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Looking For Love
Kill For Love (Deluxe)
Cherry (Deluxe)
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Running From the Sun
Kill for Love
Night Drive
Chromatics with Desire and Kraków Loves Adana at Grey Hall (October 4, 2019)
Venue: Grey Hall (Copenhagen, Denmark) Find tickets
Chromatics at Berns Salonger (October 5, 2019)
Venue: Berns Salonger (Stockholm, Sweden) Find tickets
Chromatics and Desire and In Mirrors at Rockefeller (October 7, 2019)
Venue: Rockefeller (Oslo, Norway) Find tickets
Chromatics at Astra Kulturhaus (October 9, 2019)
Venue: Astra Kulturhaus (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Chromatics at Praga Centrum (October 12, 2019)
Venue: Praga Centrum (Warsaw, Poland) Find tickets
Chromatics at Vienna Arena (Arena Wien) (October 14, 2019)
Venue: Vienna Arena (Arena Wien) (Vienna, Austria) Find tickets
Chromatics with Desire and In Mirrors at MeetFactory (October 16, 2019)
Venue: MeetFactory (Prague, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Chromatics at Muffathalle (October 17, 2019)
Venue: Muffathalle (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
Chromatics at Bürgerhaus Stollwerck (October 19, 2019)
Venue: Bürgerhaus Stollwerck (Cologne, Germany) Find tickets
Chromatics at Vicar Street (October 22, 2019)
Venue: Vicar Street (Dublin, Ireland) Find tickets
Chromatics at Albert Hall (October 23, 2019)
Venue: Albert Hall (Manchester, UK) Find tickets
Little Simz and Chromatics at The Poetry Club (October 24, 2019)
Venue: The Poetry Club (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Chromatics at SWG3 (October 24, 2019)
Venue: SWG3 (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Chromatics at Swg3 Galvanizers (October 24, 2019)
Venue: Swg3 Galvanizers (Glasgow, UK) Find tickets
Chromatics at Anson Rooms, Bristol SU (October 26, 2019)
Venue: Anson Rooms, Bristol SU (Bristol, UK) Find tickets
Chromatics with Desire and In Mirrors at Roundhouse (October 27, 2019)
Venue: Roundhouse (London, UK) Find tickets
Chromatics, Desire, and In Mirrors at TRIX (October 29, 2019)
Venue: TRIX (Borgerhout, Belgium) Find tickets
Club To Club Festival Club To Club Festival 2019
Venue: Club To Club Festival (Turin, Italy) Find tickets
Chromatics at Paradiso Grote Zaal (October 30, 2019)
Venue: Paradiso Grote Zaal (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Chromatics Aug 15, 2019
Since it’s a rainy Thursday let’s throw it back to this past Monday’s episode of THE GRIND! feat. Ill Payne and The Best in T&T Music. 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹 Listen to the podcast format of THE GRIND via Soundcloud. Listen to past episodes and don’t forget to follow us on Soundcloud.
Chromatics Aug 12, 2019
Every Monday we play 60-90 songs from T&T artistes on our show, so don’t ever let people tell you there isn’t enough good local content! Don’t believe me? Then Tune in at 6pm to THE GRIND on Next 99.1fm! 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹 Today Hip-Hop artiste & Entrepreneur Ill Payne stops by to talk about his new music & clothing line. 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤 Then we have the 2nd Round of the Remy Martin Producer Series. 4 Local Producers go head to head live ON-AIR! To see who will move forward to win a Trip to Atlanta! Call in at 7:30pm and Vote for your favourite producer! Live Call In Number: 628-3006 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Not near a radio then check out our Live Stream! 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹 The Best in T&T Music from 6-9pm THE GRIND Only on Next 99.1fm.
