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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Oct 20, 2018
To our dear fans in Russia, we are very sorry to report that we will not be coming next month and playing the shows in St. Petersburg on November 27th and Moscow on November 28th as previously planned. We had every intention of doing so and would never have announced them had we thought we would cancel. But we are not happy with how the shows are coming together with the promoter, and we're not comfortable coming to another country and giving the fans a poor experience. We will do everything in our power to get back to Russia soon and play our hearts out for those that are disappointed in this cancellation. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your unending support!
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Jun 26, 2018
Not gonna lie, we’re missing Vans Warped Tour a lot this year... Spent three of the best summers we’ve ever had doing it, meeting you guys and partying with you all! That’s so much sweat, so many shows, load-ins, high fives, miles, strings, laughs, signings, selfies, beers, BBQs, caterings, friends, rave parties, memories... Wishing you all an amazing last punk rock summer camp 🤟🏻 #thankyouforthegoodtimes #ripwarped
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 24, 2018
This is hell on earth 🏝(Photos: @dustoffdeano) @ Okinawa Prefecture
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 22, 2018
Okinawa, you’re next! Can’t wait to get tropical with you 🏝🤙🏻🍹
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 21, 2018
Last Tokyo show tonight at Fever before we head over to Okinawa 🌺 Let’s do it right! (Photos: @dustoffdeano) @ Tokyo, Japan
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 20, 2018
Niigata, the boys are back in town! Stoked for tonights show, come help us out and grab the mic 🎤 (Photo: @dustoffdeano)
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 19, 2018
Tokyo, we’re playing at Club Asia tonight with some sick bands and we’ll be on stage at 8.00pm, let’s have some fun 🤙🏻 (Photo: @dustoffdeano)
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 19, 2018
We absolutely love exploring Japan, discovering new places and experiencing new things each time we come, nihon daisuki 🙌🏻 (@dustoffdeano) @ Japan
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 18, 2018
Osaka was on fire last night, probably one of the funnest shows we’ve ever played... Thank you so much, we love you 🇯🇵 (Photos: @dustoffdeano) @ Osaka
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 16, 2018
Aomori few days ago by @dustoffdeano, Osaka you’re next 👊🏻 @ Aomori, Aomori
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 15, 2018
Had a blast visiting the snow monkey park today, such an incredible experience 🙈 See you tonight Shizuoka!
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 14, 2018
We’re having so much fun on this tour and it’s only the beginning! (📷 @dustoffdeano) @ Japan
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 13, 2018
Sendai, you guys killed it last night! Stoked to see what Aomori has in store tonight 🤘🏻(Photos: @dustoffdeano) @ Sendai
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 12, 2018
Tokyo, thank you so much for the support, the energy and the love, you’re the best! Much love to our boys in Crystal Lake who destroyed the place as well 👊🏻 (photos: @dustoffdeano)
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 11, 2018
The boys are back in town, stoked to play a sold out show tonight in Shibuya! Bring inflatables and let’s make it a party ✌🏻
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 07, 2018
D-3 before we hit Japan ✌🏻🇯🇵 #Sumimasen
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! May 05, 2018
Our 4th Japanese tour is next week, the level of excitement is very high and we can’t wait to get back on stage! We’re starting off with a banger in Tokyo with our boys in @crystallake777 , If you don’t have your tickets yet be very quick because it’s almost sold out 🙊
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Apr 27, 2018
We decided to print a very limited Japan Tour exclusive cassette of the very first edition of our debut album "Something For Nothing" that came out 8 years ago. These will only be available at shows between May 11th/May 25th in very limited quantities, be fast! Tickets and infos at @icegrillsjp or 🇯🇵
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Apr 12, 2018
We’re exactly one month away from our biggest Japan tour to date 🇯🇵 Support bands for each show just got announced, super stoked to have Crystal Lake, Loyal To The Grave, Country Yard, Castaway, Hollow Suns and many more by our sides! Get your tickets right now before it’s too late on the Ice Grill$ website or at Nerfs Records in Tokyo Shibuya.
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Mar 22, 2018
Can’t wait to head back on the road this May! If you haven’t got your tickets for our Japan Tour make sure to pick it up now before it’s too late ➡️ @icegrillsjp
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Mar 03, 2018
Our boys in @crystallake777 will be joining us on the first show of our Japan tour, May 11th at The Game Tokyo. This is gonna be a wild one so make sure to grab your tickets ASAP because this show will sell out pretty fast 💯 | Tickets available at
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Feb 13, 2018
KONNICHIWA! We're stoked to announce we'll be back on the road and hitting Japan this May with the Ice Grill$ family. We will also be playing Okinawa for the very first time so mark your calendars and let's have some fun! All infos and pre-sale tickets available now at: Arigato
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Jan 31, 2018
Hey guys, long time no speak! Yes, we are still alive in case you were wondering, we were in hibernation for the past few months but we will be back very soon with some news. In the meantime, we're having a big sale online on our Euro Store over at Kings Road Merch Europe, so go snag something at reduced price while you can!
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Jul 25, 2017
One year ago we released "Blame It On This Song" while we were on Warped Tour, make sure to go stream this pure summer jam on Spotify or download it on Itunes if you haven't got it yet and let's get tropical 🌴🍍
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Jun 19, 2017
Vans Warped Tour has officially started few days ago so here's a few cool pics by the homie @dustoffdeano to remind us all how awesome was last summer ✌🏻#summercamp