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Chuck Berry Aug 23, 2019
A beautiful picture of Chuck Berry from the 1950s. What was your favorite record from this decade?
Chuck Berry Aug 22, 2019
Chuck Berry photographed striking a pose on Park Lane in London, 1965.
Chuck Berry Aug 18, 2019
Speaking for the family and my dad's contributions to music, THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll is being re-released on BlueRay disc in November 2019! Keeping the music alive...
Chuck Berry Jul 31, 2019
Chuck Berry Jul 22, 2019
The highest tribute possible! Our friends of the band "Chucks Beat" were joined by long time band leader and Bass player of my dad's band Jimmy Marsala and "Mr. Fingers" band member Daniel Trustrup Røssing on the piano in a rousing version of Little Queenie. Enjoy as they perform this tune live and in living colour... Thank you all for this wonderful performance and continuing to keep the music alive.
Chuck Berry Jun 13, 2019
"Darlin’…your father’s growing older each year.” Celebrate the fathers in your life and gift them some Chuck Berry vinyl, apparel, and more from the Dualtone Store. Use the code CHUCK20 to get 20% off through Sunday the 16th.
Chuck Berry Jun 13, 2019
🎶Go Blue Notes, Go, Go! Blue Notes B. Good!🎶 Congrats to the St. Louis Blues on bringing our city its 1st Stanley Cup! Doing what the #BigBoys do!
Chuck Berry Jun 04, 2019
All the #BigBoys ready for game 4 after a little jersey repair!
Chuck Berry Jun 02, 2019
Chuck Berry Jun 01, 2019
Let’s go blues!! #bigboys
Chuck Berry May 09, 2019
The incomparable Nile Rodgers before his recent SXSW keynote. Catch him opening for Cher tomorrow night in St. Louis. Shirt from Dualtone Music Group.
Chuck Berry Apr 30, 2019
Chuck Berry Apr 20, 2019
Photos from Chuck Berry's post
Chuck Berry Apr 05, 2019
1981 Gibson ES-335 On display at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Cleveland Ohio Photo by : Janis Scott Haas
Chuck Berry Mar 25, 2019
This is the second prototype as of March 21st, 2019 getting closer to completion. Another excellent musical instrument being created TO BE PLAYED! We were given the opportunity to see the Gibson Custom shop and jumped at the chance. That's a hand made guitar like they all are. My dad would be very impressed with the degree of detail they are using to create this instrument. Truly a work of art. #chuckberry @_chuckberry
Chuck Berry Mar 18, 2019
July 22,2001 at Garden Beach , Juan-lès-Pins, France ("Nice Matin" newspaper) by Maurice Bernaudon. That's my dad with a beard! He didn't wear that beard for very long. It was the only time I ever remember seeing him with one.
Chuck Berry Mar 18, 2019
Chuck Berry Mar 15, 2019
Absolutely amazing electric guitar. As the new President of Gibson "JC" said, they want to make the best guitars in the world. This is guitar is proof positive they hit their mark. My father would be very pleased with the build quality and playability of this gem.
Chuck Berry Mar 13, 2019
I’m holding my dads 1967 Gibson ES-355 in Austin Texas. It’s at the Songbird Museum in Chattanooga Tennessee.
Chuck Berry Feb 14, 2019
It's still hard to believe I'm holding a guitar like my dads original 55 Gibson ES-350T!
Chuck Berry Feb 01, 2019
***Black History Month Sale*** Premium vinyl, coffee table books, and exclusive bundles are 25% off until February 28. Use code: CBHISTORY at checkout:
Chuck Berry Jan 24, 2019
Something wonderful has happened! Gibson Brands has announced the Chuck Berry signature series ES-350T today at the winter NAMM show January 23rd, 2019. Accurate to the finest detail, we the Berry family are very pleased with the high quality construction, materials and playability of this fantastic instrument. Another step in Berry family’s goal of keeping the music and legacy alive. Charles E. Berry Jr. (myself) & Charles E. Berry III (my son) played the guitar live on the Gibson artist stage this evening and it has our stamps of approval. Further details to come. This is what dreams are made of...
Chuck Berry Jan 23, 2019
We have been on a mission for some time now. The mission is almost at its end. What follows once completed can be thought of in the following quotes... From the movie 2001: a space Odyssey HAL 9000 : "I can feel it, I can feel it" From the movie 2010: The year we made contact HAL 9000 : "What's going to happen Dave?" Dave : "Something Wonderful" Many will understand this much better in the coming days. The world will be a better place for it. It's what dreams are made of...
Chuck Berry Nov 21, 2018
Just announced! New exhibit at The Met "Play it Loud: Instruments of Rock and Roll" coming in 2019 will feature items from Chuck Berry and many other artists. 🎸🎙️
Chuck Berry Nov 19, 2018
Little known Chuck Berry fact. My dad has a twitter account! With 2+ million people following all things Chuck Berry here on Facebook, we have not devoted much effort in the twitter space. It's another place we will share information about my fathers music.