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The Coexistence Patterns
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Claudio PRC Feb 19, 2019
Ankali Residency - March 2019: 27.03 Shoes Off: The Abyss Within Us [Claudio PRC+menion], Black Acid 29.03 Volumi Dinamici: Blazej Malinowski, Claudio PRC, nrmn
Claudio PRC Feb 14, 2019
09.03 Berghain / Panorama Bar - Berlin, DE
Claudio PRC Feb 12, 2019
Tunnel, February 2019. This night will remain forever in my memories, one of the longest set ever played, one of the best crowd ever met. I am very proud of my Matteria Colombia family for what they have built in the last years - Pereira está en mi corazón, muchísimas gracias - hasta la próxima 🖤 Picture: David Monroy R Full album:
Claudio PRC Feb 09, 2019
Sat 09.02 Matteria pres: Internum with Claudio PRC [all night long] - Pereira, COL Ready for 10 hours of ceremony tonight!
Claudio PRC Feb 07, 2019
Fri 08.02 - Popayán, COL
Claudio PRC Feb 05, 2019
Muchísimas gracias Freedom Festival 2019 🖤 11S - Photo Freedom #FDM19 @ Medellín, Antioquia
Claudio PRC Feb 02, 2019
The Abyss Within Us - The Abyss Within Us - TGP Free Download The Abyss Within Us is an audio/visual project composed by Italian musicians Claudio Porceddu and Stefano Ferrari with the visual contribution by Italian cinematographer Daniele Bornino. The Abyss Within Us first release is a live studio sessions recorded during the winter 2017 in Berlin. Analogue drums and synthesizers, guitar and fx’s, moving images. Continuous Mix on Soundcloud: Full Release on Bandcamp: The Gods Planet, 2019.
Claudio PRC Jan 31, 2019
Sat 02.02 FREEDOM 2019 FEB 1 + 2 = 3 #SIENTEELBAILE - Medellín, COL
Claudio PRC Jan 28, 2019
Void - AWRY005
Claudio PRC Jan 25, 2019
Tonight: BASSIANI.
Claudio PRC Jan 22, 2019
Claudio PRC Jan 16, 2019
Fri 18.01 Guidance~導き導かれる人生~ 14th Anniversary, Contact Tokyo - Tokyo, JP Sat 19.01 Vio - Nagoya, JP
Claudio PRC Jan 08, 2019
SAB 12.01 - Harder Times 25th Birthday 1994 - 2019 - Cagliari Primo party dell'anno - primo party con Harder Times - è un grande onore Claudio Ara! Info:
Claudio PRC Jan 06, 2019
Enrico Madau Image
Claudio PRC Dec 31, 2018
"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like Water..." (Bruce Lee) Dear friends, with these words I want to wish you all the best for 2019 and I want to express my gratitude for your precious support during the past year! Looking forward to the future adventures - with love, Claudio 🖤🙏
Claudio PRC Dec 30, 2018
I couldn’t expect a better end of the year in Prague with the beautiful family of Ankali, playing together with my brother Wrong Assessment and sharing the booth with fleika was something that I will remember forever, I feel blessed to be part of this amazing scene - many thanks from the deep of my heart to everyone - see you in March! 🖤
Claudio PRC Dec 28, 2018
Tonight: #volumi_dinamici at Ankali 23:00 - 02:00 fleika 02:00 - END Claudio PRC b2b Wrong Assessment ...oggi il mio pensiero va a te Marci...suonerò per te, più forte che posso 🖤
Claudio PRC Dec 24, 2018
Dear friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas with the last mix for this year 🎄❤️ Ankali #007 - Claudio PRC [podcast] Tracklist: See you on Friday: Volumi Dinamici: Claudio PRC, Wrong Assessment, fleika
Claudio PRC Dec 21, 2018
Next week Volumi Dinamici will be back at Ankali in Prague with the great adventurer: Wrong Assessment [AWRY] + fleika's support! Volumi Dinamici: Claudio PRC, Wrong Assessment, fleika RA:
Claudio PRC Dec 17, 2018
M/Ind - Menti Indipendenti, Cagliari, Dicembre 2018 Sono fiero di poter dire che quello di Sabato scorso è stato uno degli eventi più belli che abbia mai vissuto in città. Sono fiero di poter dire di aver ritrovato una scena che, tra le mille difficoltà, è ancora viva e ricca di energia! Tutto questo grazie ad un'organizzazione impeccabile che non ha mai smesso di crederci e ad un pubblico fantastico che non ha mai smesso di supportarci - Grazie di cuore a tutti per questo momento indimenticabile, ora mi sento davvero carico - pronto per affrontare le prossime sfide 🖤 🤘 Ci vediamo domani per M/Ind 2018 - Workshop - “Etichette discografiche DIY"
Claudio PRC Dec 12, 2018
"Khymeia", originally produced for Mutewax Limited, 2015, is now available on Bandcamp. 35% OFF to all catalogue!
Claudio PRC Dec 11, 2018
Thrilled to play this weekend in homeland Cagliari with Fabrizio Rat - La Machina and BXP for BASSTATION - M/Ind SAB 15.12 M/Ind - Fabrizio Rat La Machina Live - Mood Club
Claudio PRC Dec 07, 2018
Nur Jaber - When The Sun Sets (Claudio PRC Remix) - OSF007 Vinyl and digital:
Claudio PRC Dec 05, 2018
Next up: M/Ind - Menti Indipendenti Rassegna di Club-Culture & Autoproduzione - Cagliari. SAB 15.12 M/Ind - Fabrizio Rat La Machina Live - Mood Club MAR 18.12 M/Ind 2018 - Workshop - “Etichette discografiche DIY"
Claudio PRC Nov 30, 2018
Tomorrow The Gods Planet in Bucharest, Romania 🇹🇩 The Gods Planet/ Intrepid Soul/ Iajov