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American McGee's Alice
Chris Vrenna Aug 15, 2019
25 years ago. #Woodstock94
Chris Vrenna Mar 13, 2019
Nine Inch Nails
Chris Vrenna Jan 06, 2019
Happy 4th birthday Otis!
Chris Vrenna Nov 01, 2018
Happy Halloween! 🎃
Chris Vrenna Oct 24, 2018
Alice: Asylum
Chris Vrenna May 09, 2018
I was rocking the Met Gala theme back in 1989. #ontrend #heavenlybodies #lastsuppershorts
Chris Vrenna Jan 24, 2017
Excited to announce that I've been working on the score to Quake Champions! More info on the game here:
Chris Vrenna Nov 08, 2016
Otis wants to remind you to get out and vote! #election2016
Chris Vrenna Oct 13, 2016
Heading into the studio to work on a new video game score. Otis is joining me. He shreds on guitar! #studiodog
Chris Vrenna Aug 18, 2016
Woodstock 1994 - Happiness In Slavery - Nine Inch Nails - 8/12/1994 (Official)
Chris Vrenna Jul 14, 2016
I recently remixed a cut of prime pork for my porcine pal, the Lord of Lard, , for his upcoming single "The Diamond Sinners". The pleasure was all swine. It's available for pre-order from Metropolis Records now.
Chris Vrenna Jan 12, 2016
I was shocked and saddened today when I heard that David Bowie passed away. He was one of my idols and was also a wonderful person. As most of you may know, Nine Inch Nails toured with David Bowie on the Outside Tour, where I got to drum "Scary Monsters" for him every night. That was one of the biggest highlights of my career. As one small example of just how special David was, this is a photo of the portrait that David painted of me as a "thank you" at the end of that tour. It's one of my most cherished possessions. He was as amazing of a person as he was a musical and artistic genius, and although he is now gone, he will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, David.
Chris Vrenna Nov 01, 2015
Happy Halloween from the Vrenna family!
Chris Vrenna Oct 01, 2015
Working in my studio with some assistance from Otis. #studiodog
Chris Vrenna Jun 26, 2015
Busy finishing my score for Call of Duty: ExoZombies. Really enjoyed working on this game! I will be posting one more update on the score soon, so stay tuned. In other exciting news, there is a new addition to the Vrenna family. Meet our new puppy: Otis!
Chris Vrenna Mar 27, 2015
Excited to announce the latest project I've been working on! I've been composing the score for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - #ExoZombies new downloadable content packs. The first pack is available now. The second will be released next week. And there will be two more to come throughout 2015. All of you Call of Duty players check it out on your respective console formats!
Chris Vrenna Dec 26, 2014
Happy holidays from the Vrenna home to yours!!
Chris Vrenna Oct 22, 2014
Bush's new album was released today. It was an honor to have worked on the programming and keyboards. Congrats guys! Available now on iTunes.
Chris Vrenna Oct 21, 2014
Happy 25th birthday, Pretty Hate Machine!
Chris Vrenna Aug 20, 2014
Chris Vrenna's cover photo
Chris Vrenna Aug 15, 2014
20 years ago today! Playing at Woodstock '94 with NIN. Watch the full performance here:
Chris Vrenna Mar 29, 2014
Late night in my studio programming tracks for producer Nick R's current production.
Chris Vrenna Mar 20, 2014
Chris Vrenna Mar 13, 2014
Chris Vrenna Feb 03, 2014
What a F**king AWESOME Super Bowl! Go Seahawks!!!!!