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Claro Intelecto Jul 28, 2019
Sunday vibes! Chicago from Neurofibro
Claro Intelecto Jul 22, 2019
2004 album Neurofibro is now available for the first time on Bandcamp as a digital download. Includes 4 bonus tracks produced between 1998-2003. News of a special retrospective release in the works coming soon.
Claro Intelecto Jul 04, 2019
Resident Advisor Review
Claro Intelecto Jul 01, 2019
After a bit of a delay, Forgotten Wasteland EP will be available in the shops this week.
Claro Intelecto Mar 23, 2018
Here's a podcast I put together for Dimensions Festival, a selection that includes influences dating back to the early 80s. I'll be playing live at the Dimensions International Series event @ Oval Space London on Saturday 14th April
Claro Intelecto Dec 01, 2017
The limited edition splattered vinyl has arrived!
Claro Intelecto Nov 29, 2017
Resident Advisor
Claro Intelecto Nov 24, 2017
Here's a recent interview I did with Sebastian Weiß @ Berlin's Groove Magazine, covering everything from my vanishing act, kids, cancer...Oh, & morphic resonance! 'Through The Cosmos' features on the cover CD.
Claro Intelecto Nov 20, 2017
'Exhilarator' is out now!
Claro Intelecto Nov 17, 2017
Here's an interesting take on the album by the folk down at Das Filter. Exhilarator will be available to buy in all formats from Monday.
Claro Intelecto Nov 03, 2017
Claro Intelecto - Through The Cosmos
Claro Intelecto Oct 26, 2017
Here's a sneak preview of the album with snippets of all 13 tracks.
Claro Intelecto Oct 13, 2017
I'm delighted to be joining LittleBig International Booking Agency & looking forward to playing out again in 2018! Please direct any booking enquiries to [email protected]
Claro Intelecto Oct 04, 2017
Artwork by Boris Tellegen
Claro Intelecto Oct 04, 2017
Claro Intelecto returns with first album in five years, Exhilarator
Claro Intelecto Jun 04, 2014
Stanza EP reviewed by Maya Kalev at Resident Advisor. Release date has been pushed back to 23rd June.
Claro Intelecto Apr 29, 2014
Claro Intelecto - Remember (105dsr/clr2)
Claro Intelecto Apr 24, 2014
STANZA EP Pre-order and previews now available at Delsin Records. Release due May 26th.
Claro Intelecto Apr 16, 2014
Claro Intelecto - RISE (2008). Released as a limited white label on Modern Love.
Claro Intelecto Apr 13, 2014
Claro Intelecto - STANZA EP. New 4 track EP due for release in May on Delsin Records. More info to follow soon.
Claro Intelecto Dec 19, 2013
PEACE OF MIND EP - 2014 Reissue Well after almost eleven years it's finally being re-released. Peace Of Mind EP is now available for pre-order over at Delsin Records and officially available in February.
Claro Intelecto Nov 30, 2013
From the archives. Claro Intelecto - Chicago (2003)
Claro Intelecto Nov 28, 2013
Fighting The Blind Man - Taken from the 100DSR Compilation Release Date: 9th December 2013 - Delsin Records
Claro Intelecto Nov 25, 2013
Heart (Warehouse Mix) - Taken from the DSR100 Compilation
Claro Intelecto Nov 18, 2013
Recorded live at Space Ibiza, August 23rd 2013.