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Chrome Black Gold
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Chrome Hoof Sep 06, 2017
Hoof reunion! The occasion? The beautiful wedding of Missy Em to her long time partner, Jules. Here we are on Brighton beach last Saturday. A great time was had!
Chrome Hoof Sep 04, 2016
Out Sep 23rd and featuring 6 members of the Hoof:
Chrome Hoof Apr 11, 2016
A brief update: we have been in deep hibernation for some time now but have certainly not disbanded. The Hoof will never make a record purely for the sake of making one - we make them when we have something new to say. We have all been busy with other projects for the last year or so but hope to bring you some news of new Hoof music before too long. Thanks for your patience and your continued support. May your husks long remain unruined.
Chrome Hoof Jun 27, 2014
Thanks for having us Norway!
Chrome Hoof Jun 24, 2014
Today we go to Norway to perform under the midnight sun.
Chrome Hoof Jun 10, 2014
If you do one thing today, check out Music for a Good Home 3, an album raising money for homelessness charity Shelter. We're proud to have donated an exclusive track (previously unreleased extended version of When the Lightening Strikes with alternative outro) and be part of such a fantastic lineup of great music. You get 31 tracks for just £7 and all proceeds go to charity. Other contributions include tracks from Grumbling Fur, Esben & The Witch and John Parish. That's 23p a track. Bargain, eh?! £7 can really help Shelter. Released 16th June. Pre-order now!!!!!
Chrome Hoof May 23, 2014
**LIVE DATE** FESTSPILLENE in the North of Norway HARSTAD 21.–28. JUNE 2014
Chrome Hoof May 15, 2014
New live date to be announced soon...
Chrome Hoof Feb 24, 2014
Thank you, Progressive Area!
Chrome Hoof Jan 27, 2014
Chrome Hoof @ Nottingham Contemporary Arts Centre 2014 courtesy of A Quick Flash
Chrome Hoof Jan 25, 2014
Fantastic show at Oslo, Hackney. Thanks to y'all for coming down.
Chrome Hoof Jan 24, 2014
2000 RSVPs for tonight's show, so we are told. Looking forward to it Nottingham!
Chrome Hoof Jan 07, 2014
Very excited to announce that the legendary Charles Hayward will be performing at the Oslo Hackney show.
Chrome Hoof Jan 04, 2014
Brand new vid'yo by Will Clark for Kestral Dawn from the new album, Chrome Black Gold.
Chrome Hoof Dec 30, 2013
****A WELL DESERVED CHRINGROID PRESENT FROM CHROME HOOF TO YOU**** New single 'Knopheria' in all its technicolour glory. Happy Noo Ears folks!!
Chrome Hoof Dec 17, 2013
These superb Chrome Black Gold reviews keep on coming...Thanks E-Music! "One of the most preposterous, bold and enjoyable records of 2013 ... this is a thrilling voyage into the outer reaches of progressive pop: flamboyant, far-out and, above all, fun."
Chrome Hoof Nov 11, 2013
Have you rushed out (or in) to buy your copy of Chrome Black Gold yet? The vinyl's looking preeetty sexy. It's simple - the more you support them, the more CH can tour the tits off of 2014.
Chrome Hoof Nov 06, 2013
Another delicious review of the new album. Many thanks to The Quietus. "A disco inferno! A dense clashing explosion of gorgeous simplistic melodies, electronic doodles and complex layered instrumentation..."
Chrome Hoof Oct 22, 2013
Chrome Hoof Oct 19, 2013
Thanks to The Times news for the 4 STAR Chrome Black Gold review
Chrome Hoof Oct 08, 2013
Chrome Hoof Oct 07, 2013
Chrome Hoof Oct 05, 2013
Last night was colossal. Thank y'all for blowing the roof with Hoof. TONIGHT may get dangerously monstrous with 24 hooves on stage and shit loads of lasers!! See you at the Lexington Hoofers!!
Chrome Hoof Oct 04, 2013
Something for the weekend? Thank you Telegraph.