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Paperback Ghosts
Howl of the Lonely Crowd
Magnetic Poetry
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Comet Gain Jul 18, 2019
THIS is coming!
Comet Gain Sep 01, 2018
times running out get yer tickets here before clooney and clunes and members of the royal family get there's ...guest stars include rod stewart,david bowie,sid james and some knights templars
Comet Gain Aug 20, 2018
tapete records
Comet Gain Jul 30, 2018
get your yo-yo's out for this happenin thing
Comet Gain Mar 05, 2018
next week gentleman and ladies of the pop worlde...clowns an jugglers to be can you miss the event of the year?you can't you bozos!
Comet Gain Nov 16, 2017
Saturday groovers -we are part of the TAPETE records shindig bonanza with mr Martin Carr mr Pete Astor and the esteemed sir Robert Forster the Lexington -London town
Comet Gain Jun 23, 2016
Comet Gain
Comet Gain Jun 09, 2016
Comet Gain
Comet Gain Jun 01, 2012 supposed to be sorting thru possibly superfluous records I bought on account of the cover to double check it's actually crap and I can sell and/or writing songs for new lp but keeps playing beach boys/go betweens lps he's heard millions of times instead and/or throwing a ripped up excuse of a toy mice at a disinterested cat...
Comet Gain Jan 02, 2012
...beginning to think 5 cds of "electric psychedelic sitar headswirlers"is probably just about enough..dying fer a ruby now...
Comet Gain Nov 02, 2011
Artrocker interview with our very own star producer Woodie M J Taylor - going on about recording software, working with Morrissey, Love Is All, Veronica Falls... the usual stuff!
Comet Gain Oct 17, 2011
this day feels like a slow moving ghost dissipating into the afternoon light.or is that just this dull age.the death embers and sad songs at the end of a world.
Comet Gain Sep 22, 2011
anyone bored tonite i am DJing at midnite at mindflowers club 23 kingsland road -its heavy psych baby!...paisley pants all round.
Comet Gain Mar 01, 2010