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Clouds Feb 14, 2019
It's been six years on this day you went so silent. And you will always be remembered. Clouds is yours and to all of those who are in mourning, to all of those who yearn and who long for that someone who is no longer with them. This is your music, not ours. Dor Volume II is now available on vinyl for those who want it and who would like to support those battling with cancer. Guest vocalists on this album are: Kathrine Shephard - Sylvaine Kayla Dixon - Witch Mountain Caleb Bergen - Sleepwalkers Mihai Ilie - Abigail We have also added 20 more copies of the Dor Vol I digipacks (sorry folks, we hope we can make more in the future) BUY HERE:
Clouds Feb 14, 2019
We have added a YouTube tab to our side panel on our page. You can click on this to see a compiled list of videos we have uploaded and subscribe to our channel for updates on more content. YouTube: @ Clouds Official
Clouds Feb 13, 2019
We've made the top 20 best funeral doom albums with Departe! Thank you!
Clouds Feb 12, 2019
The grandfather of funeral doom will also be present at Open The Gates To Nowhere. Kostas Panagiotou needs no introduction, he is the mastermind behind Pantheist and he will perform a brand new song in premiere Grab your tickets here
Clouds Feb 12, 2019
Clip taken at Doom Over Bucharest III with Shape Of Despair, Funeral, Abigail, Descend Into Despair 29th of April 2017
Clouds Feb 07, 2019
Available to preorder next week, the second volume from Dor in single vinyl format. Be on a lookout next week as we will post the link to preorders!
Clouds Feb 06, 2019
Dor has been nominated for the best doom album of 2018 on Metal Storm. If any of our friends would like to give it a vote, we'd like to extend our gratitude in advance, just click on the link below and give it a vote. Thank you
Clouds Feb 05, 2019
New week and new guest announcement for our show Open The Gates To Nowhere Mr. Blankenstein needs no introduction, he is the singer of Officium Triste and he will be performing "The Forever Sleep" All the participants will receive a very special gift right at the entrance !!!! Buy your tickets here, they are limited : Listen to the song here :
Clouds Jan 31, 2019
The doom has invaded Twitter. Follow us there as well for news and music.
Clouds Jan 31, 2019
Be sure you're tracking us on Bandsintown so you will be notified when we're playing a show in your town. See "Tour Dates" on our Facebook page or click the link provided.
Clouds Jan 30, 2019
Finally coming to Greece!! Who will we see there?
Clouds Jan 29, 2019
Ever wondered how the inside of the "cave" looks like? Here you go. :)
Clouds Jan 28, 2019
Open The Gates To Nowhere welcomes long time friend Jon Aldara, singer in Hamferð to perform a very dear song to us and to you all. Also the VIP tickets are now sold out, still you can get regular tickets right here
Clouds Jan 25, 2019
Clouds Jan 21, 2019
Thank you very much for all your support regarding the discogs incident, we are so happy to know our friends have our back and appreciate what we are trying to do. We would like to present another dear friend and collaborer, Mihai Ilie from Romanian doom metal band Abigail, who will perform "Shadows" at @Open The Gates To Nowhere Get your tickets here as this will be a limited space ! Listen to this beautiful song here !!
Clouds Jan 21, 2019
We have a new Instagram and we will be updating and sharing on there as well as Facebook. . Please give us a follow.
