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Blue Distance
Deer and Fox (feat. Mimu) [Remixes]
Polyamour (Bonus Track Version)
Violets EP
Clara Moto May 02, 2018
Red Bull Music
Clara Moto Oct 20, 2017
Heute in der Pratersauna! radio FM4 FM4 UNLIMITED
Clara Moto Oct 13, 2017
Wer schweigt stimmt zu..daher am Sonntag wählen gehen! #o5 #werschweigtstimmtzu O5
Clara Moto Apr 05, 2017
Listen to my set at Elevate Festival 2017 via Red Bull Radio!
Clara Moto Mar 10, 2017
Just learned that I was the artist who played most at Elevate Festival: 10 out of 13 editions! <3 <3 Very proud- thank you! It was amazing this year and can't wait for 2018! Photo by Clara Wildberger
Clara Moto Mar 04, 2017
Danke Kleine Zeitung und heute Abend beim Elevate Festival!
Clara Moto Feb 16, 2017
Out now!!! New EP "Gone by the Morning" feat. mimu!
Clara Moto Feb 15, 2017
Clara Moto's cover photo
Clara Moto Feb 15, 2017
Clara Moto Jan 28, 2017
Heute mit Katharina Pizzera im Casino Baumgarten - Analog Studio & Konzertsaal im Rahmen von RBMA Junge Roemer: Ernst Molden &Nino aus Wien Anna v Hausswolff
Clara Moto Jan 24, 2017
Aufnehmen mit Katharina Pizzera für Red Bull Music Academy - Junge Roemer: Eine Woche für Falco im Schloß Pellendorf
Clara Moto Jan 19, 2017
New EP soon out on Infine Music! Listen to Gone by the morning feat. mimu on TSUGI!
Clara Moto Jan 13, 2017
Just uploaded my mix for Rinse FM on my Soundcloud. Have a listen!
Clara Moto Dec 14, 2016
Listen tonight to a mix I did for Rinse France at 6pm CET!
Clara Moto Sep 30, 2016
Tomorrow I am playing a slow live act here:
Clara Moto May 31, 2016
Das war das Springfestival Graz 2016
Clara Moto May 21, 2016
Morgen! #wählengehen
Clara Moto Feb 05, 2016
Clara Moto Feb 01, 2016
Letzter Tag #rbma #basscampvie
Clara Moto Jan 30, 2016
Über Tag 2 beim #rbma #basscampvie
Clara Moto Jan 19, 2016
My Set Extra on Couleur3 for January with Bullion, AKASE, Albert van Abbe, Simon12345 & The Lazer twins, LanceNeptune and many more!
Clara Moto Dec 18, 2015
Have a great weekend! Listen to my last Set Extra for 2015 on Couleur3! Music from Arandel, Ogris Debris, Zanshin, FaltyDL, Gordon, Glenn Astro, B12 and many more!
Clara Moto Dec 09, 2015
Creme de la Crme of french electronic music! thanks :)
Clara Moto Oct 16, 2015
Listen to my show on Couleur3 with music from Cosmin TRG, Dakini9, disko404, Peverelist, Francesco Tristano, Ike Release and many more!