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Clock 2
Post Sign
ClockDVA Jul 11, 2019
CLOCKDVA Headline UK Woodland Gathering Vi: AUGUST 16 / 18 / 2019 WOODLAND GATHERING page and event group for more info tickets here:
ClockDVA Jun 27, 2019
ClockDVA Jun 21, 2019 ARMComm Sampler with Exclusive new CDVA track and other exclusives from TAG plus the new Adi Newton / Jack Dangers project SŌON available now at
ClockDVA Jun 05, 2019
ClockDVA May 11, 2019
CLOCKDVA / PULSE /TONIGHT / MOSCOW SAT 11TH 23:00 Venue / Mutabor / Sharikopodshipnikovskaya str 13 bld 32, Moscow, Russia, 115088
ClockDVA May 02, 2019
ClockDVA / MOSCOW / µ Pulse Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 11:00 PM UTC+03 Mutabor
ClockDVA Apr 30, 2019
ClockDVA - Neoteric RMX4/X2 OUT NOW - - - SOLD OUT - PLEASE NOTE this is an independent Release the ETA shipment on the Newton / Dangers New Album plus the ARMComm Sampler will be posted here in the next days plus e mail to all pre-sale customers on shipment eta .
ClockDVA Apr 11, 2019
ClockDVA - Neoteric RMX4/X2 30/04/2019 The Ltd Box Edition sold out in 1 Day the other editions are available so order now to secure a copy today. - - -
ClockDVA Jan 18, 2019
CDVA are Happy to know the VOD / DVA HOROLOGY 3 - 4 LP set -White Vinyl limited edition has sold out .Quicker than the Laibach or Current special editions according to VOD, the Black Vinyl edition is on pre order now at
ClockDVA Nov 09, 2018
MAT laboratorio urbano via Macello sn, 70038 Terlizzi 10 / 11 / 18 Time zones - on the way of possible music Xxxiiird Edition In collaboration with D3 Presents: UNDERZONES #2 (2018) MAT laboratorio urbano via Macello sn, 70038 Terlizzi Clock DVA – exclusive 90-minute Italian show Clock Clock is considered among the most important experimental music collective of 1977-1996. In those two decades the dva have published a series of acclaimed albums including the dissonant symphony industrial-Funk " White souls in black suits " (1980 on industrial records), the seminal post-punk pearls " thirst " (1981 ) and " advantage " (1983) and a series of post-Kraftwerkiani electronic masterpieces such as " buried dreams " (1989), " Transitional Voices " (1990), " man amplified " (1991), " digital soundtracks " (1992) and " sign " (1993). In 1977 in the industrial city of Sheffield (UK) there is a small movement of experimental artists including Cabaret Voltaire (Pioneers of the British industrial movement together with the londoners throbbing gristle), vice versa and the future, which will give birth to Band that will mark the story of post-punk and new wave. The future, after the publication of some pioneering electronic demos (collected in "the golden hour of the future") at the end of 1977 Split: on one side martyn ware and Ian Craig Marsh move their research on electronic sound towards The Human League's sci-fi pop, on the other adi newton forms the electronic clock and Electro-acoustic research projects the anti group. Dva and t.a.g. are so original to attract the attention of alternative print and independent discography. "Adi Newton has long described the process of creating his music as his personal research... around the understanding of philosophical connotations behind and beyond technology, research that distinguishes him from most of his colleagues" (New Musical Express). After a silence of about twenty years (the materials engraved in Italy in the 1994-96 s come out in 2013 in the retrospective album " post sign "), the clock dva back in summer 2014 with the new EP " Clock2" Made by the new Who sees newton alongside Italian Maurizio Martinucci, known for his only-project tez and pragma and for the indimenticati most significant beat / msb with Saverio Evangelista of geometric esplendor. Since then, it follows an endless tour, interrupted by new recordings in 2016 ending in "neoteric", the last ep published in the summer of the same year. The new material that everyone awaits impatiently can be heard in the concerts that the duo has been holding around the world since 2017. Despite a rich back-catalog, the clock dva chose not to rest on laurels and play live only repertoire material, but to focus on new and future work in preparation for upcoming publications on their personal label anterior research media communications (Armcomm) . For nothing nostalgic, the clock dva are always focused on the now, a present made of constant research and exploration of new methods to connect to emotions, the real center of human being. On the occasion of their participation in time zones, the clock dva will present an exclusive show for Italy of 90 minutes, based on a repertoire of songs of their period with the Florentine label at the same time (" buried dreams ", " man amplified And "sign") more new material published (2014-16) and unpublished (2017-18).
