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Deafer Dumber Blinder - 20 Years Anniversary Box
Life Will Kill You
Hate Yourself with Style
Hate Yourself With Style
A Whole Lot of Nothing
Use Your Brain
Deaf Dumb Blind
CLAWFINGER Dec 12, 2018
It's a rare occasion when almost every picture captures us like we actually are. It's like getting an album review where the reviewer actually understands what we were thinking making the album. Great job! 07/12 Podium Victorie Alkmaar Netherlands.
CLAWFINGER Dec 11, 2018
More great photos of the handsome grumpy old men from the gig at De Casino in Sint Niklaas, Belgium. Thank you once again to everyone for coming and for partying with us. It was truly a great night!😍
CLAWFINGER Dec 10, 2018
Sint-Niklaas, Sint-Niklaas god damn you were loud, you were so wild & vicious what a great Sunday crowd, you were all we could ask for, you blew us away, you made our job easy, yes we love to play, Sunday’s a fun day and we always want more, and we loved our vist in Sint-Niklaas, be sure, we did our shit and you were all game, and seriously folks, we’re so glad that you came!❤️
CLAWFINGER Dec 09, 2018
Eindhoven, Eindhoven, oh what a night, the crowd was amazing and damn we were tight, the moshpit was slammin’, you filled us with love, & we all need eachother, when push comes to shove, thank you dear fans, you’re all out of your minds, Here’s to 25 years of being deaf, dumb and blind!
CLAWFINGER Dec 08, 2018
A twelve hour drive in a small shitty van, could not stop us from playing in the Netherlands, yes we arrived late but our show was still tight, and we all experienced a magical night, Alkmaar we thank you, the brave ones who came, you all got to see us on top of our game, for those who missed out well the joke is on you, Because no other band, can do what we do! Thank you!😍
CLAWFINGER Dec 07, 2018
London, dear London, we’re glad that you came, Clawfinger’s the name and rocking’s our game, thanx for the love, the sweat and the screams, while we were on stage we were living the dream, now we’re stuck in a van, the rain’s pouring down, we know we just got here but now we’re leaving town, we have more shows to do, this shit never ends, so goodbye to you all and hello Netherlands!😍😎
CLAWFINGER Dec 06, 2018
London, who’s coming tonight. Deaf, Dumb, Blind from beginning to end and then some, a good time is guaranteed for all. We want to see your ugly old faces in the audience and party like it’s 1993 so be there or be🔲
CLAWFINGER Nov 30, 2018
We played our first ever London show at The Brixton Academy in 1993 supporting Alice in Chains, then with Anthrax at the Forum shortly after that. We’ve played The Borderline, The Marquee, The Garage, The Underworld and venues I can’t even remember the names of. It’s been 11 years since last but now we’re back in London to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Deaf, Dumb, Blind, this time at the 02 Academy Islington on the 6th of December. We would love to see you all there for the gig, a few pints and some laughs! Grab your ticket here:
CLAWFINGER Nov 24, 2018
Soundchecks are important but the gigs are importanter!😂
CLAWFINGER Nov 24, 2018
Hey London, we can’t wait to play for you on our Deaf, Dumb and Blind 25th anniversary show at O2 Academy Islington >> Thursday 6th December. It’s our only UK show this year so make sure you grab a ticket here >>
CLAWFINGER Nov 22, 2018
We just received these placards from the German promoter. Thank you for making a bunch of middle-aged men feel special!😍#soldoutshows #seasidetouring_official
CLAWFINGER Nov 21, 2018
Hi Clawheads, Thank you so much everyone for the amazing vibes in Berlin, Bochum and Hamburg! Now on the way to Switzerland - still some tickets left for the shows in Bern and Zurich 🤘🏻 Get yours here: Bern: Zurich: Video: Wolf Groß/VGS Media
CLAWFINGER Nov 15, 2018
Here's a link to nice German review from the gig at The Matrix in Bochum and here's a funny google translation of it: At the beginning of the 1990s, CLAWFINGER was regarded as the European counterpart to the US band RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and has made a decisive contribution to the crossover genre. As the style became more and more important, the Swedish metal rappers disappeared from the headlines and concert stages. In 2007, the last studio album was released with "Live Will Kill You", followed by the official release in 2013. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the debut album "Deaf Dumb Blind", CLAWFINGER are back and are currently touring Europe again. On 09.11.2018 they also stopped in the Bochum Matrix and disassembled the club into its individual parts with a phenomenal performance. The claustrophobic basement vault of the concert location is bursting to bursting, the air to cut thick and fog over the stage when CLAWFINGER enter the stage on a rewrite to the band name version of Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger". Humorous start for a more than 90-minute, energetic live experience. The band starts right away with "Nigger", undisputed highlight of the band's history, followed by the legendary "The Truth" and no later than the equally groovy us hard "Rosegrove" there is no stopping. Crowdsurfing, moshpits, rhythmic clapping (again and again accompanied by drummer Micke Dahlén) - after only a few songs you can feel how the audience was spiteful after a performance by the symphytic Swedes. CLAWFINGER live - energy, enthusiasm, ecstasy The band is also in a good mood and obviously have fun. Foremost frontman Zak Tell (meanwhile already in the higher 40s) skips across the stage like 20 years ago. After just under fifteen minutes, his shirt looks like it has just been pulled out of the washing machine. The ratted verses blasted out the shouter in the usual machine-gun manner and is vocally and conditionally in remarkable shape. An extremely fast version of "Do not Get Me Wrong" is followed by Zak's "I Need You" as the "depressing love song" - the first