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The Test
Civil Civic Oct 30, 2017
Thanks London and Durbe (Latvia) for coming down to our last two shows. We would like to keep touring but being 'bonkers' is tiring.
Civil Civic Sep 26, 2017
+LONDON+ October 24th is our only show for you this year and we're gonna make it matter. Those that came last year to The Victoria get it. The video below is mostly taken from that show to give you a hint. That one was sold out, so let's not wait just to try and FOMO a ticket on the door. Get one now: & seeyall there x x civ civ
Civil Civic Sep 13, 2017
SHITTY NEWS :( Nobody likes cancelling a party. It’s a bummer to do it, and it’s a bummer to have it done to you. So we were pretty darn bummed-out when we got word that our appearance at the upcoming Transformer 2 festival in Manchester is being pulled, due to a venue downsizing or some shit like that. More info via Transformer Events We’re extra-double bummed-out to announce that as a ramification we have to cancel our shows in Glasgow (27/10) and Oxford (29/10). Sincere apologies to the promoters, and most of all to those of you who where getting hyped about partying with us. We really hate doing this. Refunds are available. Our London show at Elektrowerkz on the 24th of October will go ahead as planned, and we'll be pumping four shows worth of energy into it, so come on down!
Civil Civic Jul 27, 2017
///GLASGOW ///OXFORD. More UK shows! Enough to call a UK tour? Debatable, but it's the closest we've got thus far... Oct 24 - London - Electrowerkz Oct 27 - Glasgow - The Hug and Pint Oct 28 - Manchester - Transformer 2 Oct 29 - Oxford - The Cellar Tix linx below ツ ✶London✶ ✶Glasgow✶ ✶Manchester✶ ✶Oxford✶ x civz
Civil Civic Apr 19, 2017
These boots were made 4 touring. Caen tonight, then Bourges, Luxembourg, Würzberg, Linz, Munich & Dijon. Kick it.
Civil Civic Apr 10, 2017
Our latest album THE TEST was mastered and cut to vinyl by Stuart Hawkes who is legendary in the UK Drum n Bass scene for cutting gigantic sounding records since forever. You may own a mint copy of this vinyl beast for a bargain price of 12 British quids for one more week only. Or a CD for 8 if you prefer to keep things in 16bit binary. ✭CC SALE✭ One more week, we mean it this time. 12 quid vinyl, 8 quid CDs. APRIL SHOWS 19.04 FR Caen - Portobello Bones 21.04 FR Bourges - Printemps de Bourges 22.04 LU Luxembourg - Out of the Crowd 24.04 DE Würzburg - Cairo 25.04 AT Linz - Crossing Europe 27.04 DE Munich - Rote Sonne 29.04 FR Dijon - La Bécane à Jules
Civil Civic Apr 03, 2017
.....aaaaaand ...we're back ¯\(°_o)/¯ Shows in France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria this month. Don't have our new album yet? No excuses. Limited discount for the poor and tight fisted. Vinyl and CDs. THIS WEEK ONLY! ➢ April shows: 19.04 FR Caen - Portobello Bones 21.04 FR Bourges - Printemps de Bourges 22.04 LU Luxembourg - Out of the Crowd 24.04 DE Würzburg - Cairo 25.04 AT Linz - Crossing Europe 27.04 DE Munich - Rote Sonne 29.04 FR Dijon - La Bécane à Jules 凸 (^_^)凸 xx cc
Civil Civic Dec 08, 2016
Grab some clothes, put on your dancing shoes and tour for five weeks. You'll love it.
Civil Civic Dec 06, 2016
Interview with Aaron lending some insight into the making of THE TEST.
Civil Civic Nov 29, 2016
CC EUROTOUR '16 IS OFFICIALLY OVER! (WAH!!) Time for us to crawl into bed and watch 100 movies. YUUUGE thanks to everyone in the audience, all the venue staff, the promoters and everyone else who made the adventure happen!! Big wet kiss for each and every one of youse! (BIG P.S. If you took any gig video with your phone, even if it's shitty quality, we want to use it in the wowsome tour movie we're putting together, so upload it and hit us with a link! - [email protected])
Civil Civic Nov 28, 2016
Huw Stephens dropped new CC track THE MIRROR over some ariel Planet Earth footage.
Civil Civic Nov 26, 2016
LONDON. Tonight. We're on at 9:30, get down early to catch a live set from Shoobi. Show is now sold out sorry. x civs
Civil Civic Nov 24, 2016
LONDON. Last show of THE TOUR. 10 tickets left!
Civil Civic Nov 22, 2016
Merci Pierre Wetzel for making us look like total badasses with his ancient and massive wet-plate camera. Bordeaux ce soire IBOAT Concert: Civil Civic + Fiction
Civil Civic Nov 05, 2016
x x I T A L Y x x 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹
Civil Civic Nov 05, 2016
Taking the cake in Besançon tonight. A handful of tickets left on the door!
Civil Civic Nov 04, 2016
Could get used to these Swiss venues. Thanks Lucerne, Baden tonight! 🇨🇭
Civil Civic Nov 02, 2016
Pack all your worries into a big yellow box and come dance the stupid world away with us! Tonight! Ulm - Kradhalle Thursday 3, Lucerne - Konzerthaus Schüür Friday 4, Baden - Royal Baden Satuday 5, Besançon - Passagers du Zinc Sunday 6, Lausanne - Le Romandie
Civil Civic Oct 29, 2016
Professional boxing. Dresden. Ostpol. Tonacht!
Civil Civic Oct 28, 2016
TV off. Get the real CC in Berlin, Urban Spree, tonight.
Civil Civic Oct 28, 2016
Any one in Hamburg driving to Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Bamberg, Esslingen or Ulm (or nearby) in the coming days? We left a very important item behind and the postal service won't be quick enough to save us. Please get in touch! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Civil Civic Oct 27, 2016
CCTV #köln
Civil Civic Oct 24, 2016
Casual post-show hang at the Rouen funfair.
Civil Civic Oct 21, 2016
EUROPEAN TOUR 2016 has begun. New set of new and old tracks ready to shake those historic city walls. Tickets and info at See you there. x Aaron, Ben & The Box. 22.10 FR Rouen - Le 106 24.10 FR Lille - La Peniche 25.10 BE Brussels - Magasin 4 26.10 DE Köln - Gebäude 9 27.10 DE Hamburg - Hafenklang 28.10 DE Berlin - Urban Spree 29.10 DE Dresden - Ostpol 30.10 DE Leipzig - TANZCAFÉ ILSES ERIKA 31.10 DE Bamberg - Alte Seilerei 01.11 DE Esslingen am Neckar - Komma 02.11 DE Ulm - Kradhalle 03.11 CH Lucerne - Konzerthaus Schüür 04.11 CH Baden - Royal 05.11 FR Besançon - Passagers du Zinc 06.11 CH Lausanne - Le Romandie - Lausanne 08.11 IT Monza - Boccacio 09.11 IT Savona - Raindogs House 10.11 IT Carpi - Mattatoio 11.11 IT Perugia - Urban Club 12.11 IT Roma - Monk w/ Gold Panda 13.11 IT Piazzola sul Brenta - Schokando Festival 15.11 FR Lyon - Le Sonic 16.11 FR Strasbourg - Halle des Chars 17:11 FR Gerardmer – Le Grattoir 18.11 FR Metz - Musiques Volantes 19.11 FR La Roche sur Yon - Fuzz Yon 22.11 FR Bordeaux - I Boat 23.11 FR Paris - Point Ephémère 24.11 FR Rennes - Condominium / 1988 Club 26.11 UK London - The Victoria