ClockDVA Nov 02, 2018
ClockDVA Sep 18, 2018
Some Good Photos from the recent Deutzen DVA Show from
ClockDVA Sep 08, 2018
▶ Inpoet Nwc ft. Clock DVA | za. 8 september 2018 | poppodium NIEUWE NOR, Heerlen, NL. A few pre show shots
ClockDVA Jul 07, 2018
Neural [Archive] Black Words On White Paper ClockDVA Contempo International
ClockDVA May 08, 2018
⌦ Loose 2k18 May 11,12 - Ravenna Clock DVA / Laurel Halo / Parris / Kareem Lotfy / Lee Gamble / John T. Gast & MC Boli / Herva / Oli XL / Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine / Berlin Community Radio / HEITH / RPM / PiT
ClockDVA Jan 08, 2018
CLOCKDVA / PERFORM A SELECTION OF ALBUM MATERIAL FROM THE CONTEMPO PERIOD inc Buried Dreams & Man-Amplified. SAT / 20 / 2018 @ Auditorium Flog Via Michele Mercati, 24b, 50139 Florence, Italy
ClockDVA Nov 14, 2017
Ääniwalli Present CLOCKDVA HELSINKI / Friday, November 17 at 10 PM - 4 AM UTC+02 Schedule: 22:00 Lauri all 00:30 CLOCK DVA LIVE 01:30 REGIS 03:30 END
ClockDVA Sep 18, 2017
CLOCK DVA - 22nd SEPT / Peek&Poke - 10th anniversary Museum of infomatics and Computer science. Omladinski kulturni centar Palach Kružna ulica, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
ClockDVA Sep 09, 2017
ARMCOMM ANNOUNCE AVAILABILITY OF PRE ORDER ON THE ARMCOMM SAMPLER due to its limited edition and to reserve a copy ahead of the NEWTON / TAG / MATAR USA Shows Oct 2017 The Armcomm Sampler is a unique 12 / 33 Album featuring 7 exclusive tracks only available on this release plus detailed information about the forthcoming Album releases. These Tracks will not be available on any future releases making this a completely unique volume within its own right. Tracks featured are ClockDVA - Endless / TAG - The Tenant / Adi Newton - Mycology - Materialisation / Matar - Homme Verde / Psychophysicist - Dead Machines - Radiolarian You can make your pre order at these links The Armcomm Sampler is a unique Digipack CD Version featuring 6 exclusive tracks only available on this release plus detailed information about the forthcoming Album releases. These Tracks will not be available on any future releases making this a completely unique Volume within its own right. Tracks featured are ClockDVA - Endless / TAG - The Tenant - The Fifth State / Adi Newton - Mycology / Matar - Homme Verde / Psychophysicist - Dead Machines. You can make your pre order at these links PROJECTED ARMCOMM ALBUMS 2017 / 2018 1 ARMCOMM SAMPLER 2 CLOCKDVA / TBA 3 ADI NEWTON / NEW-TONES 4 TAG / ORGAN NEEDLES 5 PSYCHOPHYSICIST / PSYCHOPHYSICIST II 6 MATAR / MATAR
ClockDVA Sep 01, 2017
ClockDVA Aug 03, 2017
Present Perfect Festival St Petersburg 29/07/17 ClockDVA would like to give a big thanks to Slava / Sasha / Ruslan and the rest of the Crew at PPF for super hospitality and organisation we really enjoyed the event and the performance... for DVA Adi Newton , Panagiotis Tomaras ,Giancarlo Cotticelli
ClockDVA Aug 01, 2017
Distorted Animals booking
ClockDVA Jul 13, 2017
New Article on the History of Sheffields Electronic Scene from the Late 70,s early 80,s
ClockDVA May 27, 2017
Tonight / Berlin's Griessmuehle host Arma17 event featuring live appearance of Clock DVA / Happy B day GC
ClockDVA May 24, 2017
Večeras kreće obilježavanje 10-te godišnjice muzeja Peek&Poke! Prvi glazbeni adut proslave je jesensko gostovanje legendarnih Clock DVA :)