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Kiri Variations
Rellik EP
Death Peak
The Last Panthers
Feast / Beast
Clarence Park (Expanded Edition)
Totems Flare (Bonus Track Version)
Turning Dragon
Body Riddle
Empty the Bones of You
MIRA Festival MIRA Festival 2019
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Clark Aug 15, 2019
Said some words (quite a few words) about the new album Kiri Variations & composing for film/TV *and* did a mix for TRUANTS Blog -
Clark Aug 08, 2019
Wrote this little feature on some of my favourite music:
Clark Aug 02, 2019
Here’s my Thom Yorke remix. Crank it. Cheers.
Clark Aug 01, 2019
Thanks Mr. Yorke for asking me to do this mix. T’was a blast! There are some limited 12"s available and digital tomorrow
Clark Jul 31, 2019
Thank you @bleep for making Kiri Variations ‘Album of the Week’. Available now on Vinyl, CD and Download (inc 24bit WAV).
Clark Jul 26, 2019
Kiri Variations is out TODAY. Here’s a track by track commentary I did with Ransom Note
Clark Jul 25, 2019
Clark's cover photo
Clark Jul 24, 2019
Delighted to release this new slab of music into the world finally. Enjoy! Available from this Friday 26th July at all good record stores on LP / CD / Download / Streaming
Clark Jul 18, 2019
Big thanks to Alma Haser for the new pics. Favourite face / body mangler.
Clark Jul 16, 2019
Clark's cover photo
Clark Jul 15, 2019
This track was a joy to make. Short but bittersweet. It’s the latest single from my new album ‘Kiri Variations’. Hope you enjoy listening to it - available via all the usual digital places, including Bandcamp for the first time.
Clark Jul 02, 2019
Throttle 30 Mix for WXAXRXP. Full tracklist. Archived on NTS Radio for a few months. Warp Records crew - thanks & happy anniversary.
Clark Jun 26, 2019
Cannibal Homecoming is like Japanese cuisine - it explores lots of textures but coheres as a song er..."meal". A song is finished when you get the sense it's being pulled along to an inevitable conclusion. It’s not literally about cannibals. It’s about paradox, despair, broken families, the fictional boundaries we cling to and the self destructive cognitive dissonance we suffer because of this. Ooh listen to how naked and vulnerable I sound at the end! I like the synth arp that counters that. It’s like a shield. I’ve been gently poking fun at terrible preset Hollywood risers but doing them with my own customised sounds-the idea of a riser is amazing, it’s kind of timeless. The mounting of tension and release. It's been around since the Greeks. But the palette needs to be unique, personal. I’m coming at it from quite a militantly purist angle. Some of the field recordings in those risers are over 20 years old, from dictaphone tapes I didn’t even know I had. All this texture needs to be married to a good ol' visceral composition though. This fusion of those two aspects of music is the ideal. Each one helping the other one out in mutual song craft welfare. You can't be a libertarian about this stuff. Pre-order new album 'Kiri Variations -
Clark Jun 24, 2019
Delighted to announce my new album ‘Kiri Variations’ released 26th July on Throttle Records. It started as score, but grew into something else entirely, hence ‘Variations’. The first single, available today, is called 'Cannibal Homecoming'. Listen in to Mary Ann Hobbs on BBC Radio 6 Music from 10:30AM UK for an exclusive premiere -
Clark Jun 22, 2019
My Throttle 30 WXAXRXP mix will be live in 30mins. Starts at 7:55 UK (5 mins earlier than scheduled!). Enjoy! link in bio
Clark Jun 21, 2019
Warp Records
Clark Jun 21, 2019
Clark's cover photo
Clark Jun 20, 2019
My Warp Records 30th anniversary contribution is broadcast this Saturday at 8AM UK / 9AM CEST / 3AM EST / 00:00 PST / 16:00 JST on NTS Radio. It’s a mix of new & old unreleased material and rarities. Hope you enjoy! Mix assistance from Dream Sequence.
Clark Jun 12, 2019
I wrote this track at 3am in one take, on a terrible workstation. Then I put it on tape. Then I learned how to play it on cello. Very badly. And then Mari learned it for the violin and I’m really happy with it ->
Clark Jun 07, 2019
Thanks to all the lovely people at FFKT who helped put this show on. It was fun.
Clark May 03, 2019
Thanks to everyone who came to see us in action at the RAH.
Clark Apr 26, 2019
Had an enjoyable chat with Tom Ravenscroft and did him a mix with lots of new music for his BBC Radio 6 Music show tonight ->
Clark Apr 25, 2019
Bach Deconstruction - new mix and words for The Vinyl Factory
Clark Apr 17, 2019
Q&A: We speak to Víkingur Ólafsson, Peter Gregson and Clark ahead of Bach Evolution | Royal Albert Hall
Clark Apr 17, 2019
Here is a chunk of Disklavier improv in the vein of this upcoming Bach show at the Royal Albert Hall. I’m performing it with vital help from the cellist Olly Coates. We are hatching fiendish plans. He is great. I bought another Disklavier to rehearse and have ended up turning my house into a piano. I can’t really see beyond this show and oh yea don't forget to occasionally eat some broccoli and sleep a bit. Tickets from £10