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Offworld Trading Company (Original Soundtrack)
The Drop That Contained the Sea
Calling All Dawns
Christopher Tin Apr 18, 2019
Gamers, especially those of you who remember Myst... My buddy Russell Brower is composing/music directing the latest installment of the franchise, 'Firmament'--if they can raise enough funds for their Kickstarter! Please share.
Christopher Tin Apr 09, 2019
Christopher Tin Mar 11, 2019
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Christopher Tin Feb 24, 2019
So, I was just on Reddit, chatting with some fans, and one of them suggested I create my own subreddit, to update people on my releases and such. What do you all think? Is that weird and egotistical? Would anyone participate? What would we post about, seeing as I only release new music once every few years? (But I'm taking concrete steps to up that, BTW.)
Christopher Tin Feb 14, 2019
Happy Valentines Day everyone! Exactly seven years ago my longtime friend Shoji Kameda (AKA Kametron) and I released an album that I've always been super proud of, but sadly never took off. We called it 'God of Love', and we called ourselves Stereo Alchemy. It was a collection of ten songs based on poems by Romantic and Renaissance era poets: Christina Rossetti, John Donne, Thomas Carew... but transformed into dubstep, trance, trip hop, and synth pop songs. We thought it was an awesome concept. And it made some light waves in the fashion community: placements in GQ, a crazy music video with Lindsay Lohan, etc. But that was it; sadly it never really went anywhere else. But every Valentine's Day I get some nice messages from people reminding me that it's out there, and still breaking hearts. Here's how the album ended... a very poetic and simple song called 'Love is Love'.
Christopher Tin Feb 11, 2019
Date night at the #GRAMMYs!
Christopher Tin Jan 27, 2019
Nothing more heartwarming than getting a message from a soon-to-be-bride two minutes before she's set to walk down the aisle to your music. Congrats to Amanda from Vashon Island!
Christopher Tin Jan 26, 2019 Honored to come in #5, behind... the Wii loading music and Smash Mouth's "All Star"? LOL. Ah, Reddit. You never fail to amuse me. :) Thanks Philipp K. for finding this!
Christopher Tin Jan 24, 2019
This weekend, I’ll be hosting a Kickstarter Live where I’ll be presenting the fourth movement of ‘To Shiver the Sky’. Tune in on Saturday January 26th at 10:30am Pacific Time for a behind-the-scenes look at my writing process and come Ask Me Anything! Here’s the streaming link: (this is also a replay link!)
Christopher Tin Jan 15, 2019
Reminder that tomorrow night at Carnegie Hall the UN Chamber Music Society of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council is performing 'Baba Yetu' as well as a program of other music as a benefit for music therapy. Here's a fun quote from AM New York: "Tuesday’s concert will open with the music of Christopher Tin, honorary artistic adviser for the UNCMS. His “Baba Yetu,” in an arrangement for chamber ensemble, sounds like an inspirational mashup of “Graceland”-era Paul Simon and Hans Zimmer’s “Lion King” soundtrack."
Christopher Tin Jan 12, 2019
In other Carnegie news, the UN Chamber Music Society of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council will be performing a special piano quintet version of Baba Yetu at the Weill Recital Hall this coming Tuesday. Wish I could be there, but I'm as always super grateful to be in the orbit of the UN and their humanitarian missions!
Christopher Tin Jan 10, 2019
And here's a picture from the last time I was on the Carnegie mainstage! The world premiere of 'The Drop That Contained the Sea'.
Christopher Tin Jan 10, 2019
In five months I'll be making my Carnegie Hall conducting debut! I'll be conducting a mass choir of singers from around the world performing Calling All Dawns with full orchestra, organized by my longtime collaborators @DCINY. (Tickets on sale in March.)
Christopher Tin Dec 11, 2018
My next Kickstarter LIVE is this weekend on Saturday December 15th, at 10:30am Pacific Time. Come join me in the discussion about Movement N°3 of ‘To Shiver the Sky’ and ask me anything!
Christopher Tin Nov 27, 2018
My favorite choir, the Angel City Chorale, will be presenting a special holiday concert at The Novo in Downtown LA! They'll be doing some of the songs that were recently featured on their spectacular run on #AGT... maybe they'll sing Baba Yetu too! Come celebrate the holidays with great singers and great people!
Christopher Tin Nov 27, 2018
A superb rendition of Baba Yetu from the Stellenbosch University Choir! Love the added bar to build up tension right before the big chorus at the end, and the addition of all the praise shouting and vocalizations. Great work Stellenbosch!
Christopher Tin Nov 17, 2018
Well, this got me pumped on this Saturday morning. Now off to spend the rest of the day writing "To Shiver the Sky".
Christopher Tin Nov 01, 2018
I’m hosting a Kickstarter Live this Saturday at 11am Pacific Time to talk about the process on my new album ‘To Shiver the Sky’. Anybody can join and Ask Me Anything! Here’s the link:
Christopher Tin Oct 25, 2018
13 years ago Firaxis Games and 2K launched Civilization IV, designed by my good friend Soren Johnson... and it included this little ditty in the opening menu screen. And my life hasn't been the same ever since. Happy Anniversary Civ!
Christopher Tin Oct 25, 2018
Yesterday music makers across the country fanned out to meet with Congressional representatives, to encourage them to support the arts. I had the pleasure of meeting with CA-40 Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, who's become a big supporter in the three years since I started showing up at her office. ;) She co-sponsored all three of the predecessor bills to the Music Modernization Act, and is an avid arts supporter. Her constituent Carolyn Rodriguez and I were honored to present her with this certificate from The Recording Academy. #DistrictAdvocate #NARAS
Christopher Tin Oct 24, 2018
A fan and music student from Warsaw, Poland, sent me this video. He and his friends organized an orchestral concert and performed Baba Yetu. Check out that soloist! Well done Filip!
Christopher Tin Oct 20, 2018
Thanks Hal Leonard Choral!
Christopher Tin Oct 15, 2018
Also tonight, if you're in New York City and want to support a good cause while hearing some great music at Carnegie Hall, the UN Chamber Music Society of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council will be performing a piano quintet version of Baba Yetu at the Weill Recital Hall in support of the Village Health Works. Sharing the program with a personal favorite of mine, Jennifer Higdon!
Christopher Tin Oct 15, 2018
This really has turned out to be that random year when my music winds up being performed live on random reality shows around the world. First on France's Got Talent, then twice on America's Got Talent, now the Chinese show 'PhantaCity'. It's actually sort of an awesome concept for a show: a film director and actor team up every week, and script and shoot an 8-minute music video around a song. Then they shoot it live in front of a studio audience, without any post-production. It's clever and fun. Here they're singing a pop song I co-wrote, called 'When I Found You', for the Mo Zhang film 'Suddenly Seventeen'. The film opened in late 2016, so it's nice to see that the music still has legs.