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Colyer Jul 13, 2019
Do you ever think about the fact that we’re all constantly spinning on our planetary axis at upwards of 1,000 mph while simultaneously mobbing around the sun at 67,000 mph via this tiny blue marble, but gravity makes us feel like we’re standing still? Earth is an astronomical miracle, which makes you one too. photo: @blisskatherine
Colyer Jun 29, 2019
School Night
Colyer Jun 24, 2019
Tomorrow night! p.s. I’m on at 8
Colyer Jun 21, 2019
Listen for “Enough” on tonight’s episode of Siren on Freeform ! I mean who doesn’t like some mermaid sci-fi
Colyer Feb 28, 2019
Colyer Feb 23, 2019
Colyer Feb 21, 2019
hey I just hit 1000 likes! (as always, ty for the love and support)
Colyer Feb 21, 2019
Colyer Feb 03, 2019
how I feel about one million views
Colyer Jan 01, 2019
here’s looking back at 2018, damn what a year! i have nothing but thanks to give each of you and of course a shit ton of new songs for 2019. so here i go, up the glass elevator and out the ceiling. see you on the other side photo by Bliss Katherine
Colyer Dec 11, 2018
MUSIC VIDEO ALERT ! “Logout” premiere is now up! Huge thank you to Ones To Watch for featuring as well as my talented director Naomi Christie. Check the video and read all about my inspiration for the video/addiction to technology below.
Colyer Dec 05, 2018
thank you for the luv Hillydilly
Colyer Nov 13, 2018
Did you know that TOMS gives sight for one person thru providing an eye exam and surgery, rx glasses, or medical treatment for every pair of glasses sold? Just when you think the world keeps getting darker, there are great people quietly doing good things. (photo by Bliss Katherine)
Colyer Nov 12, 2018
ty TOMS, you make me feel swanky. (photo by Bliss Katherine)
Colyer Nov 08, 2018
Thanks for the BMLO luv Indie Mixtape!
Colyer Nov 01, 2018
Happy Halloween, sports! Coach Clif here had a rip-rockin’ night off from volunteering and enjoyed several adult beverages. inception credit: Naomi Christie
Colyer Oct 20, 2018
Woke up this morning, put some Trader Joe’s everything-bagel seasoning on my eggs and found out I’m on Spotify’s New Indie Mix playlist! It’s a great day!
Colyer Oct 19, 2018
ITS A RELEASE! my EP release!! if I died tomorrow I want to be remembered for these four songs. They all mean so much to me in different ways. Proud to say that I wrote and played most everything on them. It’s been a wild ride out here in Hollywood and there’s plenty more shows, stories and songs to come. It’s a deep internet and i’m just happy you found my music. (head to Spotify, Apple Music, etc to stream!) ㉓ ✭ ☾
Colyer Oct 16, 2018
A few important things to tell you and I’m going to list them all bc of my Virgo tendencies. 1. Lost In Your Love just hit 1M STREAMS!! Being an independent artist, thats unreal! Thank you guys xx 2. My debut EP comes out FRIDAY! 3. Just ordered merch for the EP Release Show on November 6th! Soon available online following the show. 4. The International Banana Museum is a very real place in the desert.
Colyer Oct 10, 2018
Thanks for the review Pretty Vacant One !
Colyer Oct 08, 2018
Releasing my debut EP “Beachwood Dr” OCTOBER 19th!! And damn it feeeeels soooo goooood. Stay tuned for another announcement tomorrow! ㉓ ✭ ☾
Colyer Oct 05, 2018
My new song Logout is liiiive! It’s crazy how much time we spend on our phones. One day I found myself sucked in so deep, so wasted on a world of social media that it inspired this song. I love the internet, but damn it’s a hole sometimes. Who can relate? ㉓ ✭ ☾
Colyer Oct 04, 2018
Logout — TOMMORROW ㉓ ✭ ☾ (3/3) by Naomi Christie
Colyer Oct 04, 2018
Logout — friday ㉓ ✭ ☾ (2/3) by Naomi Christie