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We Are Above You
Clouds Dec 14, 2018
B'bye t-shirts !!!!
Clouds Dec 13, 2018
Thank you NO CLEAN SINGING for the amazing words ! We've made it in the top 10 list for this year !
Clouds Dec 12, 2018
Early morning news, the wooden boxes are now ready for shipping ! It's taken a while but they're finally ready to make their way to you ! CDs have also been sent to our distribution partner and they should also ship shortly. T-shirts and combo orders are being sent on Friday this week so things are moving, slowly but surely. Thanks everyone for your support and patience. Much love !
Clouds Dec 08, 2018
Madrid is the Dark was an absolute beautiful experience and we are way beyond proud to have participated at this amazing festival. Thank you Jose and everyone involved in the organisation and to all of you who showed their support ! This was our last live appearance for 2018 but next year will bring some exciting news and some more special shows ! We love you all !
Clouds Dec 06, 2018
Tomorrow we drown Spain in sorrow ! We also have some really good news regarding the Dor CDs. We've teamed up with a fantastic company and we will upgrade the CDs to tracked shipping for all cd orders. Those of you who have paid already for CD only orders with tracked shipping, please get in touch with us for a refund of the difference you've paid extra ! All cd orders however will be shipped at the end of next week but the good thing is that they will take less than the usual amount of time needed for delivery. Thanks for understanding !!
Clouds Dec 02, 2018
Did anyone say vinyls ? Well these little babies are ready to be shipped ! Thanks a lot for everyone's patience, more packaging is being done as we speak and will be off your way asap !
Clouds Nov 26, 2018
Between now and Madrid Is The Dark in December we will start shipping out both boxes and all other merch you guys have ordered We are truly overwhelmed by your support and we would like to thank you for your positive attitude and encouraging words, it means the world to us. Good news and bad news altogether is that we've had 7 cancellations for the boxes, and we understand perfectly the personal reasons for these cancellations. Some of our fans find themselves in awful situations and we cannot but understand and offer something else in return, something that won't deprive them of our merch. Since we don't like uneven numbers we have decided stop round the boxes at a number of 10, therefore they will be available to buy in the next few days! Thanks very much for your support and please be patient while we ship your orders !
Clouds Nov 22, 2018
Thanks to @Gnarr Gjenfødt for the awesome picture! It's amazing to see such support and dedication! You rule buddy!!!
Clouds Nov 22, 2018
A glimpse of how our show at Metal Gates was Thanks once again Final Step Productions, Andrei Oltean for the amazing flute and Raul Negoita for being there to capture the moment !!
Clouds Nov 19, 2018
Metal Gates, Bucharest, Romania, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What an amazing welcoming, what an amazing response, we are truly overwhelmed... Thank you !
Clouds Nov 18, 2018
The office tonight at Metal Gates in Bucharest. Hope to see as many of you as possible here !
Clouds Nov 14, 2018
Dor is here at last ! Please take a moment or two to listen to it and give us some support if you like it! Give us your comments and your opinions and let us know what you think. You can buy the album in digital format and not only by visiting this link: Thank you
Clouds Nov 13, 2018
Today words don't have a meaning anymore. There is so much silence today to the point of it being deafening. Today is a time of a tomorrow's yesterday. All beautifully concealed in the mask of mundane behaviorism which lacks everything we, as humans, once had. This is not sad, this is not saddening, it's a parable of defence against the humanity we've lost. There is no more yearning, there is no more longing, we are far from remembering to take a moment and let it all sink in. And all in its beautiful form of despair will be finally unleashed for those who still feel. This forever decreasing family of souls who can claim that fucking title of being a soul and not a walking corpse interested only in carrying on a time bomb called life which at the end will put all of us together in the same pot. Today, Dor! Thanks yet again to Cody and Metal Injection for their magnificent help. Take a moment or two and check it out and give us some support!! You can buy the album in digital format and not only by visiting this link: Thank you
Clouds Nov 07, 2018
Finally time to reveal one of the surprises for Metal Gates this month in Bucharest, Romania ! We will be accompanied by a few of our closest friends and collaborers who will play some very special songs !
Clouds Nov 06, 2018
The limited CD2 handmade digipacks included in the box package are starting to take shape and painting is now almost done. Closer and closer to the release :)
Clouds Oct 19, 2018
Proudly presenting the official Dor T-shirts, beautifully printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton shirts, front and back! Available to order now! Limited run !
Clouds Oct 17, 2018
It is with great pleasure we announce our old friend and contributor Andrei of E-an-na Folk Metal to be part of the crew present at Metal Gates in Romania this November !
Clouds Oct 13, 2018
Two years ago today Departe was being finished, an album which is extremely important to us. It meant the passing of time while grief was still present, it meant anger and resignation and dree. It meant acceptance to unfairness, it meant one step closer to more hate towards cancer. Fuck cancer!
Clouds Oct 11, 2018
These little beauties will arrive just in time for Metal Gates Festival! Until then you can preoder yours right here !
Clouds Oct 10, 2018
Although the sound was not on our side, or on any of the other bands' side for that matter, here is Dor live at From Dusk Till Doom.
Clouds Oct 08, 2018
Doom happy faces the morning after. Thank you Belgium, once again we are proven that you are always our second home! @From dusk til doom was another chance for us to meet our old and new friends, play our hearts out for them, share the stage with some amazing bands such as Fading Bliss, @Echo (sorry boys, Facebook doesn't let me tag you), Evadne, Descend into Despair and the amazing Hamferð (thank you mr. Aldara for joining us on stage for If These Walls Could Speak and showing us how it's done :D This was also our new violinist's first show with Clouds, and we'd like to wish you an official and warm " Welcome to our Penis Family! " You've done a fantastic job! Thanks to all of those who travelled from close and far for us and for the other bands, thanks to the organisers and thanks to Marco for trying his very best with the sound. Thanks to mr. Pim Blankenstein from Officium Triste and to miss Gogo Melone ART from Aeonian Sorrow for their incredible performances, you guys simply rule! And the special thank you goes to BroFil as always, for everything that he does for us. Our love, thanks, appreciation and admiration is endless! Apologies if we've forgotten anyone, we love you all! Next stop for us Metal Gates Festival !!!
Clouds Oct 03, 2018
This Saturday at From Dusk Till Doom!!!
Clouds Oct 01, 2018
This weekend in Belgium at From Dusk Till Doom
Clouds Sep 28, 2018
At From Dusk Til Doom in Belgium on the 6th of October, Mr. Aldara will join us on stage for the very first time singing this song! From Dusk Till Doom !
Clouds Sep 26, 2018
We have 3 beautiful surprises for you guys! A fantastic gig in Belgium in a very special location alongside Totalselfhatred [official] and Red Moon Architect next year on the 5th of April where we will have a really special show alongside some of our dearest friends and collaborers and also a big big secret which we will reveal in due time! The Doliu reprint has now been extended to 66 copies instead of 33! We now have two beautiful items on our bandcamp for our die hard collectors! There are only 2 of them so please check them out! Thanks to our designer, manufacturer and dear friend Seth Jones !! Event page for the special gig!