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Sorcerer's Orphans
Hit My Ego (Remixes)
Over & Over (feat. Holly Miranda) [Remixes]
Come Together (Remixes)
Fast Cars
Your Love
One Beat Away (Remixes)
Future Love
Psycho Thrills
You Got Me Feeling
Cicada (Special Edition)
Simple Chaos Stereo
Cicada Aug 06, 2019
The second broken strap of the night for the last guitar solo on Downpour. No worries, we make do on the ground 😂
Cicada Aug 04, 2019
First full live clip of Feign from our first show in 18 months last night!! Shout out to Steve for getting through our hardest song on Bass with a broken strap through almost the entire performance 😂
Cicada Jul 26, 2019
Saturday August 3rd from 10pm we will be hitting the stage and performing this single from our recent music video ‘Downpour’
Cicada Jul 20, 2019
Sneak peek at the first edit of our new single!!
Cicada Jul 15, 2019
Haven’t seen us live yet? You should. We make our return to the stage Saturday August 3rd at the Hideaway Bar in Newtown. Bands on from 8pm and we will be hitting the stage at 10pm.
Cicada Jul 12, 2019
We’re back!! We will be playing our first Live show in a long time on Saturday August 3rd at The Hideaway Bar in Newtown. We will be on stage from 8pm so head down to see some old stuff, some new stuff, and everything in between.
Cicada Mar 30, 2019
Lil Snippet from today’s recording session!
Cicada Mar 30, 2019
Recording some new songs @ Everland Studios.. Big thanks to Liam Gordon for the sound engineering!
Cicada Sep 21, 2018
Stream and download Cicada's music: Band Camp: Triple J Unearthed:
Cicada Sep 14, 2018
Unfortunately, we had a Metallica like event recently with Steve having all his music gear stolen. Bass, amp, pedals the whole lot. The silver lining is we now have a new toy to play with, this bad ass 5 string Dingwall NG2. Looking forward to putting this beast through its paces!!
Cicada Sep 07, 2018
Just a reminder. We have a music video \m/-.-\m/
Cicada Aug 26, 2018
Working on some Nirvana covers tonight, just guitar, drums and vocals. Here’s a snippet of Heart Shaped Box ✌🏼 Make sure to hit the HD button in the bottom right corner for best quality!
Cicada Aug 05, 2018
Channeling some Linkin Park and Chester for some new music tonight 🤙🏼
Cicada Jul 28, 2018
We are currently back in writing mode and working on three new songs. Working titles below: 1. Low. 2. Reconcile. 3. Firefly. We think these three songs will not only take us back to our roots of good hard rock music, but also paint a kaleidoscope of layers and colours that haven’t been seen from the band before. Looking forward to getting back in the studio with Joe de la Hoyde and working some magic with him.
Cicada Jun 01, 2018
A little known fact, Out of Focus was actually written in tribute to the late Chris Cornell.
Cicada May 20, 2018
ITS OUT!!! Here is our debut music video and the official release of our new single Downpour. Huge thanks to all involved who helped bring this together.
Cicada May 19, 2018
Today is the day! Not long to go now until our first ever music video for our new single Downpour ✌🏼
Cicada May 18, 2018
2 days.
Cicada May 17, 2018
3 days.
Cicada May 15, 2018
5 days until our debut music video Downpour goes live! It will be released on 19.05.2018 at 7pm Sydney time.
Cicada May 12, 2018
Very happy with where the Downpour clip is sitting now. Please play in HD. We can’t wait for everyone to see this 🤙🏼
Cicada May 12, 2018
Work is being done 🤙🏼
Cicada May 11, 2018
Legend has it, that Steve once rocked out so hard, he actually began to emit an eerie glow due to the pure heat being generated.
Cicada Apr 25, 2018
Absolutely inspired last night by Royal Blood who are redefining rock in 2018. For a band like us, it gives us hope that when you put out good music and play with passion there is still the audience out there who will rise up and support it.
Cicada Apr 18, 2018
Massive shout out to VALLEY FM 89.5 down in Canberra Australia for playing us next to one of our idols Pearl Jam!!