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Rellik EP
Death Peak
The Last Panthers
Feast / Beast
Clarence Park (Expanded Edition)
Totems Flare (Bonus Track Version)
Turning Dragon
Body Riddle
Empty the Bones of You
Clark Jun 12, 2019
I wrote this track at 3am in one take, on a terrible workstation. Then I put it on tape. Then I learned how to play it on cello. Very badly. And then Mari learned it for the violin and I’m really happy with it ->
Clark Jun 07, 2019
Thanks to all the lovely people at FFKT who helped put this show on. It was fun.
Clark May 03, 2019
Thanks to everyone who came to see us in action at the RAH.
Clark Apr 26, 2019
Had an enjoyable chat with Tom Ravenscroft and did him a mix with lots of new music for his BBC Radio 6 Music show tonight ->
Clark Apr 25, 2019
Bach Deconstruction - new mix and words for The Vinyl Factory
Clark Apr 17, 2019
Q&A: We speak to Víkingur Ólafsson, Peter Gregson and Clark ahead of Bach Evolution | Royal Albert Hall
Clark Apr 17, 2019
Here is a chunk of Disklavier improv in the vein of this upcoming Bach show at the Royal Albert Hall. I’m performing it with vital help from the cellist Olly Coates. We are hatching fiendish plans. He is great. I bought another Disklavier to rehearse and have ended up turning my house into a piano. I can’t really see beyond this show and oh yea don't forget to occasionally eat some broccoli and sleep a bit. Tickets from £10
Clark Mar 29, 2019
Photo Credit: Alma Haser
Clark Mar 29, 2019
Photo Credit: Alma Haser
Clark Mar 19, 2019
On 1st May Clark will perform at ‘Bach Evolution’ – a unique one off concert, which is part of the Royal Albert Hall’s ‘Love Classical’ season. Chris will play a specially-created new work, that aims to present the hugely influential composer’s work for an audience in a fresh context. Chris says “Bach is my favourite composer of all time. He has Newtonian levels of influence on the world of music. When I’m learning another composer’s music, I quite often have the sheer cheek to think ‘I would choose a different note to that’. That literally never happens with Bach. You can try and choose a better note, but you never will. Someone said to me once ‘you can have an opinion on his work, whatever, but his music is like gravity’. Immaculate, impenetrable, yet so versatile and enjoyable to play and learn after all these years. He was a time traveller. We are in still in his shadow today IMO. What an honour to be asked to do this”. Young British composer Peter Gregson and rising piano star Víkingur Ólafsson will share the bill with Clark. Immediately after the show, the Royal Albert Hall will host a unique 'AMA style' Q&A session with Chris, where audience members will be able to ask questions about the piece and other music from his 18 year career. Space will be limited for this. Tickets:
Clark Mar 13, 2019
New interview about my score for WOOF and working with Melanie Lane
Clark Mar 12, 2019
Made a playlist for Sydney Dance Company. 'WOOF', choreographed by Melanie Lane with score by me, tours Australia starting in 2 weeks.
Clark Mar 11, 2019
Hey I scored this film. I really like it. One screening left at SXSW on Wednesday, then general release later this year.
Clark Feb 12, 2019
Delighted to be playing the first FFKT festival in June! Amazing people and site in the mountains, near Nagano.
Clark Oct 26, 2018
I enjoyed talking with Resident Advisor for this Exchange podcast recorded during Dekmantel
Clark Oct 18, 2018
Really enjoyed this interview with Inverted Audio, hope you enjoy it too!
Clark Oct 07, 2018
Delighted to be playing some new Lutosławski interpretations alongside the amazing Aukso orchestra this evening in Tychy, Poland.
Clark Sep 26, 2018
Clark Sep 24, 2018
Ask Me Anything - Wednesday 26th September - 7PM UK / 11AM PST Reddit r/electronicmusic
Clark Sep 21, 2018
The beast is out! For your ears to cherish forever. It’s been exciting getting this record label of mine ready for the world. Your support means A LOT to me. It allows the endless quest to continue.
Clark Sep 19, 2018
Looking forward to playing some fresh new material on NTS Radio next Tuesday 12:00-14:00 BST!
Clark Sep 17, 2018
Harpsichords. The original rave hoovers. Delighted that this can now be beamed into your ear holes. Harpsichord E.C.S.T. is premiered by Stereogum today.
Clark Sep 11, 2018
Piano E.C.S.T. and words.
Clark Aug 29, 2018
Spitfire came round to film the other day...
Clark Aug 28, 2018
A new fun slab. E.C.S.T. T.R.A.X. 21 Sept 2018 -