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Civil War (the band) Feb 17, 2019
Myhr and Petrus had a change of environment, and it's moving forward....
Civil War (the band) Dec 31, 2018
Happy Analogue New Year!
Civil War (the band) Dec 24, 2018
We wish you a......
Civil War (the band) Nov 22, 2018
GERMANY!! We have arrived!!
Civil War (the band) Oct 14, 2018
Today it's Daniel the Drummer's birthday! Cheers!
Civil War (the band) Sep 15, 2018
We will be back Czech Republic!!! 🤘🇨🇿🤘
Civil War (the band) Sep 05, 2018
Thank you Japan 🇯🇵 Osaka and Tokyo has been fantastic❤ What a journey this trip has been! You have made us feel so welcome here. We hope to see you soon again 🤘😎🤘 ありがとう日本
Civil War (the band) Sep 01, 2018
Tokyo!!! We love you more than words!!! 🤘🇯🇵❤🤘 Photo:@Michael Asplund
Civil War (the band) Aug 31, 2018
Osaka!! Not in our wildest fantasy could we imagine that you would welcome us this way!! You were totally crazy, amazing and loud! 🤘🇯🇵❤🤘 We had a fantastic stay here..and we really hope that we will come back soon!! Now we are on our way to Tokyo 🤘😃🤘
Civil War (the band) Aug 30, 2018
Thank you Meg, Yama and Taka for a fantastic first impression of Japan... Having a unforgettable Japanese-dinner with our friends ORDEN OGAN, Nocturnal Rites - The Official Site, Cryonic Temple the rest of the Evoken de Valhall Production bands and crew!! 🤘🇯🇵🤘❤
Civil War (the band) Aug 29, 2018
Heading for Osaka to catch some Pokémon 🤘😎🤘
Civil War (the band) Aug 24, 2018
Amazing night Metalacker Tennenbronn Thank you so much!! Next up Japan!!
Civil War (the band) Aug 18, 2018
A great review from our show in Falun! 🤘😃🤘
Civil War (the band) Aug 17, 2018
Falun!! Sabaton Open Air Festival! What a fantastic night!! Dispite massive technical problems before the show started, but thanks to all of you beautiful people we forgot about those problems from the moment we hit the stage! And we really enjoyed every single second on stage!.. so once again!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! A big thanks to our crew Andreas , Malin, Annlouise, Roger and Michael! who helped out so much! And thanks to Fotograf Patrik Eriksson for some very nice pictures. Next up! Metalacker Tennenbronn
Civil War (the band) Aug 03, 2018
2 weeks until we hit the stage at @sabatonopenair!! 🤘😃🤘
Civil War (the band) Jul 19, 2018
Civil War (the band) Jul 01, 2018
Sad news! Early in the afternoon today we found out that the upcoming festival Uppsala Rock Nights has been cancelled! We've tried to contact them during the day without any luck. So we're very sorry to announce that there won't be any gig. But we'll make the best out of it and work on new material instead.
Civil War (the band) Jun 14, 2018
Civil War (the band) May 18, 2018
Hello Civil Warriors!! Here’s a live video recorded during our epic European tour with Gloryhammer & Dendera!! We invite you to enjoy this little taste of the war machine in action. We thank all of you came out to support us… you might just see yourself in the audience!! Please like and share & and don't forget to watch it HD.
Civil War (the band) Apr 28, 2018
Tracking guitarsolos! Sounds awesome!
Civil War (the band) Apr 11, 2018
Vinn en exklusiv ölprovning ihop med oss på Uppsala Rock Nights Festival. Förutom att ni får smaka våra Civil War öl så kommer ni också få smaka fantastiska öl från Ångkvarns bryggeri.🍻🤘
Civil War (the band) Apr 08, 2018
Civil War (the band) Apr 03, 2018
CIVIL WAR will come to JAPAN!!!!! 🤘🇯🇵🤘🇯🇵🤘🇯🇵🤘🇯🇵🤘🇯🇵🤘🇯🇵🤘 Evoken de Valhall Production
Civil War (the band) Mar 29, 2018
Very cool news are coming up soon!! 🤘😃🤘
Civil War (the band) Mar 17, 2018
Today is not just an ordinary Saturday! It's.....