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Si On Fêtait Noël
J'vous explique ce qui m'amène...
Personal Revolution (Rise Edition)
Personal Revolution
Don't Be Scared, It's About Life (Remixes)
Don't Be Scared, It's About Life (Expanded)
Peacemakers Inc. II
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Chrysalide 1
CHRYSALIDE Apr 08, 2019
IN YOU IS THE FuTURE !!! #iconoclasts #postpop #future #inyouisthefuture #nofate
CHRYSALIDE Mar 27, 2019
GOOD DEAL : The very last copies of "Don't be scared it's about life" CD are available here for only 5€ !!! You can also avail the other low prices of audiotrauma records (from 3€...) Thank you for your support
CHRYSALIDE Mar 19, 2019
"Once you choose hope, anything is possible." #resist
CHRYSALIDE Mar 08, 2019
Fury. <3 #chrysalide #live #audiotraumafest2019 #praha #stormclub
CHRYSALIDE Mar 07, 2019
Audiotrauma Fest - day 2 - report (fr) <3 >CHRYSALIDE - live - Praha(cz) - March 2nd 2k19
CHRYSALIDE Feb 23, 2019
March 2nd 2k19 - Praha (cz)
CHRYSALIDE Jan 22, 2019
CHRYSALIDE Dec 15, 2018
IT ONLY TAKES ONE... #chrsld #postpop #iconoclasts #domino
CHRYSALIDE Dec 03, 2018
CHRYSALIDE Dec 03, 2018
CHRYSALIDE Nov 09, 2018 #chrsld #postpop #iconoclasts
CHRYSALIDE Oct 29, 2018
CHRYSALIDE Oct 25, 2018
It was a great honor to be part of Maschinenfest 2k18 - the final chapter (official). We will never forget this moment... photo credit: kh japnoise IN YOU IS THE FUTURE available on MF2k18 compilation. "i won't Tell you what to do but I can't Stop to think of you you'll be the Next generation therefore the New expectation i don't want to Raise another me you'll become What you wanna be you are the Keeper of the seeds the careTaker of your dreams no one can Take your heart away you can make it Growing everyday if you cry Never be ashamed tears don't make You less of a man the knowledge You gain is a weapon but knowledge Speaks and wisdom listens the more you Fall the more you're broken but the more you Fail the more you learn it's Not about winning remember it's Just about fighting waiting Love will make you suffer giving Love will make you stronger you might now See the rising seas believe me I am so sorry i know the House is on fire the storm will Be the firefighter takE a look around you there must be Something one can do if you don't Fear of making mistakes you can live Without any regrets never Believe that you are the one They all you think you are their System is failure but in You is the future but in You is the future but in You is the future but in You is the future"
CHRYSALIDE Oct 10, 2018
Rendez vous the last day of the last edition... It's a very great honnor for us to play in Maschinenfest one last time before a new age... See you all at 10pm for a big big big mess and noisy act!!!
CHRYSALIDE Sep 07, 2018
CHRYSALIDE Aug 21, 2018
We had a great time in Midgardsblot festival (Norway)... Thank you
CHRYSALIDE Aug 15, 2018
Merci Paris. A bientôt. Take core
CHRYSALIDE Aug 14, 2018
Ce soir !!! 20h !!! Chrysalide "special gig" le Klub PARIS
CHRYSALIDE Jul 16, 2018
CHRYSALIDE Will Play at Midgardsblot festival in august 17th
CHRYSALIDE Jul 03, 2018
New gig announced: 14/08/2018 PARIS le KLUB (special gig) more info soon... and new gigs will be confirmed soon too. 14/08/18 PARIS le KLUB (special gig) (FR) 17/08/18 Midgardsblot festival (NOR) 19-21/10/18 Oberhausen (GER) 02/03/19 Prague (CZ)
CHRYSALIDE Jun 24, 2018
A great honor to join the awesome line up of the Maschinenfest Final Edition. We only live once. Be there !!!
CHRYSALIDE Jun 18, 2018
some new gigs are announced... 17/08/18 Midgardsblot festival (NOR) 19-21/10/18 Oberhausen (GER) 02/03/19 Prague (CZ) more gigs will be announced soon...'s now official... we are working on a new album !!!
CHRYSALIDE May 16, 2018
"ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 21st century ! the century of all crisis : political, moral, economical, ecological and individual. it is now 14 years old but it is already old and dying. as never before, the world has access to so much knowledge and, in the same time as never before, the world knows so much mediocrity to sum up, this world is totally fucked up it seems that nothing will change it and save you from yourself you feel disappointed, useless, and you're tired to expect and expect again and that is certainly understandable so what to do ? well, first, take a deep breath and start to forget all the things you know about darkness. whoever you are, inside and out, this time, i'm afraid it's your turn your turn to tell us the plan, your turn to testify, your turn to be the change this living dead world is challenging us to survive so, take a look in the mirror and find a way out deep inside of you what the hell will your verse be ? now, Brace yourself, turn it up and rise the fuck up for your own personal revolution thank you for your attention"
CHRYSALIDE Apr 19, 2018
CHRYSALIDE Apr 19, 2018
"Beside the impossible, Believe in your potential, Where they all quit and back down, Now I know we will keep on" #fuckalldiseases