bailey Rae Sep 16, 2018
On my way to @ashish show !!! #ashish #glitterdreams ....