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Citizen Jan 22, 2019
Outbreak Fest 2019 - tickets available now.
Citizen Jan 02, 2019
Toledo tix running low. Get them now! See you Saturday. 💝
Citizen Dec 03, 2018
Headed back to Japan 🌸 Tickets on sale now.
Citizen Nov 13, 2018
Citizen Nov 12, 2018
Toledo January 5th with No Warning, Fiddlehead, & Bugg. Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon. 💝
Citizen Nov 08, 2018
Tickets on sale now. Move quickly!
Citizen Nov 07, 2018
Australia with TURNSTILE 2019. Tickets on sale Friday @ 9 AM.
Citizen Oct 28, 2018
Next year, we’re returning to Europe for GROEZROCK. 💛
Citizen Oct 24, 2018
Happy to finally unearth a new (old) song “Open Your Heart” which we made for AYP. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music. Thank you and love you all. 💛
Citizen Oct 22, 2018
Milwaukee! We're playing one of our last headlining shows of the year at Back Room @ Collectivo on October 28th - attendance mandatory. 🎟: 🗓:
Citizen Oct 16, 2018
Portland! We're playing Roseland Theater on November 2nd with The Story So Far, Turnover and Movements - attendance mandatory.
Citizen Oct 12, 2018
Minnesota! We're playing THE GARAGE in Burnsville on October 29th with Household, Why Not, and Heart To Gold - attendance mandatory. 🎟: 🗓:
Citizen Sep 21, 2018
EU/UK/USA tickets for every upcoming show (including Vegas) are available now. Much luv.
Citizen Sep 18, 2018
Vegas December 2nd with Culture Abuse & co. Tix on sale Friday @ noon PST.
Citizen Sep 06, 2018
Tickets are available now. These will be our last headline shows of the year, so don’t miss em.
Citizen Sep 06, 2018
's cover photo
Citizen Sep 05, 2018
Playing a few headlining shows en route to the big fall tour. Tickets on sale tomorrow at noon central time. Attendance mandatory.
Citizen Aug 24, 2018
Tickets up at noon local time. Move fast.
Citizen Aug 21, 2018
The Story So Far, Turnover, Citizen, Movements traveling the USA. Tickets on sale Friday @ noon local time.
Citizen Aug 12, 2018
LA with friends. Tickets on sale Wednesday @ 10AM.
Citizen Aug 09, 2018
We’re headed back to Australia in January. More TBA. 💖 Tickets available at noon AEST.
Citizen Jun 25, 2018
All shows! USA starts in a couple weeks and then we hit EU UK in September with some old friends. Who is comin stand up.
Citizen Jun 05, 2018
I want to thank Basement, Souvenirs, Pronoun, Angel Du$t, and Oso Oso for an amazing month. Last two shows of tour in Chicago & Columbus starting tomorrow. Thank you all.
Citizen Jun 01, 2018
Michigan! Our show at Counter Culture this Sunday alongside some friends of ours in ANGEL DU$T, Oso Oso, pronoun, and Forest Green is coming up fast. Grab tickets now so you don’t miss out!
Citizen May 25, 2018
Columbus! Our show at Ace of Cups on June 6th alongside some friends of ours in ANGEL DU$T, Oso Oso, and pronoun is coming up fast. Grab tickets now so you don’t miss out!