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Story of an Immigrant
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Civil Twilight
Civil Twilight at The Locks at Sona (November 8, 2019)
Venue: The Locks at Sona (Philadelphia, PA, US) Find tickets
Civil Twilight at The Attic at Rock Brothers (January 4, 2020)
Venue: The Attic at Rock Brothers (Ybor City, FL, US) Find tickets
Civil Twilight Aug 16, 2019
FALL/WINTER TOUR! Steven Dayvid McKellar with special guest Stevie Kin Tickets go on sale TODAY!! Excited to hit the road again. :)
Civil Twilight Jul 04, 2019
Hi guys! Steve here. Hope you've been enjoying the new album. Thanks to everyone who's been so supportive and encouraging. It's gonna be available for streaming soon so I'll keep you posted. I'm doing my first art/music show on Friday at Franklin Creative Studios. My paintings will be on display and I'll be hanging out, plus performing some tunes. Come and say hey if you're around. Would love to see you. Franklin Creative July 5th 6-9pm 1261 Columbia Ave Franklin, TN
Civil Twilight Jun 28, 2019
THE BELLEVILLE DEMOS!! OUT NOW!! Guys! This is my first release as a contractually free man. No more middle man. Just you and I. :) I want to thank you ALL for all the love and support over the years. I would not be here without you. You are the reason I'm able to keep doing what I'm doing. Thank you!! This album was recorded in one of my favorite areas in Paris, France, in a tiny studio apartment right above a school, where I stayed for a few months. It's filled with the sounds of that beautiful area (plus kitchenware/percussion:), and it was nothing but a joy to make. The album is available exclusively on Bandcamp only, for now. But will be streaming on other formats soon. Go check out my personal page while you're at it. Steven Dayvid McKellar Album cover by Stevie Kin
Civil Twilight Jun 27, 2019
HI guys. Steve here. I wrote and recorded an EP two years ago while in Paris. It's been sitting on a hard drive ever since and I haven't been able to release it till now (due to contract stuff). So, I decided 'What the hell?!!' ....and i'm putting it out TOMORROW. It's called The Belleville Demos. It'll intially be avaible exclusively on Bandcamp. Other formats to come. It's a little something to enjoy while the other album is brewing. :) Please check out my Instagram account, as well as Civil Twilight. Start following and we can keep it touch. :)
Civil Twilight May 03, 2019
Steven Dayvid McKellar
Civil Twilight Feb 25, 2019
Hey guys. Steve here, reminding all the Nashville peeps about the show at Urban Cowboy on Thursday. :)
Civil Twilight Feb 11, 2019
Hi guys. It's been a minute. I apologize. But, I'm gearing up for the year, got new releases coming out soon. Will keep you posted. Very excited. I've missed playing for you guys and sharing music and good times. In the meantime, I'm doing some shows around Nashville. This being one of them. Feb 28. Urban Cowboy. Free show. Awesome, intimate little place. Please come and hang if you're around. Would love to see you. :)
Civil Twilight Nov 16, 2018
I got to go to Durban, South Africa earlier this year and create and hang with the most amazing, talented people. We laughed and ate and played music and something wonderful happened. And I think this first collaboration is the beginning of something special. The first single from that experience is out today.
Civil Twilight Nov 10, 2018
Hi guys. Steve here. I've had the chance to work on some amazing projects this year. Here is one of them. It was a collaboration of musicians and writers in Durban, South Africa. A week of making music and building old and new friendships. And a lot of laughs. :) There is a docu-series coming out about the process and how it all went down. Here is a clip. I'll share more in the coming weeks. Miss you guys. Chat soon.
Civil Twilight May 26, 2018
Civil Twilight
Civil Twilight Nov 13, 2017
HI everyone. Steve here. I just wanted to say hello to all the people who responded to the last post, who are new to the music and the vibes. Excited to meet you. Welcome to the journey, guys. And to those who have been with us for a while, You know who you are. Love you guys. My wife and I are exploring Paris at the moment, and I'm taking the time to put together some new music while I'm here. It will be released under my own name. I'll keep you posted on development. In the the meantime, you can check out a project of mine called Dayvid, that was written in my home city of Cape Town and released at the beginning of the year. Hope you are all well. Chat soon.
Civil Twilight Nov 02, 2017
Hi guys. Steve here. I am just thinking about where I was a week ago. I was in LA rehearsing with the Linkin Park boys for Chesters concert at the Hollywood bowl and I was sick as a dog. ha. Sneezing all over those pour guys. But, they are so kind, sweet, hospitable, super pro, hard working, loyal, dedicated, inspiring gents. And they put on a hell of a show last Friday. Over three and a half hours long. It was an absolute honour being a part of that event. The bowl was overflowing with love that night. Thanks for having me guys.
Civil Twilight Oct 29, 2017
Civil Twilight's cover photo
Civil Twilight Oct 29, 2017
The Roxy in LA 11/2004. 3 months after arriving in the states. That’s our Chevy Astro van packed with borrowed gear from friends. We look like such babies.
Civil Twilight Jun 02, 2017
This today!
Civil Twilight May 05, 2017
I just have to thank all the wonderful peeps that came out to the shows in SA. Joel, Jude and I had such a blast. You guys made this trip really special, and I can't wait to do it again. -Steve
Civil Twilight May 03, 2017
NEW 'Story Of An Immigrant' (Acoustic) Out Now! DOWNLOAD - STREAM: - ‘Story Of An Immigrant’ Available Now! DOWNLOAD - STREAM - TOUR -
Civil Twilight Apr 29, 2017
Hey Durban, unfortunately we won't be selling any tickets at the door for tomorrow's show at Republik, as we are already at full capacity. Hopefully I will be back in your amazing city soon. -Steve
Civil Twilight Apr 26, 2017
Pretoria, see you tonight at Arcade Empire with We Are Charlie and Van Wyk Brand Official! Details at: Steven Mckellar (Civil Twilight) Live at Arcade Empire Thanks to Jameson Irish Whiskey and Mars Music SA.
Civil Twilight Apr 25, 2017
Glad to announce that Sutherland and Van Wyk Brand Official will be joining the show at The Good Luck Bar! Get your tickets now at:
Civil Twilight Apr 19, 2017
Songs i could cover for the upcoming shows?
Civil Twilight Apr 18, 2017
Thanks Texx and the City! Can't wait to share the new music with you guys in South Africa! -Steven
Civil Twilight Mar 24, 2017
Full details and ticketing: 20 April cafe Roux Cape Town City: 21 April cafe roux Noordhoek 26 April Arcade Empire Pretoria 27 April The Good Luck Bar Johannesburg 30 April Republik Durban
Civil Twilight Mar 14, 2017
South Africa, don't forget to buy your tickets now for Steven's Dayvid Solo shows! They are selling fast and will be extremely limited per venue. 20 April - cafe Roux Cape Town, Shortmarket Street 21 April - cafe Roux Noordhoek 26 April - Arcade Empire Pretoria 27 April - The Good Luck Bar Johannesburg 30 April - Republik Durban Full details and ticketing on our events tab. Mars Music SA
Civil Twilight Mar 11, 2017
Hey guys! Steve here. I made some music in my parents garage in Cape Town last year, where the band used to rehearse many years ago. It's a project i'm calling Dayvid, after my middle name. An experiment really, but the first of many more songs to come. I designed a website (well, with huge help from my wife, cause, let's be honest....) so, that should be up and running soon. But i will keep you posted. PS: Hey this Facebook thing is pretty fun actually.