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Civil War (the band) Aug 07, 2019
Civil War (the band) Aug 02, 2019
Hello Warriors! We hope you have feasted on the new song "Dead Man's Glory" today! This song is the start of a new era for us, and we are back stronger than ever before! We just wanted to post some updates from the Civil War camp! As some of you might have noticed! Myhr, Mullback and Rikard joined forces with their old band Sabaton yesterday at the Wacken show to celebrate Sabatons 20 year anniversary. Sabaton celebrated in style! Headlining on both the main stages the same time... Sabaton had an over 2 hour long set, and our Civil War brothers joined them for 1 and a half hours , and alongside them on stage they had Thobbe Englund ... It was good to see our Civil War brothers on stage with their old friends again... Another thing! We have a new Instagram account! So from now on you can find us there under the name Civilwarofficial Since the new song is out! It's time for us to go back into the cave and finish some more songs, so we can start recording our new album soon... until then enjoy the Dead Man's Glory 🀘🏻😎🀘🏻
Civil War (the band) Aug 02, 2019
Here it is!! We give you "Dead Man's Glory"!! Special thanks to Thobbe Englund (ex Sabaton for the killer solo!!
Civil War (the band) Jul 27, 2019
Dear Civil Warriors! Yesterday we showed you what our beer looks like. Today we'll show you what our new single looks like! Less than a week from now, more specifically on friday the 2nd of August it will be available to you via Spotify, Deezer, I Tunes, YouTube, Amazon Music and probably some more places. Heavy Weekend to y'all!
Civil War (the band) Jul 26, 2019
So this is the beer and also the title of our new single that will be released next Friday. Stay tuned and by the way. The beer is great!🍻
Civil War (the band) Jul 23, 2019
Hello Civil Warriors! We are proud to announce that our new single will be released on August 2nd!! The single was produced by Caleb Bingham (Ex Five Finger Death Punch) and as usual was mixed by Jonas Kellgren Since to the countdown has already begun, we’re happy to reveal the identity of the special guest who laid down the guitar solo for this song. It’s none other than Thobbe Englund (Ex Sabaton )! So, the name of the song then? Now what could that be? Any guesses? Cheers! Civil War
Civil War (the band) Jul 02, 2019
Hello guys and girls!! What a great day we have! First up we want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear singer Kelly Sundown.. much love from all of us πŸ»πŸŽ‚πŸ₯³ And then a short update from the CW camp! For the upcoming single we have recorded βœ… Drums βœ… Bass βœ… Guitars βœ… Guitar solo Vocals and keyboards are in progress as we speak and should be done today... And as a surprise! we have a good friend of ours doing the guitar solo!! Now who that might be? πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŠπŸ» Then it's time to do the final mix.. And if everything goes as planned, we will have the single out in the beginning of August.... So stay tuned for some more exiting news 🀘🏻 //CW
Civil War (the band) Jun 15, 2019
🀘🀩🀘 Photo: Veronika Hesounova Photography
Civil War (the band) Jun 11, 2019
Live in Czech republic!🀘🀘 Photo: Veronika Hesounova
Civil War (the band) Jun 03, 2019
Mullback killing the drumkit at Metalfest!!! πŸ€˜πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
Civil War (the band) Jun 02, 2019
The band was hot! The weather was hot.. but the crowd was on FIRE! Díky ČeskÑ republiko!
Civil War (the band) May 19, 2019
Today we had our first get-together in quite a long time. Felt great to be making some noise again. And then there's also stuff going on outside the rehearsal. ;)
Civil War (the band) May 17, 2019
Daniel Mullback in action!! 🀘🀩🀘
Civil War (the band) May 16, 2019
Petrus in Action! 🀘🀩🀘
Civil War (the band) May 15, 2019
Kelly Sundown in action!🀘🀩🀘
Civil War (the band) May 13, 2019
Daniel Myhr in action!! 🀘🀩🀘
Civil War (the band) May 11, 2019
Osaka 2018 πŸ€˜πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ€˜
Civil War (the band) May 10, 2019
Have a great weekend people!! 🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘
Civil War (the band) May 09, 2019
Civil War (the band) May 08, 2019
In Paris last year 🀘😎🀘
Civil War (the band) Feb 17, 2019
Myhr and Petrus had a change of environment, and it's moving forward....
Civil War (the band) Dec 31, 2018
Happy Analogue New Year!
Civil War (the band) Dec 24, 2018
We wish you a......
Civil War (the band) Nov 22, 2018
GERMANY!! We have arrived!!
Civil War (the band) Oct 14, 2018
Today it's Daniel the Drummer's birthday! Cheers!