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Only the Lonely
When I Was Younger
Colony House Jul 08, 2019
MISSOURI!!!! Want to win tickets to see us at this year's Shipyard Music Festival in Cape Girardeau?!?! Enter Here:
Colony House Jun 25, 2019
Colony House May 07, 2019
YOOO NASHVILLE!! FREE SHOW BABY! May 18 at Diskin Cider! Come on
Colony House Apr 15, 2019
That’s a wrap! The Native Tongue Tour is officially over. What an honor it was to share the stage with our heroes Switchfoot night after night. And what a joy it was to become buds with the one and only Tyson Motsenbocker. This will be one we talk about for the rest of our lives. #hopeistheanthem
Colony House Apr 08, 2019
What an amazing tour this has been. We are so thankful. Last week of shows starts tomorrow!
Colony House Mar 19, 2019
San Antonio Tonight!
Colony House Feb 18, 2019
Home Sweet Home! Having that many friends and that much family under the Ryman Auditorium roof was so special. We felt the love y’all. What an honor to do all of this with some of our hero’s Switchfoot!
Colony House Feb 14, 2019
Want a FREE NATIVE TONGUE TOUR EP? We've got a special little jam on there. Just GO TO “http://TEXTSWITCHFOOT.COM ” and enter your information And when you do you’ll also be entered to win a free trip to San Diego with the epic dudes of SWITCHFOOT.
Colony House Feb 08, 2019
We got some new merch we are bringing out on The Native Tongue tour! Now all we need are some volunteers to help us sell it. If you are interested in helping out at the CH merch table just click this link: and follow the instructions.
Colony House Feb 05, 2019
Colony House's cover photo
Colony House Jan 24, 2019
As part of The Native Tongue Tour with Switchfoot we are offering the “Coffee with Colony House” Vip Experience. Thanks to our local friends Honest Coffee Roasters We will be offering an amazing cup of coffee while we hang out on our tour bus with ya’ll. Head to this link: to find out more details and to purchase your ticket. A bunch of cities have already sold out so don’t wait too long!
Colony House Jan 14, 2019
Our second album, "Only The Lonely," turned 2 today! Thanks for all the love y'all have shown us through it all.
Colony House Dec 31, 2018
Sold Out VIP Markets. Asheville Knoxville Nashville Philadelphia Grand Rapids Detroit Tampa Los Angeles Santa Barbara Get them while you can y’all and come have coffee with us on our tour. Click here for more details:
Colony House Dec 25, 2018
Have a Merry Christmas y’all. See you in 2019!!!!
Colony House Dec 24, 2018
COLONY HOUSE VIP EXPERIENCE ON SALE NOW! If you're scrambling for a last minute Christmas gift... We think this would make someone very JOLLY! Upgrade your Native Tongue Tour ticket to VIP status to hang out with Colony House on their bus over a warm cup of Coffee! VIP Package Includes: - A Good* Cup of Coffee on Colony House's Bus - Sneak Peak Listen to Demo's and Snippets from Colony House's Forthcoming Album. - Exclusive VIP (Merch) Souvenir - Photo Opportunity with Band - Merch Discount at Show Due to limited space on the bus there are a very limited number of VIP tickets per market... So don't miss out and don't say we didn't warn you. NOTE: This purchase is for the VIP UPGRADE only. YOU MUST PURCHASE THE SHOW TICKET SEPARATELY.
Colony House Dec 21, 2018
2018 Tour Recap (high/lows)
Colony House Dec 14, 2018
Looking Forward to 2019! We will be hitting the road with Switchfoot starting February 14th for their Native Tongue tour. If your looking for a last minute Christmas gift a couple tickets to this show is a GREAT idea! Click the link for all shows:
Colony House Dec 04, 2018
Alrighty, question time with CH. 1. #WhatDrivesYou, receiving gifts or giving gifts? 2. What’s your favorite Christmas gift you have ever received or given? Don’t forget to visit for a last look at what drove us on our cross-country tour. HankookTireUSA #DrivenByHankookTire #Sponsored
Colony House Nov 27, 2018
GIVEAWAY: What drives you to do what you love? Head over to HankookTireUSA on Instagram and share #WhatDrivesYou for a chance to WIN a signed copy of our second album “Only The Lonely” AND a t-shirt! #DrivenByHankookTire #Sponsored
Colony House Nov 19, 2018
We’ve got a lot to be thankful for: Amazing families, amazing friends, and amazing jobs that drive us to fulfill our passion. We live in an amazing country where we get to take a few days to reflect on some of these things. Gratitude is medicine for the soul that keeps our hearts soft and full of wonder. Don’t let Thanksgiving slip by without taking some time to just be GRATEFUL. HankookTireUSA #DrivenByHankookTire #WhatDrivesYou #Sponsored
Colony House Nov 12, 2018
It’s been a week since the “Colony House Live in Concert” Tour ended and we already miss everybody so much! If you want to see some behind the scenes photos and videos from the tour, head to HankookTireUSA #DrivenByHankookTire #WhatDrivesYou #Sponsored
Colony House Nov 06, 2018
Colony House
Colony House Nov 06, 2018
Colony House
Colony House Nov 06, 2018
Colony House
Colony House Nov 06, 2018
There is nothing that refuels us like being home! Our friends and family are where we pull so much of our inspiration from. They are the people that have made what we do on the road and in the studio possible! Reach out to someone today who has made you a better version of yourself and tell them THANKS for having your back! HankookTireUSA #DrivenByHankookTire #WhatDrivesYou #Sponsored