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Line in the Sand
Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts
We Will Overcome
Close Your Eyes Jul 03, 2015
Head to to get 20% off your entire order all weekend long! Pick up the Close Your Eyes merch you've been waiting for and have a Happy 4th of July!
Close Your Eyes Jun 30, 2015
Hear our song "Higher Than My Station" in the Warner Bros. Pictures movie Max, in theaters now!
Close Your Eyes May 30, 2015
Check out a clip from one of our shows in brazil last weekend. It was nutty!
Close Your Eyes May 21, 2015
On the plane headed to Brazil! See you soon! #closeyoureyes #cyeband @cyeband #solidmusic Gus Simarro Lucas Simarro Thanks Andre Frye for my party shirt!
Close Your Eyes Apr 27, 2015
Setlist from Abilene and San Antonio. Had a blast at these shows with Darkness Divided! Thanks to them for doing these shows with us!
Close Your Eyes Apr 20, 2015
Abilene, TX!!!! We are coming home this Saturday, and we are bringing Shane with us!! As well as our friends in Darkness Divided!!! Come sing some songs with us at The Backroom!
Close Your Eyes Apr 17, 2015
Got some shows next week!
Close Your Eyes Apr 12, 2015
Just got the flyer for the show we are playing in Abilene on April 25. I told the artist to pull from our lyrics for inspiration and this is what she came up with... The overall message she gathered from our lyrics was one of overcoming adversity and pain. So she drew a kid who is blindfolded to those trials and pains because he literally has the fire of life in his hands. So he is towering over a cityscape lurking danger but still stand strong, able to overcome. I think this is such an amazing depiction of the message CYE has always hoped to send. Thank you to Kill Hatsumomo Prints for the amazing flyer! Go check out her work, because it is all really cool!
Close Your Eyes Apr 02, 2015
Apparently there is still quite a bit of confusion about our band lineup. Our current members are listed in our about section of this page if you have any questions. That means any shows that we play, will be with that lineup. Thank you.
Close Your Eyes Apr 01, 2015
San Antonio! We are coming for you! With our label mates Darkness Divided! Let's party.
Close Your Eyes Mar 28, 2015
Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes Mar 27, 2015
Going to attempt to start using that Instagram thing again. Go follow it. @cyeband
Close Your Eyes Mar 25, 2015
Our hometown music scene lost a life yesterday that everyone knew and loved. Please take care of each other out there and be there for your friends. Let's help keep each other's heads up. Prayers for Cody's family and the rest of the Abilene hardcore scene that knew and loved him. RIP Cody Levens
Close Your Eyes Mar 24, 2015
In case you couldn't be there.
Close Your Eyes Mar 21, 2015
Oh we out here! Goin in! Getting rad! Or whatever is cool to say now. At SOUTH BY SO WHAT?! Music Festival next to the No Sleep Records tent. Come say hi.
Close Your Eyes Mar 20, 2015
Ola Brasil, estamos muito felizes por saber que os ingressos pro show de Sao Paulo estao ESGOTADOS !!! Vamos liberar mais 150 ingressos, e o show vai ser na casa de shows Ozzie Pub! Apos a venda destes 150, NAO mudaremos de local, NAO adicionaremos mais datas, NAO abriremos mais ingressos a venda ! Corrraaa !!! Esse promote ser o melhor show da historia desta banda ! Seja parte disso ! Link para os ingressos de Sao Paulo e Curitiba esta aqui.: Sao Paulo Curitiba Duvidas – [email protected] Obrigado.
Close Your Eyes Mar 14, 2015
If you haven't yet, check out the podcast Shane did where he talks about why he left, why he's back, and video games. But mostly video games.
Close Your Eyes Mar 13, 2015
Europe friends....our guitar player's other band King of Clubz will be heading to Europe next week. If you're nearby, they'd love to see you!
Close Your Eyes Mar 12, 2015
Close Your Eyes Mar 10, 2015
This thing is happening. Stoked for SOUTH BY SO WHAT?! Music Festival!
Close Your Eyes Mar 09, 2015
Shane sat down with Jake Denning for episode #4 of the This Is What I'm Into Podcast to talk CYE, SOUTH BY SO WHAT?! Music Festival, and far more. Listen here: Who are we going to see at SBSW?!
Close Your Eyes Feb 27, 2015
Ola Brasil !!!! A gente esta chengado !!!! Em 5 minutos as vendas para Sao Paulo e Curitaba iniciam ! Queremos todos voces ai. Sao Paulo - 23 de maio Curitiba - 24 de maio Atencao no Lote 24 horas do show de Sao Paulo, voce adquire o seu ingresso e ganha um poster autografado por toda a banda ! PARA AS PESSOAS QUE QUEREM ASSISTIR AOS DOIS SHOWS FORNECEMOS O PACOTE 80, (INGRESSO PARA AMBOS OS SHOWS + M&G + POSTER AUTOGRAFADO). Peguem seus ingressos e vamos fazer essa festa ser inesquecível !
Close Your Eyes Feb 27, 2015
Hey Brazil!! See you in a few months!
Close Your Eyes Feb 21, 2015
SOUTH BY SO WHAT?! Music Festival is exactly one month away...which is shorter than normal because february is cool like that! We are stoked and can't wait to see a bunch of you there!
Close Your Eyes Jan 23, 2015
For the past week, our FB has been flooded with people tagging us in a picture of sunglasses. Well played, guys.