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Guide Me Back Home (Live)
If I Should Go Before You
The Hurry and the Harm
The Hurry and the Harm
Bring Me Your Love
Little Hell
Bring Me Your Love
Bring Me Your Love
Alice In Chains and City and Colour at FirstOntario Concert Hall (April 24, 2019)
Venue: FirstOntario Concert Hall (Hamilton, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Alice In Chains and City and Colour at Casino Rama Resort (April 25, 2019)
Venue: Casino Rama Resort (Rama, ON, Canada) Find tickets
Osheaga Music & Arts Osheaga Music & Arts 2019
Venue: Parc Jean-Drapeau (Montreal, QC, Canada) Find tickets
Area 506 Festival Area 506 Festival 2019
Venue: Long Wharf (Saint John, NB, Canada) Find tickets
City and Colour Apr 10, 2019
Anyone that knows me understands how incredibly deep my love for Alice in Chains goes. I can point to many musical mile markers that have helped me navigate this incredible journey that I’ve been on since I first picked up a guitar, but if you want to get to the bottom of why I make music the way that I do, it is this band. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Dirt was the first record I ever bought with my own money, on my birthday, September 29th, 1992 at the Lincoln Mall in St. Catharines, Ontario. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 27 years later I’m so very grateful to say i’ll be opening for them on their upcoming April tour leg (Canada with 3 American shows) starting TONIGHT in Vancouver. Me and a guitar. Life is strange and beautiful. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You can find the April tour dates here:
City and Colour Apr 06, 2019
‪🖤 ‬ ‪We chase misprinted lies ‬ ‪We face the path of time ‬ ‪And yet I fight ‬ ‪This battle all alone ‬ ‪No one to cry to ‬ ‪No place to call home‬ ‪ ‪#LayneStaley Alice in Chains‬
City and Colour Mar 26, 2019
ST JOHN'S NL - it's been years! stoked to be heading your way AUG 5 for George Street 🎫 on sale now: #GSF2019
City and Colour Mar 21, 2019
Summer can't come soon enough Montreal - I'm heading your way for Osheaga this August!!! visit for more info #Osheaga2019 #BellAltTV Bell Canada
City and Colour Mar 01, 2019
Today is the day. Overjoyed to have this record out in the ether. I’m so very proud to be a part of this. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ben Rogers’ Wildfire OUT NOW on Still Records ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “The only blessings I count are your numbered days.”
City and Colour Feb 27, 2019
‪coupla pals - nuff said‬. ‪Ben Rogers ‘Wildfire’ ‬ ‪OUT Fri March 1 on Still Records‬ ‪‬
City and Colour Feb 16, 2019
Head to the Alexisonfire Facebook now to stream a live performance from The Strombo Show / House of Strombo 💚 #familiardrugs
City and Colour Jan 18, 2019
Still Records NEWS!! I’m incredibly proud to announce Ben Rogers’ new record Wildfire is coming out on Still Records, March 1. Pre-Order NOW! Working on this record with Ben and the boys was a true honour. I’m not only a client, I bought the company! 😜 🔥🎶
City and Colour Jan 07, 2019
Bathed in the red light are a band that changed my life 20 years ago. When I first saw moneen (is a band) play, it awoke a deep desire in me to give everything I had to the music. To then become friends with them and tour the world playing shows together is still unbelievable to me. Last night was the best I’ve ever seen them, (which is saying something because I’ve seen them a lot!) I am so truly grateful for this band. I can say without a doubt that if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be writing this to all of you now. Thank you moneen - Love Dal.
City and Colour Dec 24, 2018
Check out “my 2018 faves” playlist 🎧 🎶 There’s a little of everything from Ariana Grande & Emma Ruth Rundle, to Low. follow me on Spotify & my playlist to be entered to win a signed LP of Guide Me Back Home:
City and Colour Dec 19, 2018
Sometimes really cool magic happens when I’m on the road. It's the kind of stuff you can’t plan and it makes every show a special one for me. On Guide Me Back Home, we used the recording of “Friends” from the Surrey, BC show. It happened to be a really good version of the song but the best part of the recording is what happened before I even played a note. I dedicated the song, across the tour, to people who came to the show with their friends. That night, as if on cue, two pals: Phil and Dave gave each other a shout out from their seats across the theatre (listen below!) They went together but they didn’t sit together. It makes me laugh every time i hear it. It's moments like that, that remind me why I love live music. Can you help me find Phil and Dave? Tag them if you know them OR - tag yourself… if you’re Phil or Dave!
