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Super Rare: A Compilation of Early Tracks, Japan Exclusives and Rarities
Dreams of Better Days EP
Hiding from More of Our Time EP
Extra Stuff EP
Spectronic EP
Computer Magic Aug 08, 2019
THX 1138-esque photo to let you know I’m streaming the psychological horror game Observer tonight at 9 PM EST.
Computer Magic Aug 01, 2019
I always forget to update Facebook! Apologies if I don’t post often enough on here. Wanted to share this link to my Discord server. Opening invites on the first of each month! ~danz
Computer Magic Jun 03, 2019
Almost the cover for Danz until I didn’t want to be on the cover anymore. Photo taken by Chad Kamenshine. The Danz second press on transparent vinyl is available to order at: ~ ships this summer.
Computer Magic May 02, 2019
Hey y’all.. been working on this record and just wanted to give a lil update. I’m not one to write long-ass captions unless it’s for Synth History but here goes.⁣ ⁣ I’ve produced, recorded, and written roughly 100 songs in my lifetime.⁣ ⁣ I had no prior connections to the music industry, no producers, no song-writers, no money until I started getting licensing deals. Taught myself how to do this shit ten years ago on my own in a closet in my mom’s apartment.⁣ ⁣ I can go in depth about how to EQ a bass and what compressor you should run an 808 kick through, as well as tell you what physical distributor to hire, because I also run my own label and get my own records printed. ⁣ I learned how to mix and master songs, learned Photoshop so I could design high-res TIFF files for album art, taught myself Final Cut to edit videos. Call up T-Shirt and vinyl manufacturers and order the shipping supplies to send them out. Taught myself CSS to design my websites. I forget all the stuff I do is even remotely impressive because I’m so used to doing all of it.⁣ ⁣ Whenever I wanna do something, I just fuckin’ do it. I just figure it out and do it myself. Hashtag nike⁣ ⁣ Right now I’m not gonna be modest because I know I’m good at what I do. And it feels like I wanna throw up after writing that but idk. I think I need to believe in myself a little more. ⁣ Wearing multiple 👒 is exhausting AF. I wanted to let you guys know all this so that you can appreciate the music when it’s released even more.⁣ ⁣ With that said...⁣ ⁣ I AM ABOUT TO RELEASE 10 OF THE BEST SONGS I HAVE EVER MADE!!!⁣ ⁣ 4 realz. I really whole heartedly believe in this statement. I’ve never worked so hard on anything in my life and I’m really proud of it. ⁣ I feel like my learning experiences have led up to this record and I’m super stoked for you guys to hear it. It’s almost done.⁣ ⁣ 💞🌈Danz🌈💞
Computer Magic Apr 27, 2019
DJing at TENANTS OF THE TREES tonight with Nina Tarr all vinyl set! Brought so much new wave omg.
Computer Magic Apr 19, 2019
CM VINYL SETS IN LA NEXT WEEK: 4/24 Bar Franca⁣ 4/25 No Vacancy⁣ 4/26 Tenants of the Trees
Computer Magic Mar 07, 2019
Tyrell Corp
Computer Magic Feb 25, 2019
Matching 🍊
Computer Magic Feb 14, 2019
Happy V day. You guys are my valentine. <3
Computer Magic Jan 23, 2019
🌙 vs 🌞
Computer Magic Jan 21, 2019
Computer Magic
Computer Magic Jan 21, 2019
2019: The year of me finally becoming Barbarella. (new music soon).
Computer Magic Jan 21, 2019
Computer Magic
Computer Magic Jan 12, 2019
Just finished editing a vid for my “Suspicious Minds” cover. Shot it rogue with an iPhone in Las Vegas and around Nevada. Directed by your’s truly. Hope you guys like it. ❤ Link:
Computer Magic Oct 05, 2018
Wrote a tune called "Follow my Heart" for BODY MAINTE in Japan~ you can listen / watch here :)
Computer Magic Aug 30, 2018
Computer Magic Aug 15, 2018
Super excited to announce.. made a tune with LE MATOS for Summer of '84 movie called "COLD SUMMER". Go see the movie, screening at select theaters! "Cold Summer" is now on iTunes & Spotify ! Full soundtrack comes out August 24th, and the soundtrack will be on VINYL via Mondo TOO! You can pre-order tomorrow. Linkz below. Spotify: YouTube: iTunes: Mondo:
Computer Magic Aug 12, 2018
'clouds' is out today! pls share it if u like it <3.
Computer Magic Aug 09, 2018
studio vibes / interesting plant placement 🌱🍃
Computer Magic Jun 24, 2018
Yeeeee in the July NYLON JAPAN
Computer Magic Jun 22, 2018
New video for "Perfect Game" is out now! Directed & animated by Giovanni Bocchi. <3
Computer Magic Jun 20, 2018
by Anise Mariko.
Computer Magic Jun 18, 2018
One month until Japan tour begins! ✈️🌈🇯🇵😱💫 7|21 OSAKA | COMPASS 7|22 TOKYO | CIRCUS 7|24 TOKYO | WWW Tix: Photo: Travis Emery
Computer Magic Apr 27, 2018
by Randy Smith.