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One Instrument Volume 01
The Coexistence Patterns
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Claudio PRC Dec 17, 2018
M/Ind - Menti Indipendenti, Cagliari, Dicembre 2018 Sono fiero di poter dire che quello di Sabato scorso è stato uno degli eventi più belli che abbia mai vissuto in città. Sono fiero di poter dire di aver ritrovato una scena che, tra le mille difficoltà, è ancora viva e ricca di energia! Tutto questo grazie ad un'organizzazione impeccabile che non ha mai smesso di crederci e ad un pubblico fantastico che non ha mai smesso di supportarci - Grazie di cuore a tutti per questo momento indimenticabile, ora mi sento davvero carico - pronto per affrontare le prossime sfide 🖤 🤘 Ci vediamo domani per M/Ind 2018 - Workshop - “Etichette discografiche DIY"
Claudio PRC Dec 12, 2018
"Khymeia", originally produced for Mutewax Limited, 2015, is now available on Bandcamp. 35% OFF to all catalogue!
Claudio PRC Dec 11, 2018
Thrilled to play this weekend in homeland Cagliari with Fabrizio Rat - La Machina and BXP for BASSTATION - M/Ind SAB 15.12 M/Ind - Fabrizio Rat La Machina Live - Mood Club
Claudio PRC Dec 07, 2018
Nur Jaber - When The Sun Sets (Claudio PRC Remix) - OSF007 Vinyl and digital:
Claudio PRC Dec 05, 2018
Next up: M/Ind - Menti Indipendenti Rassegna di Club-Culture & Autoproduzione - Cagliari. SAB 15.12 M/Ind - Fabrizio Rat La Machina Live - Mood Club MAR 18.12 M/Ind 2018 - Workshop - “Etichette discografiche DIY"
Claudio PRC Nov 30, 2018
Tomorrow The Gods Planet in Bucharest, Romania 🇹🇩 The Gods Planet/ Intrepid Soul/ Iajov
Claudio PRC Nov 28, 2018
Segmento (Svreca / Blazej Malinowski Remix) - Volumi Dinamici Extended GROOVE-Magazin "Platten der Woche":
Claudio PRC Nov 27, 2018
So grateful for another beautiful weekend in Poland, as usual many thanks to Jasna 1, Tama, Blazej Malinowski (for make it happen), Dtekk, Silva Rymd, Krypt, NESS, Kovvalsky, Ola Teks and everyone involved on this journey - till next time! Meanwhile my last remix for my dear friend Nur Jaber is now available for pre-order at OSF Bandcamp, alongside Dax J, UVB and PEARL / Falling Ethics versions - out December 3rd 🖤
Claudio PRC Nov 22, 2018
Nitido (Aleksi Perala Remix) - Semantica Records, 2018
Claudio PRC Nov 20, 2018
Volumi Dinamici: Claudio PRC, Wrong Assessment, fleika 28.12.18 - Ankali, Prague Volumi Dinamici is back in December with a guest appearance by the beloved Italian Wrong Assessment and local finest selector fleika. Volumi Dinamici started off as an album project produced for Semantica back in 2017, and this year it turned into a regular club night in Ankali. Joining me in the booth will be another deep techno explorer Wrong Assessment. Chances are you've heard him in Prague at one of the Polygon parties or earlier this year at Cukr. This time he will test Ankali sound system with his classy selection of hard hitting hallucinatory sounds. Wrapping up the lineup is one of Prague's most treasured Techno heads fleika who is bound to deliver his usual concentrated avalanche of broad-sounding club trax. Wrong Assessment [AWRY] fleika [Ankali, Polygon]
Claudio PRC Nov 19, 2018
After a memorable all night long set last Friday at +4Bar / Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL), we'll keep it going this weekend in Poland 🇵🇱️ Friday: J1 | Why So Silent #40 w/ The Gods Planet / Silva Rymd and more, Jasna 1, Warsaw Saturday: The Gods Planet Night • Claudio PRC & Ness • Blazej Malinowski, Tama, Poznań
Claudio PRC Nov 15, 2018
Tomorrow The Gods Planet all night long at +4Bar, Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL). Event: Tresor.Klubnacht Also full support tonight to Samsara Sessions x Why So Silent #39 w/ Luigi Tozzi, Dtekk at OHM Berlin.
Claudio PRC Nov 14, 2018
Di ritorno da un bellissimo Zaffart 2018 a Villanovafranca - con la mente verso un altro grandissimo progetto firmato BASSTATION a Cagliari! M/Ind - Menti Indipendenti (Rassegna di Club-Culture & Autoproduzione) Dal 13 al 21 Dicembre, l'evento che lega clubbing, musica elettronica e spirito indipendente in ambito locale. Sarò presente il 15 per: SAB 15.12 M/Ind - Fabrizio Rat La Machina Live - Mood Club mentre Martedì 18 curerò: M/Ind 2018 - Workshop - “Etichette discografiche DIY" Programma completo:
Claudio PRC Nov 10, 2018
Claudio PRC Nov 09, 2018
Volumi Dinamici Extended is out now! Hardwax: Clone: Deejay: Decks: Juno: Technique:
Claudio PRC Nov 08, 2018
Sabato: Zaffart 2018 - Villanovafranca - Sardinia, Italy ORE 09:00 Zaffart Train Laboratorio "Train-ing" - Progetto Rizoma MONICA SERRA - SILVIA CORDA - CLAUDIO PRC ORE 21:00 Djset at Casa Caria, Villanovafranca Info:
Claudio PRC Nov 06, 2018
Volumi Dinamici Extended - Semantica Records 87X November 1, 2018
Claudio PRC Oct 31, 2018
Celebrating Halloween tonight in Nice with Maison Close at Kwartz Club alongside JC Laurent and CØNCENTRÄTE 🇫🇷
Claudio PRC Oct 30, 2018
Memories of a very intense weekend between Tokyo and London - many thanks to everyone at Dommune (ドミューン), VENT and Corner, to all the lovely friends and people I've met in the last days - I apologize also for my delay in London, even if it was only one hour together I will never forget it 🖤 Picture by A-sk Mg at the amazing Vent club in Tokyo.
Claudio PRC Oct 26, 2018
Getting ready for tonight after a nice digging at Technique Tokyo - テクニーク - see you later at VENT!
Claudio PRC Oct 25, 2018
Playing at Dommune (ドミューン) in a bit! Live streaming: Tokyo time: 23:00 Berlin time: 16:00
Claudio PRC Oct 24, 2018
Intervista con Mattia Gargiulo per Metropolitan Magazine Italia - Ita/Eng
Claudio PRC Oct 23, 2018
Coming up this weekend: Tokyo / London Thu 25: Dommune (ドミューン) - Live Streaming Fri 26: Claudio PRC at VENT Sun 28: Corner w/ Claudio PRC, Blazej Malinowski, Abstract Man & Tasman at The Pickle Factory
Claudio PRC Oct 18, 2018
Throwback to "Volumi Dinamici" album released last year for Semantica Records - enjoy the full listening! Discover more:
Claudio PRC Oct 16, 2018
Volumi Dinamici Extended. Semantica Records 87X Includes Aleksi Perala and Svreca / Blazej Malinowski remixes + "Riflesso" (With Dino Sabatini) Out November 2018.