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CITIZENS! Jun 08, 2018
Citizens! New music from Tom Burke out today. 💛 XCUSES 💛 We are very happy to share with you Harold's first track, XCUSES, out now. — Produced by GrandMarnier | Mixed by THE SHOES Motion design by Lambert Duchesne Thanks to Recreation Center & IDOL ✌️
CITIZENS! Jun 07, 2018
One more day until Tom launches his new project Harold Yes Harold. Go like his page! Here's a picture of Tom in Marseille in case you've forgotten what he looks like.
CITIZENS! Jun 02, 2018
Citizens! true friends. Its been too long. We miss you. Big news: our own dearest Tom Burke is gonna release the first single of his new project soon... follow him Harold Yes Harold Brand new track Xcuses coming soon...
CITIZENS! Oct 31, 2016
Seen our spooky video for Fade Out yet? (also, still a few CDs, t-shirts and signed vinyls left over at
CITIZENS! Oct 25, 2016
Bringing the real horror from the Paris catacombs.
CITIZENS! May 27, 2016
You can't have the jacket but you can have the T-Shirt. And the VINYL!! Signed!!
CITIZENS! May 26, 2016
TBT to Mike looking awesome in this brilliant Polaroid by #fuckyeahcitizens. Hope you're having a lovely early summer everyone. European Soul CDs/Vinyls/T-shirts here:
CITIZENS! May 25, 2016
Tom killing it at Camden Barfly last summer. Check out For CITIZENS! Summer Wear.
CITIZENS! May 24, 2016
Us and the wonderful MIKA, back stage in Paris at the end of last year. Good times indeed. Get your European Soul CDs/T-shirts/Vinyls Here:
CITIZENS! May 23, 2016
We love this classical reimagining of True Romance that we're just going to share it again!! And we got a sale on over at our online store, so we're going to share that again!:
CITIZENS! May 20, 2016
IT'S FRIDAY! Get that Friday feeling with our Wonderful Lighten Up Remix by Cesare! And we got a sale on over at our online store. So it's a really REALLY good Friday.
CITIZENS! May 19, 2016
TBT: When we had to cancel our show in Mexico and we were too sad for words. So we had a sing instead!! Besame Mucho! Buy a late Xmas Present at our online store here:
CITIZENS! May 18, 2016
Remember that time we did "Uptown Funk" on one piano? Like the 60s, if you can remember it, you weren't there. Luckilly our cameras were. We got signed t-shirts/vinyls/CDs over here:
CITIZENS! May 17, 2016
Thank you to the wonderful human who did this amazing rendition of True Romance. What a wonderful present for the start of summer.
CITIZENS! May 13, 2016
We got signed CDs, We got signed VINYLs, we got TRUE ROMANCE T-SHIRTS. All at our lovely new online store....
CITIZENS! May 12, 2016
#TBT Only a couple of months ago when Mike and Tom had to make dinner for loads of people in Madrid and then they had to drink all the cocktails that weren't finished!!
CITIZENS! Mar 02, 2016
🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 America!! Canada!! You need some European Soul in your lives!! 🍁🍁🍁 Get it for $6:99 the whole of March on Amazon!! Beware the Ides Of March. Don't Beware CITIZENS!!
CITIZENS! Jan 26, 2016
Who saw us on "Album Of The Day" on iTunes yesterday. Get that European Soul in your life for a happier 2016!! iOS: Android:
CITIZENS! Jan 18, 2016
It's a grey and cold Monday morning. Let's remember summer....Come back soon please... Our remix with Cesare!!
CITIZENS! Jan 11, 2016
All our love and thoughts are with the friends and family of Mr David Bowie today. The very first song we ever did in session was his brilliant "Prettiest Star". He was and will remain our No.1 Hero and Inspiration. Thank you David. Rest In Peace.
CITIZENS! Dec 31, 2015
Friends, old, new, and yet to be found. Thank you for a brilliant 2015!! We'll see you very soon in 2016 for more adventures. !!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
CITIZENS! Dec 22, 2015
🎄🎄Ladies and Gentlemen🎄🎄 Recently we had to cancel our shows in Mexico City. We were devastated!! We recorded this as an apology to all you amazing Mexican fans. And as a Christmas gift for everyone else. 🎄🎄Joyeux Noël, Meri Kuri, Feliz Navidad, Meri Kirihimete🎄🎄
CITIZENS! Dec 16, 2015
Britain>Holland>France>Germany>Spain!! What a blast we had this last week....Our final shows of 2015!! The rest of the world, we hope to see you next year!!
CITIZENS! Dec 13, 2015
Razzmatazz. We love you!
CITIZENS! Dec 10, 2015
Tonight at the brilliant FUZZ'YON!! Us. In Colour!!