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Offworld Trading Company (Original Soundtrack)
The Drop That Contained the Sea
Calling All Dawns
Christopher Tin at David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center (March 23, 2020)
Venue: David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Christopher Tin Aug 21, 2019
Went to my dear friend Eimear Noone, Conductor and Composer's presentation on the Irish Games Industry at the Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles Saturday night, and she surprised me with a string quartet performance of #BabaYetu! Thanks Eimear! You're the best! #slainte #irish #videogame #music #classicalmusic #conductor
Christopher Tin Aug 19, 2019
🎼 Mini-Composition engraving party! I've been composing 50+ of these as custom rewards for my @kickstarter backers. Shipping comes next... #toshiverthesky #reward #original #composition
Christopher Tin Aug 15, 2019
BIG congrats to Carolina Crown on their impressive 4th place finish in the 2019 Drum Corps International World Championships. Their set featured ‘Temen Oblak’ from my 2nd album ‘Drop That Contained the Sea’! Their wins in both Brass and Music Analysis contributed to the corps winning total Music! 🥁🎺🏟
Christopher Tin Aug 12, 2019
🎶 E P I C chorus rendition of my theme to Civilization VI ‘Sogno di Volare’ by Peter Hollens and Oregon State University Sing! Always honored and thrilled when Peter does a cover of my music. - Sid Meier’s Civilization #civ6 #music #theme #cover
Christopher Tin Aug 09, 2019
A few days ago, Mozambique signed a historic peace accord between their government and the armed opposition party. And the chosen music for the ceremony was… Baba Yetu! 🎶🇲🇿🌐 #music #MaputoAccord #worldpeace • Learn more:
Christopher Tin Aug 07, 2019
My new Spotify playlist is up online! Opera is such an old love of mine... every time I listen to it I’m brought back to my college years, buying last minute student tickets at the Royal Opera House and San Francisco Opera. Come listen to some of my favorites! 🎧❤️ #NowPlaying
Christopher Tin Aug 05, 2019
🎹Building a new custom desk for the studio! (go on my Instagram page and Insta stories for a behind-the-scenes look at the process) #tinworks #studioconstruction #composerdesk
Christopher Tin Aug 02, 2019
One of my summer tasks: finishing all 53 personalized Mini-Compositions for my Kickstarter backers! First step is to compose directly in my notation software Avid Sibelius... afterwards I engrave the final score by hand. 🎼🎶 #tinworks #kickstarter #reward #tier #minicompo
Christopher Tin Jul 31, 2019
Check out this gorgeous performance of the original version of Passou o Verao (from 'The Drop That Contained the Sea') by Alexandra Iranfar! Alexandra actually commissioned the piece, and she does a stunning job performing it. #tinworks Full video:
Christopher Tin Jul 29, 2019
Thanks Recording Academy / GRAMMYs and Grammy foundation for having me at this year's Grammy Camp and for the opportunity to engage with the next generation of musicians! (📸Rebecca Sapp) #composerlife #grammy #community #panels #workshops #clinics #newgeneration #usc
Christopher Tin Jul 27, 2019
My Theremini (thanks Moog Music Inc.!) on top of the Yamaha upright. Truly... is there a more contrasting pair of instruments? #tinworks
Christopher Tin Jul 25, 2019
Signing a pile of handwritten Baba Yetu scores for my @Kickstarter backers! Shipping is next... 🛫 #tinworks #kickstarter #reward #tier #babayetu
Christopher Tin Jul 18, 2019
The day after my #carnegiehall concert I was invited to speak at Google HQ, NY about 'To Shiver the Sky'. Maaaaajor thanks to Nick Miceli for organizing and hosting the talk! I had a blast, and you were a great interviewer!
Christopher Tin Jul 17, 2019
It's happening! (Will be available this fall, in time for the holidays.) . . . #vinyl #tinworks #callingalldawns #babayetu
Christopher Tin Jul 12, 2019
Either somebody made a joke... or I was delighted that someone laughed at one of my jokes. Either way, I'm 😀. At Abbey Road Studios with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Christopher Tin Jul 11, 2019
I've been a little slow to share pictures of my mammoth Carnegie/Abbey Road trip... finally catching up and going through them. Here's me in my happy place: podium with friends @royalphilharmonicorchestra at @AbbeyRoad. Excited to share #ToShiverTheSky with you all!
Christopher Tin Jul 08, 2019
This is a GREAT breakdown of the theory behind Sir Duke. And I totally agree with Jacob Collier... Stevie is the apotheosis of western harmony in pop music. One theory I have is that his songs are often in keys that contain a lot of black keys (i.e. B major) because as someone who is blind, it's a lot easier to anchor yourself to the keyboard than if you were say, playing in a key like C major. Makes sense, right?
Christopher Tin Jul 05, 2019
Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my ‘Calling All Nations’ concert at LLangollen with the Welsh National Opera Orchestra and a mass choir made up of singers from Wales, South Africa, Taiwan, and the United States! Sneak peak below and full concert:
Christopher Tin Jul 03, 2019
Getting ready for Abbey Road Studios and the first ’To Shiver the Sky’ recording session! #scorepartsmadness #composerlife #tinworks
Christopher Tin Jun 29, 2019
I'm currently in France on holiday during the record heat wave that's sweeping Europe. So it's fitting that I participated in this documentary for Swedish radio, discussing the climate change subtext found in 'The Drop That Contained the Sea'! Listen here: Thanks to Birgitta Tollen for the great interview and allowing me to speak on this most important topic.
Christopher Tin Jun 20, 2019
Calling All Dawns has been having a bit of a moment! International Voices Houston just did a performance of it, and posted the whole thing online. Check it out! They're a fantastically diverse choir, and they did a great job!
Christopher Tin Jun 18, 2019
I visited #giantscauseway in Northern Ireland... and did a jig! #tourist
Christopher Tin Jun 17, 2019
Thank you Xinhua News North America for the interview about my Carnegie Hall concert. Looking forward to a new production at Lincoln Center in March 2020! • 🎼🌐 #musicwithoutbarriers #callingalldawns, Distinguished Concerts International New York - DCINY, 📸 Dan Wright •
Christopher Tin Jun 14, 2019
CALLING ALL CHOIRS We’ll be returning to DCINY for a new ‘Calling All Dawns’ production at Lincoln Center… and you & your choir can be a part of it! 🙌 Join us for this unique weekend residency experience culminating in a performance on one of the world's great concert stages. Audition now at and share the word! • Distinguished Concerts International New York - DCINY
Christopher Tin Jun 13, 2019
Saw a fantastic show yesterday! #TheProm. Beautiful, touching, beautifully danced and sung. So relevant. 🏳️‍🌈❤️ Thanks to my longtime conductor/producer friend Jeff for hooking us up with tickets and a chance to meet the cast and producers!