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Head Over Heels
White Women
Hot Mess - Deluxe Single
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iTunes Live from Montreal
Business Casual
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DJ-KiCKS Re(Mix) [Mixed Tracks]
Fancy Footwork
She's In Control
Chromeo at Royale (November 23, 2018)
Venue: Royale (Boston, MA, US) Find tickets
Chromeo at Concerts at Slo Brew Rocks (November 30, 2018)
Venue: Concerts at Slo Brew Rocks (San Luis Obispo, CA, US) Find tickets
Chromeo at The Exchange & Alibi Lounge (December 13, 2018)
Venue: The Exchange & Alibi Lounge (Minneapolis, MN, US) Find tickets
Chromeo at The Mid (December 14, 2018)
Venue: The Mid (Chicago, IL, US) Find tickets
Chromeo Nov 12, 2018
Funklordz Tee 2018 script by Gorey available now on
Chromeo Nov 12, 2018
Last live show of the year over the weekend and we tried something a lil different.
Chromeo Nov 09, 2018
Chromeo Nov 07, 2018
Told you we’d bring the live show to Miami. Last date of the Head Over Heels World Tour this weekend at House of Creatives Music & Arts Fest. Get your tix and come get funky with us. #HOCFest #HOC2018
Chromeo Nov 07, 2018
Made a new friend in the studio yesterday 💞 Mitski
Chromeo Nov 05, 2018
#HeadOverHeelsTour Photos by Holy Mountain
Chromeo Nov 02, 2018
One of the coolest rooms we’ve ever played 🤘🏼
Chromeo Nov 02, 2018
#HeadOverHeelsTour Photos by Holy Mountain
Chromeo Nov 02, 2018
#HeadOverHeelsTour Photos by Holy Mountain
Chromeo Nov 01, 2018
Nice work (happy Halloween)
Chromeo Oct 30, 2018
More playlists for the London massive. Thank you Clash Magazine. See you Thursday!
Chromeo Oct 29, 2018
As one run of shows ends, another one begins. This is the energy we’re bringing to Manchester, London and Paris this week. See you there! 📹@holymountainus
Chromeo Oct 26, 2018
Our #TinyDesk is now on YouTube! Watch and rewatch. NPR Music
Chromeo Oct 25, 2018
This one’s for London & Manchester! We’re seeing you in a week so we prepared a special UK themed Funklordz Radio Spotify playlist. Also...just a few tickets left for the shows so get yours quick! 🇬🇧🤘🏼🇬🇧🤘🏼🇬🇧🤘🏼 Listen:
Chromeo Oct 25, 2018
New York City listen up! We’re DJing this Halloween party on Saturday and we don’t have a costume idea. We need suggestions! We’ll give away 2 tix to the best idea, drop it in the comments we’re listening!
Chromeo Oct 19, 2018
We had so much fun doing this. Our first time playing with a live band! NPR Music #tinydesk
Chromeo Oct 18, 2018
Scenes from our tour in the heartland. Manchester, London and Paris, you’re next! 📹 Holy Mountain
Chromeo Oct 18, 2018
This one’s for my mom who never thought there’d be a Moroccan rapper killing it worldwide. 🇲🇦 ❤️
Chromeo Oct 15, 2018
LONDON & Manchester you know we’re coming back to you in 3 weeks for our first headline shows in over 3 years right? Get your tix! We haven’t seen your fancy footwork in so long!
Chromeo Oct 10, 2018
New York! We're DJing at Disco of the Dead Halloween at The Gallery at Dream Downtown on Oct. 27! 👻 🤩 Tix:
Chromeo Oct 10, 2018
Pariiiiiiis! C’est le retour de vos cousins Canadiens le mois prochain. Venez nous voir on va apprendre à danser la funk aux pitchforkois. 🤘🏼 Tix:
Chromeo Oct 10, 2018
Stay golden
Chromeo Oct 08, 2018
North American Tour’s a wrap! Thanks to our amazing crew for holding it down and making it happen. Just played 25 shows in 5 week with these guys...over 75 shows till April! If you’ve enjoyed seeing us live it’s in large part thanks to them! 🤘🏼
Chromeo Oct 04, 2018
Watch this. An ode to house music and the art of DJing by A-Trak
Chromeo Oct 03, 2018
Family over everything