Chromatics Aug 11, 2019
@micwise88 stopped by the program to kick some bars! 🎤🎤🎤🎤 THE GRIND Every Monday Night 6-9pm only on @next99.1fm Hosted by @chromaticsmusic & @djkidane Check Out The Full Interview on Our Youtube Channel. #TheGrind868 #ChromaticsMusic #Chromatics #Micwise
Chromatics Aug 11, 2019
Why i does play with meh noes so much? Anyway check out this Mad Freestyle & Interview with Micwise this past Monday on THE GRIND. #TheGrind868
Chromatics Aug 08, 2019
🚨🚨🚨 WARNING🚨🚨🚨 The content you’re about to hear is strictly local and not suitable for small or closed minds... 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹 THE GRIND is Now Available on Soundcloud in Podcast format! Now you can re-live full episodes of The best in T&T Music and our one of a kind interviews. Only on NEXT 99.1 Monday Nights 6-9pm. Please Share, it will go a long way for us all... Listen here:
Chromatics Aug 01, 2019
This Friday is the Official Re-Opening of TREVOR’S EDGE in St. Augustine! With a guest performance from yours truly @chromaticsmusic and many others! Plus $10 Beers & Rum! Oh did i mention it’s FREE entry? See you there! #trevorsedge #chromaticsmusic
Chromatics Jul 29, 2019
CALLING ALL T&T PRODUCERS & BEAT MAKERS! 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹 Win A Chance to fly to Atlanta and showcase your beats at the Remy Martin 1738 Cognac Producer Series Grand Finale hosted by @jermainedupri Email your beats to [email protected] Now! Then when the competition begins this August get your fans to call in and vote on THE GRIND. Tune in to THE GRIND on @next99.1fm every Monday 6-9pm for more details. - Must Be 18 Years & Over - Must have a US Visa - Beat submissions must be original / no samples. #remymartin1738 #producerseries #trinidadandtobago #thegrind868 #chromatics #chromaticsmusic
Chromatics Jul 17, 2019
I give thanks for opinions like this...if you can’t comprehend it then i suggest you listen every Monday from 6-9pm on @next99.1fm and form your own opinion. and oh we just getting started!!! #TheGrind868 #trinidadandtobago #radioshow #soca #rap #reggae #dancehall @ NEXT 99.1...The Next Level Of Radio
Chromatics Jul 12, 2019
#TBT 2008 As they say time long than twine.... Every good story has chapters full of excitement and experiences and i have enjoyed every chapter of my story so far. This was a ground breaking night. Those who were there know what i’m talking about.... #Chromatics #Spotrushaz #12theband #ThePuppet #heineken
Chromatics Jul 08, 2019
Yo im on yuh radio at 6pm! Not near a radio check out our Live Stream! Playing the best in T&T Music! #TheGrind868
Chromatics Jul 04, 2019
It’s like the same thing over and over, constantly looking over yuh shoulder, man have the cure for disease raise the price and the fees and lock it wey in a folder, I see the situation get worse, it’s like the system works in reverse, instead you give a youth a guitar and tell him rehearse, man yuh give him gun to go burst, and that could never be right in a Jah Jah site, put the truth in the dark but it like bright light, what them a go do when the gas price hike, every man again have to start ride bike, cant stop bun out the media, fan up the flame make it spread like a fever, watch out for them and their daily procedure, try them a try they can’t lock of this speaker... No... Junior Reid, Chromatics, JahBami (Sunz of Dub) #ThrowbackThursday
Chromatics Jul 03, 2019
Ok so the reception and feedback from THE GRIND (my local radio programme on 99.1) is incredible....but how do we make this programme more known to the masses? How do we spread the word? Suggestions my facebook peeps.....GO!
Chromatics Jul 01, 2019
If you didn’t know i do a radio show every Monday evening from 6-9pm. It’s on’s called The Grind...tune in nah....try it....yuh go like it... #TheGrind868
Chromatics Jun 22, 2019
This Monday’s episode of The Grind is probably going to be one of the best ones yet!!! Trust Meh!!!! #TheGrind868
Chromatics Jun 10, 2019
Tonight at 6pm i’ll be playing approximately 90 Locally produced songs in 3 hours....and all a them hard!!!! THE GRIND on Next 99.1fm from 6-9pm. #TheGrind868
Chromatics Jun 01, 2019
So the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has taken down the video. No apology, no compensation, no acknowledgement. But this is 2019.....😉 #Bitter
Chromatics Jun 01, 2019
1 Year ago today! #StillFingerLicking
Chromatics May 31, 2019
Hmmmm looks like Hammer & Chisel might hadda wait till 2020 yes....right now i studying mortar & bricks...
Chromatics May 28, 2019
Trinidad & Tobago Music Company Limited
Chromatics May 27, 2019
We going Live on THE GRIND from 6-9pm! #TheGrind868
Chromatics May 27, 2019
Hi....if you didn’t know i host & produce a radio show every monday night on Next 99.1fm called The Grind. We are the only programme on “urban” radio that dedicates our entire on air time to “Local” doing my part to let the people of this beautiful twin island know about the amount of talent they have here just waiting in the wings. So with that said would you do your part? Do you care at all? Well if you do then please do the following. Take this pic and save it to your phone and spread it! Post it to your IG, Whatsapp and Facebook stories, but that’s only if you care....and only if you Love your country. Otherwise is no scene.... #TheGrind868
Chromatics May 24, 2019
Chromatics May 20, 2019
THE GRIND is on at 6pm! Playing the best in T&T music! 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹...AND!!!!!! We have a Live Audio stream for those online! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Chromatics May 17, 2019
@dropthemictt started off with a BANG this month with spectacular performances from T&T's finest singers, spoken word poets, rappers and comedians. And guess what?! It's only UP from here! . . For our second instalment, we're welcoming to the stage premiere Hip Hop artist @chromaticsmusic ! All going down at our host venue @skyyviewloungett on June 1st and hosted by the one and only @hostedbykiegs ! Doors opening at 7:00p.m. Show starting PROMPTLY at 7:30p.m. . . 🎟 Tickets - $125 per person (More at the door 👀) Part proceeds will be distributed to all our performers. To purchase tickets: Call/WhatsApp Tracy (704-9617) Call/WhatsApp Schae (797-5559). More details to come! . . #showcase #talentshowcase #talent #trinitalent #trini #trinidad #trinidadandtobago #trinbago #music #spokenword #standupcomedy #localtalent #SupportLocal #dropthemictt #looptt
Chromatics May 16, 2019
So i’m thinking Album Launch August 17th... #HammerAndChisel