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We Are Above You
Legendary Demo
Clouds Jun 20, 2019
Hello dear friends, We've added a brand new t-shirt design to our store courtesy of DN ART! This is a limited run so please get yours while the stock lasts and help us with a share as posts don't usually get the coverage we need. Soon some more very good news! Thank you !
Clouds Jun 17, 2019 ...still remember that boring winter sunday evening, when Daniel asked me to join a feeling! I am blessed to work with such wonderful people! So here it is, my first live experience with this band! Alex C.
Clouds Jun 14, 2019
Hey clouds family. Just thought I'd throw out a quick little reminder for all of you out there on Instagram. Come and join the party there if you haven't already, there's things that get posted up there that's aren't always on Facebook 😉. See you there, Indee R-S
Clouds Jun 12, 2019
Very proud of our own Luca for the stick endorsement by Artbeat drumsticks!
Clouds Jun 10, 2019
Weed out this Monday gloom with one of my dearest live moments captured by our friend Raul Negoiță, since before I had the honor of joining our Clouds family. Which ones of you were attending? Luca
Clouds Jun 09, 2019 Live premiere of "Dor", @ From Dusk Till Doom 4, Belgium. Have a great sunday evening! Alex C.
Clouds Jun 07, 2019
Here in the Clouds camp we poor our raw emotions into this artistic expression. Each one of us all have our significant memories linked to certain songs. Here's a question for all of our Clouds family out there .... What's your favourite Clouds song and maybe tell us a little reason why? For now here's one that will always be dear to me. I always love sharing the stage with not only our own Daniel but also the awesome Mihu of Abigail. Indee R-S
Clouds Jun 06, 2019
Sometimes all is left is the void, the emtpiness which has nothing left to consume but the emptiness itself, an irreversible and continuous cycle of carelessness. Heavens above or heavens below care not for the passing of time nor this nothingness a soul can drown in. All there's left is a deep vast emptiness... Daniel N
Clouds Jun 05, 2019
We are way beyond happy to announce our second participation to Romania's finest indoor festival, Metal Gates. This year the line up is just surreal and we are honoured to play our homeland again. Hope to see as many of you as possible there!
Clouds Jun 04, 2019
As time went by I found comfort in a sense of constant agnosticism, a denial of any awareness upon the nature of things. I’ve grown constantly weary of anything marked as truth. Where doubt is lacking, lunacy is blooming. I find myself yearning for spiritual endearment so I just close my eyes and feel the warmth. A pleasant feeling caresses my soul every time. Xander
Clouds Jun 03, 2019
One thing we all tend to forget is also one of the most important things we need to learn while we are alive: never missing a chance to say what's on our mind, never forgetting to cherish the ones close to us and let them know they matter so much, for time is slipping through our fingers and we may never get that second chance again. Luca B.
Clouds Jun 02, 2019
Above all, all the pain We belong To the wind, unto change we will call Luca B.
Clouds May 30, 2019
Suggested by quite a few of our friends, this is what we've come up with. So far this is just an idea and we'd like to see how many people would opt for this kind of merch? These will be work shirts with embroidered sigil as per the mock-up. Yay or nay?
Clouds May 29, 2019 One of my favourites! Alex C.
Clouds May 26, 2019
We've been talking for a while in the camp and one of the ideas that was circling was that we, the band have not yet introduced ourselves. And today, because it's a special day we would like to say happy birthday and introduce you to our drummer Luca. Happy birthday bro, we love you ! Photo by Immortal Affliction Photography
Clouds May 25, 2019
One of the surprises we were preparing for you dear friends is a special format for Dor Bonus Album. This is an A5 case format, beautifully crafted. The orders go directly from The Vinyl Division in Spain, hence the shipping costs have now been reduced and also we're avoiding customs delays from the UK which is also a cause for quite a few losses we've had so far. David and The Vinyl Division have been kind enough to take care of the shipping processes and we'd like to thank them very much for the help. Also on their roster the vinyl lovers can find many titles worthy of your interest. On this album we've had some dear friends who have given their beautiful voice to our songs Kayla Dixon ( Witch Mountain ) Sylvaine Caleb Bergen, the winner of our vocal competition and lead singer in Sleepwalkers Mihai Ilie ( Abigail ) Order here:
Clouds May 24, 2019
New wooden boxes limited to only 5 Content: Doliu, Departe, Destin and Dor I as a six panel digipack !! Coming soon !!
Clouds May 21, 2019
Thank you everyone for the awesome feedback regarding the videoclip idea. You guys are are always so close to us, we always love to ask for your opinions regarding the future. You are our friends and your opinion matters to us a lot. We leave you for tonight with a calmer version of this song Good night everyone !
Clouds May 15, 2019
If we were to tour the #US, what cities would you like us to visit?
Clouds May 12, 2019
CDs have been shipped! Thanks to The Vinyl Division for all the help! Next up we have one more surprise for you before the summer. We are sure you will like it!
Clouds May 09, 2019
In care lumina să mai cred? In care orizont in care Totul a apus senin? Insa în tot calmul ce cuprind Cu inima și sufletul zdrobite Tot eu cad Și tot eu mă ridic Și în tot ceea ce canta Acum acest poem umbrit Sunt tot eu aici Sunt tot eu căzut... În durere.
Clouds May 06, 2019
"I will see you (dad) On the other side When it's time to meet again That's a promise I will keep You just have to let me go" The Forever Sleep, featuring Pim Blankenstein of Officium Triste
Clouds May 02, 2019
We have been quiet for a little bit, things are tough for some of us here in the clouds camp but we have some exciting news. CDs have now reached the Vinyl Division HQ and they will be sent shortly We have two new surprises for you all and we hope you like them. Keep an eye on the page for further info Love you all Clouds
Clouds Apr 28, 2019
Let us wish our creator of Clouds... our Doom Lord, Daniel, a very happy birthday. He's currently on tour with Aeonian Sorrow. So send him some universal love!