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Rellik EP
Death Peak
The Last Panthers
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Clarence Park (Expanded Edition)
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Body Riddle
Empty the Bones of You
Clark, Peter Gregson, and Vikingur Olafsson at Royal Albert Hall (May 1, 2019)
Venue: Royal Albert Hall (London, UK) Find tickets
Clark Feb 12, 2019
Delighted to be playing the first FFKT festival in June! Amazing people and site in the mountains, near Nagano.
Clark Oct 26, 2018
I enjoyed talking with Resident Advisor for this Exchange podcast recorded during Dekmantel
Clark Oct 18, 2018
Really enjoyed this interview with Inverted Audio, hope you enjoy it too!
Clark Oct 07, 2018
Delighted to be playing some new Lutosławski interpretations alongside the amazing Aukso orchestra this evening in Tychy, Poland.
Clark Sep 26, 2018
Clark Sep 24, 2018
Ask Me Anything - Wednesday 26th September - 7PM UK / 11AM PST Reddit r/electronicmusic
Clark Sep 21, 2018
The beast is out! For your ears to cherish forever. It’s been exciting getting this record label of mine ready for the world. Your support means A LOT to me. It allows the endless quest to continue.
Clark Sep 19, 2018
Looking forward to playing some fresh new material on NTS Radio next Tuesday 12:00-14:00 BST!
Clark Sep 17, 2018
Harpsichords. The original rave hoovers. Delighted that this can now be beamed into your ear holes. Harpsichord E.C.S.T. is premiered by Stereogum today.
Clark Sep 11, 2018
Piano E.C.S.T. and words.
Clark Aug 29, 2018
Spitfire came round to film the other day...
Clark Aug 28, 2018
A new fun slab. E.C.S.T. T.R.A.X. 21 Sept 2018 -
Clark Aug 04, 2018
Thanks Dekmantel!
Clark Aug 04, 2018
Clark Aug 02, 2018
‪Talking to RA today at EYE Filmmuseum 3:30pm Free entry. ‬
Clark Jul 28, 2018
Clark Jul 18, 2018
Thanks Latitude Festival, it was a blast! 📷 -> Sarah Brownlow
Clark Jul 10, 2018
Death Peak show coming up in an amazing theatre venue in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. 10 August 2018.
Clark May 14, 2018
Big thanks to Yulia Mahr and Max Richter for inviting me to score Dog Star Man at the wonderful Barbican Centre. It was good.
Clark May 09, 2018
Starting at the legendary @fusebrussels in Brussels tonight, Death Peak returns for a few special summer shows and festivals.
Clark Apr 04, 2018
Max and Yulia asked me to do a 30 minute Brakhage film and (for some ungodly reason) I said no no no that's too short I'm finishing albums atm so have loads of time on my hands, I'll do the 78 minute one. I’m now thinking yikes fuck me that’s quite a lot of music to write. Luckily this new 'cello improv with loop pedals thing' I’ve been cracking into makes laying down huge slabs of music quite fun and intuitive. Expect the unexpected! I myself have no idea how this will go down, but it will be exciting for sure.
Clark Mar 18, 2018
Congratulations Melanie Lane for winning the Keir Choreographic Awards! Lots of fun constructing juicy cello improvisations around her spell binding choreography. An absolute honour to be involved. Also massive props to Carriageworks, Dancehouse and the other artists involved: Amrita Hepi, Bhenji Ra, Branch Nebula, Lilian Steiner, Luke George, Nana Biluš Abaffy, Prue Lang
Clark Mar 15, 2018
Very happy to present my improv cello score for Melanie Lane's 'Personal Effigies' at Carriageworks, Sydney tonight, as part of the Keir Choreographic Awards.
Clark Feb 12, 2018
Looking forward to returning to Latitude Festival this summer. One of only a handful of special Death Peak shows this year. Tickets
Clark Feb 07, 2018
Thanks for all the kind words re: Kiri music! Can’t bleeding wait to finish the Kiri album - refining and extending it is proving to be most PLEASURABLE