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We Are Above You
Legendary Demo
The Clouds, Inhalt der Nacht, and MinH at Glaz'art (May 10, 2019)
Venue: Glaz'art (Paris, France) Find tickets
The Clouds at Oxford Art Factory (June 13, 2019)
Venue: Oxford Art Factory (Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
The Clouds at Corner Hotel (June 22, 2019)
Venue: Corner Hotel (Richmond, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Clouds Apr 22, 2019
If we do not immediately reply to messages at this time, please understand there are situations happening in real life. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If there is any media related questions or you need further information about Clouds, please direct those to our PR email [email protected] Thank you for your patience. Clouds team.
Clouds Apr 17, 2019
A few photos by Gillian Pieteraerens - Passion 4 pics from Open The Gates To Nowhere Thanks so much Gillian Pieteraerens!!!
Clouds Apr 16, 2019
Edit: ALREADY SOLD OUT! They are only 5 available for die hard fans and die hard collectors. These are HANDCRAFTED oak boxes (thanks to Piotr Glohs) and they contain our full physical discography (4 cds). They look exactly as in the mock-up picture. Please read the "Very Important" section carefully!
Clouds Apr 13, 2019
Dear friends, we have a surprise for you all. At Open The Gates To Nowhere we have had the pleasure of Kostas Panagiotou of Pantheist singing a very special song for us called "I Fear The Light" This song has been recorded especially for this event and we now have the pleasure of offering it to you all. There is an option of putting "0" on the "Buy Track" section, thus those who can't afford it can get it for free. Thank you and we hope you like our little song. Clouds
Clouds Apr 13, 2019
Doom lord @daiuscorpus at Open The Gates To Nowhere in #valkenburg #netherlands #daelhemergroeve Photo @immortalafflictionphotography
Clouds Apr 11, 2019
A rather large group of friends, bound by the love for music, admiration, respect and honesty. An ever growing family working together with the people who resonate with this music. A heartfelt group of people who give their endless gratitude to those who come out of the darkness to embrace the light. To calm their minds and souls. To mourn, to weep and to cherish the moments in life that make us all who we are. Thank you dear friends, thank you for your courage, for your dedication, for your emotions and your tears. Thank you all! (C) Gillian Pieteraerens Gillian Pieteraerens - Passion 4 pics At "Open The Gates To Nowhere" Valkenburg 2019
Clouds Apr 10, 2019
All our CDs are now back in stock but in a short run as well as our brand new t-shirt design visible in the photo There have been quite a few requests for CDs and they're going pretty fast Give us a share of you'd like and help us spread the news !
Clouds Apr 09, 2019
The Vinyl Division
Clouds Apr 07, 2019
Fan tattoos, always something that gives us chills.... Words are redundant when it comes to expressing how much we appreciate your dedication dear friends... Lost for words... Thank you Mikael... Thank you so much !
Clouds Apr 06, 2019
The show at Open The Gates To Nowhere was an amazing experience. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone involved in organising this magnificent evening, Grind Waarpen and BE Metal thanks to all our incredible guests, Andrei, Gogo, Kostas, Kayla, Pim, Kathrine, Jon and Mihu for their mesmerising performances, our stage friends in Red Moon Architect and Totalselfhatred [official], the people who came over from so many countries, but mostly to all of you our friends who support us endlessly. We hope your evening was a pleasant one, please excuse us for our tiredness and brief retarded moments, this was an event we've been planning for a whole year and with the help of so many people, it finally became reality. Here is to many more special events, we really hope you've enjoyed our little surprises. With love, Clouds
Clouds Apr 03, 2019
Our entire discography has now been restocked along with a brand new t-shirt design which will be exclusively available at Open The Gates To Nowhere this Friday !! We will add the remaining stock on Bandcamp as soon as we are back home!
Clouds Apr 02, 2019
We are just days away from our "Open The Gates To Nowhere" show with Red Moon Architect and Totalselfhatred [official]. We have many special guests and friends in attendance. We hope to see you there. This is going to be a wonderful evening. Clouds also has other events coming up so if you miss us this round, track us on Bandsintown to get notified when we're coming to play near you.
Clouds Mar 31, 2019
Practices done and we can now chill out il for a bit. Even if the weather is quite sunny, we're about to get dark soon for Open The Gates To Nowhere on the 5th of April ! Hope all of you, our friends, are having a peaceful Sunday! Please stay tuned as we are about to make some nice announcements! Clouds
Clouds Mar 30, 2019
Busy weekend practicing! Who will we see at the show on April 5th?
Clouds Mar 27, 2019
News has come to us that the Dor II vinyls have reached The Vinyl Division headquarters and they should be shipping soon. Beautiful photo of the LP together with our good friends in Red Moon Architect 's newest release. These amazing Finns have kindly accepted our invitation to play on April 5th at Open The Gates To Nowhere (Sold Out)
Clouds Mar 26, 2019
Thanks to you who voted for us we made second place on with Dor as the best doom album of 2018! Thank you so much for your support everyone!!
Clouds Mar 24, 2019
There is always a special moment between us before going on stage, rarely captured in photos. And this is one of the very few exceptions :)
Clouds Mar 22, 2019
The outstanding vinyls and handmade Dor digipacks have now been sent as well as email notifications. Next up we've received word that the Dor vinyls are just about ready and they should ship soon! Thanks once again everyone for your support! We have some good news on the line for you too and we can't wait to share them!
Clouds Mar 14, 2019
There has been a change of venue, due to complications regarding the original venue itself, for the April 5th show in Belgium. It's now being moved to Daelhermersgroeve. This is still a sold out show and all tickets will be honored here. We will update the event. See you soon and we apologize for any inconvenience.
Clouds Mar 13, 2019
Clouds Mar 10, 2019
Music for a rainy, windy, dark Sunday.
Clouds Mar 08, 2019
Our show Open The Gates To Nowhere is now sold out !!! Thanks to all of you who bought tickets, this will be a night to remember !! Don't forget we have a very special surprise for ALL of you who will attend this show!
Clouds Mar 07, 2019
It's amazing to see a reaction video to a doom band, but we're very happy and proud someone actually DID make a reaction video.
Clouds Mar 07, 2019
Bro’D Promotions & Shades of Black
Clouds Mar 04, 2019
2015 live performance.... even darkness comes out in the light.