Clouds Jan 20, 2019
It is with deep sadness that we make public these words, however they must be addressed because this has been going on for far too long and it seems it's becoming a trend for far too many people. His name is Ivan Ivanovski from Russia and this post would't have been written had this person been sincere. Instead he tried to lie with the best of it. He bought 5 Dor cds and quite a few hand made digipacks, while also buying vinyls from The Vinyl Division on the pretext that he has a shop, ONLY so that he can buy at wholesale prices. And 2 weeks ago, without even receiving them, he posted them on Discogs at the exorbitant price of 110 euros each. Which is not illegal. International laws of purchases make it viable for anyone to re-sell their purchased goods at any price they so desire. And I understand that. And I accept that. What I cannot accept is the ethical manner. What I cannot accept is our work becoming other people's business when we, ourselves are trying so hard not to make it a business and keep the promise that it will never become one. When we try our very best to make something special, something straight from the heart without cherishing the financial aspects of having a band, when we lose more than we make, all because this band was, is, and will be making music for us all, us as a band and you as our friends and fans, something to connect with and ease the pain and anguish we ALL have inside, when all of these are being said and done, I for one- cannot accept this ethical and moral conduit. When finally revealed who this person is, i emailed him telling exactly what I've related so far. And informed him that any orders coming from him again would not be honoured, but refunded and cancelled instantly. He proceeded to reply back saying that it's not his fault, that one of his friends had put up the cds by -somehow- accessing his doscogs account. A thing that does not make sense. Do all our friends have access to our passwords online? I wouldn't have thought so.. Yes, there are many out there taking advantage of our work and the limited items we make. We can's stop anyone from doing so, as it would mean we shouldn;t print any merchandise at all. Which is not fair to the rest of you, our friends, who would just like to support the band and have a collectible item on your shelf. We are a DIY band. We have flaws, we make many mistakes, which we assume responsability for. It's not easy for any of us in the band. Had we not received the help of just ONE man, this band wouldn't exist and that is the truth. He helps us unconditionally and this is the biggest truth out there. THIS BAND WOULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT HIM. What we try to do is something special, not unique, it's hard to be unique in this day and age, we are not redefining the genre nor do we want to try to do so. But we try our hardest to do something good and something that our friends can relate to, find themselves into and vibrate to. Cancer sucks, right? Sucks big time. In our band there is someone who is struggling with a father with lung cancer which extended to the brain. Not sure how long that father has left. It's a daily struggle, treatments cost, there is time off work for which there is no payment received, the daily stress and pain of seeing a parent fading away and die, the emotional distress and finally the constant struggle for money to make sure everything is well taken care of, treatments and pills are paid for and everything else at home, rent, food, bills are also paid for.... And what should we do? Take advantage of the people out there who want Clouds merch so bad so we can make enough money to cover treatments and such? How can we cope with all these things and still be able to make music, the ONLY thing connected with our lives which offers closure and relief and sanity? Rhethoric or not, but this is the truth dear friends.... and the conclusion? the conclusion is we are deeply saddened by these people and their actions. And we would like to encourage you and others to just write to us if you'd like any of our merch, we would like to make sure everyone is happy. We will somehow find a way. Always.
Clouds Jan 18, 2019
Flames will touch the sky And silence will reign again...
Clouds Jan 16, 2019
Winter fell white And covered my with its frost...
Clouds Jan 14, 2019
Our next guest for the cave gig @Open The Gates To Nowhere is the amazing miss Kayla Dixon of the American band Witch Mountain performing "Buried In Sand" Buy your ticket here: Listen to the song here:
Clouds Jan 10, 2019
This was in the making for some time and we are now happy and excited to announce our collaboration with Rudra Booking ! Their professionalism and drive and ambition along with experience in the field are amazing and we can't wait to advance in this relationship . Together we are preparing quite a few surprises for you, our friends !
Clouds Jan 08, 2019
This will be a special show in a special place with special guests. And because on Christmas Day we've launched the Dor bonus cd, we are now happy to announce that one of the songs on our set list is "Unravel" which has been and will be sung by Sylvaine Only at "Open The Gates To Nowhere" Listen to the song and the rest of the bonus tracks here
Clouds Jan 05, 2019
Clouds Jan 05, 2019
It's amazing to see Clouds next to so many amazing names in the metal world Thank you Zware Metalen!!
Clouds Dec 31, 2018
Happy new year and a great time tonight to all our friends across the globe. Love each other and celebrate life and friendship! Thank you all for your amazing support over the years and may we see each other soon in the new year ! We love you !