City and Colour Dec 17, 2018
SALE: one more week to get 10% off the City and Colour store* Visit the store here: Happy holidays! (*some items excluded. Sale prices as marked. Sale ends Dec 24)
City and Colour Nov 30, 2018
Thanks for sharing your memories with me. The one’s from the Guide Me Back Home tour were especially great since we didn’t take any pictures ourselves. Makes me miss the road and meeting all of you. Here is an album of some of my favourites. Get Guide Me Back Home here:
City and Colour Nov 26, 2018
We packed light for this tour and true to form I didn’t take any pictures.😉 Its been amazing to see all of your photos. Truly humbled by all of the memories you have shared. Keep em coming (and don’t forget to tag City and Colour and hashtag #GuideMeBackHome). CD and Vinyl Available Now:
City and Colour Nov 23, 2018
Guide Me Back Home is available in all formats, worldwide NOW! stream | download | buy
City and Colour Nov 23, 2018
Guide Me Back Home is available in all formats, worldwide NOW! stream | download | buy** I am forever grateful to everyone that has supported City and Colour. You've given me the stage as a perfect home away from home. Thank you for that. This album is a labour of love shared by me, the road and friends. While the tour was my love letter to Canada, this album is my love letter to everyone who has ever listened. Guide Me Back Home is a collection of our favourite moments from the 2017 Canadian solo tour. I hope you love it as much as I do. love dal. Guide Me Back Home - Tracklisting: 01. Forgive Me / Two Coins (Live in Wolfville, NS - May 5, 2017) 02. Friends (Live in Surrey, BC - April 7, 2017) 03. What Makes a Man? (Live in Sainte-Thérèse, QC - April 27, 2017) 04. If I Should Go Before You (Live in Truro, NS - May 4, 2017) 05. We Found Each Other in the Dark (Live in Charlottetown, PEI - April 30, 2017) 06. Silver and Gold (Live in Fredericton, NB - May 8, 2017) 07. Hello, I'm In Delaware (Live in Saint John, NB - May 2, 2017) 08. O' Sister (Live in Vernon, BC - April 13, 2017) 09. Runaway (Live in Truro, NS - May 4, 2017) 10. Twilight (Live in Glace Bay, NS - May 11, 2017) 11. Casey's Song (Live in Banff, AB - April 18, 2017) 12. Lover Come Back (Live in Cornerbrook, NL - May 15, 2017) 13. As Much as I Ever Could (Live in Halifax, NS - May 10, 2017) 14. Paradise (Live in Fredericton, NB - May 8, 2017) 15. Against the Grain (Live in Vernon, BC - April 13, 2017) 16. Comin' Home (Live in Pictou, NS - May 6, 2017) 17. Sensible Heart (Live in St. John's, NL - May 14, 2017) 18. Waiting… (Live in Pictou, NS - May 6, 2017) 19. The Girl (Live in Halifax, NS - May 10, 2017) 20. Sleeping Sickness (Live in Halifax, NS - May 9, 2017) ** $1 from every album sold, worldwide, will be donated to MusiCounts.
City and Colour Nov 23, 2018
🎄🖤 #blackfriday 🖤🎄 Storewide Sale: 35% off Cloth 40% off Accessories 10% off Music* available TONIGHT at 00:00 (EST) & ending MONDAY at 11:59pm (EST) *excluding Guide Me Back Home
City and Colour Nov 16, 2018
1 WEEK left until Guide Me Back Home is available on CD & Vinyl in stores!! When I left home for the tour that would become Guide Me Back Home, I wanted to approach things a little differently then I was used to. It was my chance to head across Canada and strip everything back - I brought a small group of pals, a bunch of guitars, a couple of mics and hit the road. and….true to form, i didn’t take any pictures! 😉 I want to see photos & hear memories from all of YOU! If you were at one of the shows featured on Guide Me Back Home, or you came out to a show in NY in 2017, or you saw me play at Union Chapel in London UK in 2006 (or anywhere in between) please share your pics and memories. When you post them, use: #GuideMeBackHome & tag me City and Colour i’ll be going through all of them and sharing some favourites!
City and Colour Nov 15, 2018
LISTEN: I’m excited to share the next song from Ben Rogers’ upcoming release on Still Records “A Changed Man” is a dedication to victims & survivors of domestic abuse. Check out the premiere at Exclaim!: (And listen everywhere else starting tomorrow.)
City and Colour Oct 19, 2018
‪I couldn’t be more excited to announce that my good friend Ben Rogers will be the 1st signing to Still Records ‬ 🎧 Listen to his new single “Steady Going Nowhere” Ben’s vulnerability while making this record, was really moving to me. I think it was a brilliant experience for all of us and resulted in a really beautiful record. Not only do I believe in it and think it’s fantastic, but it also did something for me; it really opened a whole new chapter of my creative life. I hope you love it as much as I do.
City and Colour Oct 08, 2018
Appreciate all of the positive vibes from everyone who’s enjoying my new live album, #GuideMeBackHome. As always, thank you for listening. #heresagreencab
City and Colour Oct 05, 2018
Listen to Guide Me Back Home: Stream on Spotify: Stream on Apple Music: Pre-order the CD & 3LP:
City and Colour Oct 05, 2018
Guide Me Back Home is available to stream & download NOW! Thank you to everyone who has supported City and Colour along the way. I am forever grateful. When the album cycle for If I Should Go Before You started to wind down, I was feeling a little lost and burnt out. Not knowing what to do next, I decided to do what felt the most comforting to me - I booked the longest Canadian tour I could book at the time and travelled coast to coast. I felt compelled to play all of the towns I had driven past, flown over, or didn’t even know existed. We decided to record every show, not necessarily with an album in mind, but just to chronicle the tour and see what we would come up with. I’m so glad that we did. Guide Me Back Home is a collection of our favourite moments from that tour. I hope you love it as much as I do. thanks for listening. love dal. * CD & 3LP out Nov 23 ** $1 from every album sold, worldwide, will be donated to MusiCounts.
City and Colour Oct 05, 2018
(studio) Album 6. #sameshirtdifferentday
City and Colour Oct 04, 2018
tomorrow. #GuideMeBackHome