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We Are Above You
Legendary Demo
Clouds Aug 16, 2019
We often find ourselves yearning for a sense of belonging, a need to feel significant. Some of the darkest nights are those wandered aimlessly, smothered by the weight of the past. What gives you a taste of purpose? -Xander
Clouds Aug 12, 2019
This, dear friends, is absolutely astonishing. Thanks once again Joe Mooney for your dedication. We never thought we'd ever see both covers of Dor as tattoos. Thank you so much!!
Clouds Aug 11, 2019
Some of you may not know, but Jón Aldará (Hamferd) is the original singer of this song. Enjoy and have a great sunday! Alex C.
Clouds Aug 09, 2019
"Real life, without you by my side..... How can I wake up?" I think we can all relate with this sentiment, and we can't help asking this very question. Indee R-S
Clouds Aug 03, 2019
Clouds are gathering over the mountains And in their travels far away They tell the stories of the stained souls With grief and darkness and sorrow
Clouds Jul 29, 2019
Two years ago "Destin" was released. This was a huge achievement for us and an enormous amount of feelings put into one disc. Today, we are more than proud of this EP as we are proud of these songs who mean the world to us.
Clouds Jul 28, 2019
Memories from over a week ago, on our way to Gothoom open air fest 2019. Three airports, busy roads, hot weather...but worth the effort! Alex C.
Clouds Jul 26, 2019
With hands folded in prayer, to see the light... Indee R-S
Clouds Jul 25, 2019
Some awesome photos from Gothoom open air fest courtesy of Palo Hudec
Clouds Jul 24, 2019
It's unbelievable when we receive tattoos inspired by Clouds... This one however englobes our sigil, the Dor II cover and our song "The Forever Sleep" Joe Mooney, thanks ever so much for your honour and dedication!!
Clouds Jul 23, 2019
A glimpse of how our show went at Gothoom open air fest This is Nothing But A Name and we've had the pleasure of playing this one alongside our good friend Mihu from Abigail Thanks once again to all of you present and those supporting us from behind the screen. Your support and love are the things thy keep us going! Thank you!
Clouds Jul 20, 2019
Gothoom, thank you for an amazing night and for all your support! We are sorry time wasn't on our side and we couldn't complete the encore you've so kindly requested, but we will be back one day and that's a promise we will keep! We are truly humbled and happy to have seen old and new friends in the crowd, you guys simply blew our minds off!
Clouds Jul 19, 2019
Gothoom, we have arrived! See you all tonight for a well deserved dose of sorrow!
Clouds Jul 18, 2019
Tomorrow we are off to Slovakia to play this awesome festival! Hope to see some of you guys there!
Clouds Jul 10, 2019
The Lost In The Woods tshirts have now arrived at The Vinyl Division headquarters and my oh my they look amazing Shipping will commence soon, for those who didn't get the chance to get one, now it's your chance!
Clouds Jul 05, 2019
The day is here and we are super excited to begin the preoders for the shirts. This is a beautiful, classy black denim cloth, embroidered with the clouds sigil on one side of the chest in white. Sizes are available from XS to 3XL, and a size chart is provided on the Bandcamp photo section of the shirt. Along with the shirt we are offering a nice bonus, our entire discography on a HQ mp3 format worth over £40 and a hand made wooden medallion completely free of charge! Please help us by sharing this post and let's help more people to see it! The funds will help us cover our production costs for our next album, thus please consider one of you have the means to get one of these beautiful shirts! THANK YOU!
Clouds Jul 03, 2019
Dear friends, We can finally announce we can make the shirts happen. Below, next to the mockup photo, we have a complete chart regarding sizes. Please be aware these are all in centimeters (cm). The material is a beautiful denim and the colour is black. The design is embroidered (over 1700 stiches), thus there is no way it will fade with washing. Please know these will be a huge investment to make, thus we can only launch the preoders now and leave them for an entire month or even more. We know that summers are allocated to holidays, where spending funds is inevitable, however, if we were to make an order later in the year, the production prices would most definitely increase. Once we know exactly what sizes we need, we can place an order and send them over to you once we receive them. Would you lovely people please consider sharing this post as we would like to reach as many of you as possible and give everyone the chance to at least see this item. Which of the sizes would fit you? Many many many thanks!
Clouds Jul 01, 2019
As promised, we've made 5 more boxes for you guys. This will not be the end of the box era, we still have one more box edition which will include vinyl, tshirt, CD and some sweet other goodies. However all in good time, time is limited for work and these boxes take a ridiculous amount of time to make.
Clouds Jun 30, 2019
Lyric video of "Hollow" (featuring Caleb Bergen), made by another great fan, this time from Greece. Thank you Panos! Alex C.
Clouds Jun 28, 2019
Here's an awesome take on the melody line from Heaven was blind to my grief. Go check out the channel of Cover East and show him some love. If any of you out there in the Clouds family have a cover of ours you'd like to share, please do! We would love to see more. Indee R-S
Clouds Jun 26, 2019
For those who missed it, we've added a brand new beautiful tshirt design to our store.
Clouds Jun 23, 2019 Our Daniel N. performing with Swallow the Sun, @ Doom Over Kiev 2017 Alex C.
Clouds Jun 20, 2019
Hello dear friends, We've added a brand new t-shirt design to our store courtesy of DN ART! This is a limited run so please get yours while the stock lasts and help us with a share as posts don't usually get the coverage we need. Soon some more very good news! Thank you !
Clouds Jun 17, 2019 ...still remember that boring winter sunday evening, when Daniel asked me to join a feeling! I am blessed to work with such wonderful people! So here it is, my first live experience with this band! Alex C.
Clouds Jun 14, 2019
Hey clouds family. Just thought I'd throw out a quick little reminder for all of you out there on Instagram. Come and join the party there if you haven't already, there's things that get posted up there that's aren't always on Facebook 😉. See you there, Indee R-S