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The Coexistence Patterns
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Claudio Prc at Tundu Open Air (September 7, 2019)
Venue: Tundu Open Air (Cagliari, Italy) Find tickets
Claudio Prc at Club Vurt (September 11, 2019)
Venue: Club Vurt (Seoul, Korea, Republic Of) Find tickets
Claudio Prc at Azul (September 13, 2019)
Venue: Azul (Oita, Japan) Find tickets
Claudio Prc at ALL Club (September 20, 2019)
Venue: ALL Club (Shanghai, China) Find tickets
Claudio Prc at The Observatory (September 21, 2019)
Venue: The Observatory (Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam) Find tickets
Claudio PRC Aug 22, 2019
Dear friends, in light of the sad events that are affecting our planet, I found this feature that I want to share with you all. Please help to raise awareness about the Amazon and climate change, thank you 🙏💚
Claudio PRC Aug 21, 2019
31 August - Nueve w/ Cafè della Musica, Sardinia, IT
Claudio PRC Aug 19, 2019
Cari amici, siamo giunti alla terza edizione del nostro amato TUNDU OPEN AIR. Quest'anno abbiamo scelto la nuova location de "Is Canaleddus", lungo il bellissimo litorale di Mari Pintau, a due passi da Cagliari, rinnovando il concept legato alla storia e misteri della nostra terra, la Sardegna! L'evento sarà per la prima volta gratuito e per chi avesse piacere di supportarci abbiamo avviato una campagna di crowdfunding al link qui sotto. Due grandi ospiti della techno internazionale suoneranno per noi, François X e Feral मृत्युकर, accompagnati da tante eccellenze sarde! E' sempre una grande emozione poter realizzare tutto questo - vi aspettiamo il 7 Settembre a TUNDU Open Air 2019! Supporta la nuova edizione gratuita con una donazione: RA: [ENG] Dear friends, we have reached the third edition of our beloved TUNDU OPEN AIR. This year we have chosen the new location of "Is Canaleddus", along the beautiful coast of Mari Pintau, very close to Cagliari city, renewing the concept linked to the history and mysteries of our place, Sardinia! For the first time the event will be free and for those who have the pleasure to support us we have started a crowdfunding campaign at the link below. Two great international techno guests will play for us, François X and Feral मृत्युकर, alongside many Sardinian excellences! It's always a great excitement to realize all this - we are waiting for you on September 7th at TUNDU Open Air 2019! Support the new free edition with a donation: RA:
Claudio PRC Aug 19, 2019
07 September - TUNDU Open Air 2019, Cagliari, Sardinia, IT RA:
Claudio PRC Aug 14, 2019
..le grandi cose si dicono in silenzio.. 06.08.19 - my first time at Club der Visionaere "official" - 14 hours of b2b with Hubble ❤️ #cdv #claudioprc #hubble #berlin #sardinia #minimalism
Claudio PRC Aug 08, 2019
10 August - Blank Generation w/ Adriana Lopez / Anastasia Kristensen & more, about blank - ://about party, Berlin, DE
Claudio PRC Aug 06, 2019
Kosei Fukuda - Sky Clair (Claudio PRC Deep Mix) - REITEN 0.006 is finally out on vinyl! Hard Wax: "Reduced boomy Techno trips" Get yours: Juno Records: HHV Records: Technique: Redeye Records: DNP Music:
Claudio PRC Aug 04, 2019
It’s great to catch up with such great minds! We had a flawless night and FOLD is the perfect nest for our concepts and visions - thank you all for being there and for the love showed 🙏 Semantica Records and FOLD forever 🖤
Claudio PRC Aug 03, 2019
Opening duties from 23:00 till 01:00 tonight at FOLD x Semantica Records - London, UK 🇬🇧 Tickets:
Claudio PRC Jul 30, 2019
03 August - FOLD x Semantica Records, London, UK "Semantica Records speak a techno language all of their own. They showcase their sound at FOLD with a selection of heavyweights that have been pivotal to the movement." Adriana Lopez, Blazej Malinowski, Claudio PRC, Svreca Tickets:
Claudio PRC Jul 28, 2019
Beautiful morning and location at @chateauperchefestival 😌❤️ merci beaucoup!