album is played completely in one go and the fronter notices the enthusiastic response in front of the stage enthusiastic: "It seems that these songs are aged very well". He is right! At "Catch Me", he even lets himself be carried away to stagediving. However, in terms of stage presence, keyboardist and co-vocalist Jocke Skog are in no way inferior. Again and again he chases from one end of the stage to the other, animating the audience like in the explosive "Warfair" to go out (which is hardly necessary) and has to push with some foolish things (eg Zak in the shopping cart over the stage) the laughs on his side. Bård Torstensen, the band's main staccato riffmaster, presents himself to the rhythm guitar as tight and playful as ever, and thanks to the audience's splendid mood, he can not shake his head and steady grin. With André Skaug, who has always been the live bassist in the CLAWFINGER camp, he also delivers himself over and over again excessive headbanging battles. Party, goosebumps and social criticism - CLAWFINGER gig in Bochum For the socially critical "Wonderful World", Zak notes thoughtfully that the world has not developed positively in the last 25 years. Despite all the fun that CLAWFINGER embody on stage, they have always been a band that critically puts their finger in the wound and deals with serious issues in their lyrics. "Sad To See Your Sorrow" and "I Do not Care" conclude the set's "Deaf Dumb Blind" part: "In 1993 the gig would have been over now", jokes Zak - luckily he will not be in 2018. Because in the second half the band presents some delicacies of the remaining six albums. No matter if "Prisoners", "Nothing Going On" or "Biggest & the Best" - even if no other CLAWFINGER album has the same hit density as the debut, the guys have enough strong material to screw together a hearty live set. A special goose bumps atmosphere is provided by "The Price We Pay", whose melancholic-melodic string part is sung by the fans for minutes during intro and chorus. A spectator from the front row then makes for laughter, as he wishes after one and a half hours "Rose Grove". We remember: The play was already played in third place of the gigs. Zak is obviously amused: "That weed must be good", but as a special treat, the band actually plays once again the intro of the song. With "Do What I Say", the gig ends in style and one thing is clear: CLAWFINGER are far from being a thing of the past, many younger-semester bands can only dream of such a live performance. If the Swedes treat themselves to breaks, as many as they want, if they honor us with such bangles now and then. Chapeau!
CLAWFINGER Nov 11, 2018
Berlin, Bochum and Hamburg, thank you so much for an entirely amazing weekend with great gigs, beautiful audiences and sold out venues. We had a blast and we felt nothing but love. Respect to you all!😍🤘🏻 P.s. We borrowed some fan photos from Instagram, hope you don’t mind!😎
CLAWFINGER Nov 09, 2018
It’s not every day you get an award, thank you!😍
CLAWFINGER Nov 07, 2018
Hi Clawheads, our show @ Matrix Bochum is sold out too! 👏 Tickets for our other shows are selling fast so be sure to get yours on time: See you soon near you! #DDBTour Photo: Beatrice Lundborg
CLAWFINGER Nov 06, 2018
Get your tickets now! 🤘🎸
CLAWFINGER Nov 03, 2018
It’s hard to see where the stage starts and the audience ends. We’re just one big happy dysfunctional family fucking shit up together at the Marquee club in London!😍
CLAWFINGER Oct 30, 2018
André Skaug has been perfecting his stagediving art for many many years and he is a highly trained professional. Please do not try this at home without coming to one of our upcoming 25th anniversary gigs first to get a hands on lesson from the man himself. If anyone knows where these pictures were taken then please fill us in on the details because we have no idea but it was certainly fun and a loooong time ago!
CLAWFINGER Oct 28, 2018
Now here’s a blast from the past, Clawfinger, Underworld, Camden Palace, London, 1995. That’s...that’s like almost 24 years ago!😮
CLAWFINGER Oct 23, 2018
On the 12th of April 1994 we played the Army & Navy in Chelmsford. We know, when you look at this photo it's hard to believe that we're celebrating 25 years since the release of our debut album. Don't miss the chance to see us fuck shit up on stage again just like we did in the old days! Backstage photo: Alexis Maryon #clawfinger #rapmetal #25yearsanniversarytour #deafdumbblind #tourdates #autumn #europe
CLAWFINGER Oct 17, 2018
Dear Clawheads, apparantly we are going to fuck up the House Of Metal festival in Umeå. Please feel free to drop by if you are within 500 kilometers or so, your presence would be much appreciated!😍
CLAWFINGER Oct 04, 2018
Hi Clawheads, Munich is also sold out on our upcoming 25 years Deafer Dumber Blinder tour. Tickets are still available for the following cities: 8/11 Berlin, Germany 9/11 Bochum, Germany 23/11 Bern, Switzerland 24/11 Zürich, Switzerland 6/12 London, UK 7/12 Alkmaar, NL 8/12 Eindhoven, NL Our party is your party and we couldn't do it without you. See you soon! Get your ticket here:
CLAWFINGER Aug 24, 2018
25 years have passed since we released our debut album: Deaf Dumb Blind”. The plan is simply to play the album in it's entirety, from beginning to end in our favourite cities. If that's not a reason to celebrate then nothing is so we've decided to do a few exclusive club shows in some of our favourite cities. The plan is simply to play the album in it's entirety, from beginning to end and then some. So, if you want to see a bunch of middle-aged men playing music they made when they were still young then please feel free to join in on the fun. Our party is your party and we couldn't do it without you.“ Sincerely yours Clawfinger. More information:
CLAWFINGER Aug 10, 2018
Here's an entirely new video to an entirely old song (Nigger, single B-side) to celebrate the entirely unbelievable 25th anniversary of Deaf Dumb Blind. Either you get it or you don't! Video by: Rune Foss