Claudio PRC Jul 24, 2019
Winter In June & Vâyu - Wisdom & Healing (Claudio PRC Remix) - Kizen Records
Claudio PRC Jul 18, 2019
Winter In June & Vâyu - Dance Of The Kachinas - Kizen Records is out! Hard Wax: "Blissful, pulsating, boomy Techno EP" Catch me and Winter In June this Saturday at Underwater - Villasimius! SAB 20.07 Underwater w/ Claudio PRC - Sciabecco Villasimius
Claudio PRC Jul 15, 2019
꿈 Kkum 08 - Claudio PRC This mix is dedicated to my dear friend Yoo Jun and to the city of Seoul where I lived indelible and touching moments together 🖤 꿈 Kkum Podcast - Episodes about Dream, running by vurt. Tracklist:
Claudio PRC Jul 15, 2019
꿈 Kkum 08 - Claudio PRC
Claudio PRC Jul 10, 2019
Coming up: 20.07 Underwater - Villasimius, IT 27.07 Château Perché Festival, FR 03.08 FOLD, UK 10.08 ://about party, DE 31.08 secret location w/ Cafè della Musica, Sardinia, IT Bookings: Mike at Elite Music Management Picture: Enrico Madau Image
Claudio PRC Jul 07, 2019
Kosei Fukuda - Sky Clair (Claudio PRC Deep Mix) - REITEN
Claudio PRC Jul 04, 2019
27 July - Château Perché Festival - Arboretum de Balaine, Villeneuve-sur-Allier, FR
Claudio PRC Jul 02, 2019
20 July at Underwater - Villasimius, Sardinia, alongside Winter In June! SAB 20.07 Underwater w/ Claudio PRC - Sciabecco Villasimius
Claudio PRC Jun 26, 2019
29 June - Dakini Festival 2019 / Molecular Stage - Tuzla Beach, Constanta, RO
Claudio PRC Jun 25, 2019
Winter In June & Vâyu - Wisdom & Healing (Claudio PRC Remix) - Kizen Records Preview: Out July 19.
Claudio PRC Jun 24, 2019
Once again I feel very lucky and inspired after this experience at Ankali, I’ve grown and learned a lot during these months thanks to you all - each one of you were so much important for develop such a beautiful project! From the great guests and residents, to all the staff, all friends and crowd who joined us! Much love ❤️ We’ll keep it going after a summer break ✌️ #volumi_dinamici (guests + residents + support): Cio D'Or Alfred Czital Yan - Harmony Rec. Wrong Assessment fleika Blazej Malinowski nrmn DJ NOBU (OFFICIAL) Hubble Pictures by Jonáš Verešpej.
Claudio PRC Jun 21, 2019
We are ready for departure! Volumi Dinamici: Claudio PRC & DJ Nobu all night long Running order: 23.00–01.30 Dj Nobu 01.30–03.30 Claudio PRC 03.30–05.00 Dj Nobu 05.00–END Claudio PRC b2b Dj Nobu An early arrival is highly recommended!
Claudio PRC Jun 18, 2019
Many years of friendship, love and respect. For long time he has been Japan's best kept secret - now he has become a legend, among the most important dj's of the globe: DJ NOBU (OFFICIAL) is my next guest of #volumi_dinamici - sharing the booth for an all nighter deep session. This Friday Ankali is the place to be! Volumi Dinamici: Claudio PRC & DJ Nobu all night long
Claudio PRC Jun 11, 2019
21 June - Volumi Dinamici: Claudio PRC & DJ Nobu all night long - Ankali, Prague, CZ