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Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jun 16, 2019
7 years ago today, Redline played at London's 100 Club, on the very same stage Metallica played on years prior. Was I stoked? Hell yeah!!! It's pretty special knowing, in some small way, we walked in the footsteps of our music heroes.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jun 02, 2019
My bands have played many shows with the Checaine lads from Hamilton over the years, awesome guys. Loving the riffage in this new track!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jun 01, 2019
Farewell iTunes
Chris Yong - Rock Musician May 27, 2019
Check out this Tadpole piece from AudioCulture, it's a pretty good summary of the band's career.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 27, 2019
Sometimes, just hold your head up high and think to yourself, "Go on, give me everything you away PUNK!"
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 24, 2019
Watched The Dirt movie last night, a biography film of Motley Crue based on the book of the same name. While it was a fun watch, the book is definitely better and one of my top music biographies, a movie adaption was always going to be a tough feat to pull off. There's only so much that can fit into roughly 1.5 hours and, just like the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, contained totally fictional moments. Ultimately, it did get across the key points from the book. While the band's rise to fame involved crazy, excessive and indulgent behaviour not uncommon in the 80s, each member suffered personally in different ways. Vince Neil's drunk driving car crash resulted in the death of Hanoi Rocks drummer, Razzle, who he was partying with. He also dealt with his 4 year old daughter dying of cancer. Tommy Lee's adultery on the road ended his marriage to the love of his life, Heather Locklear. Mick Mars had a rare form of arthritis where the bones in his spine slowly fused together over time. Nikki Sixx used a heroin addiction to escape facing various personal issues, eventually overdosing and technically dying at one point. Every music bio I've seen or read is always the same, there are huge personal sacrifices/challenges that go along with success. Now, the million dollar question is, knowing there is a price to pay for success, fame and fortune, would you wanna trade lifestyles?
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 23, 2019
Rarely perform acoustically however my Redline brother, Craig, made a special request for his wedding recently which I was honoured to perform at!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 11, 2019
Sometimes, when it doesn't work out, it can be a blessing in disguise! There ain't enough to go 'round in this's alright.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 07, 2019
When life gives you lemons, never forget who you are, fight back and make lemonade! You are all you need.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 05, 2019
Today, the world lost another influential soul to suicide. The power of Prodigy's music was undeniable in the late 90s, Keith Flint taunting you with that menacing persona in the Firestarter music video is unforgettable. Pure intensity is the only way to describe Keith and Maxim when you experienced the Prodigy live. While we may speculate why Keith made the decision he did, it's obvious from this and the passing of other notable musicians in recent years that fame and fortune can't protect against human vulnerability. We all need real connection, purpose and to be loved. Challenges in life tend to happen in waves, they aren't forever. While it may seem like an insurmountable tsunami, I'd prefer to think it is possible to ride it out. A few years ago, Emma G and I wrote a song in Static Era about this very subject, you can check it out here - RIP Keith, thank you for the difference you made in the world.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Feb 26, 2019
Have you seen the Bohemian Rhapsody movie? I watched it on the weekend. Here's the real life Live Aid performance ending!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Feb 25, 2019
Cannot wait!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Feb 12, 2019
666 likes? Someone help me get away from Satan ASAP! 😝
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jan 17, 2019
“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato A moment in time snapped by Ginny C Photography from our Metaract release party for Never Forget.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jan 05, 2019
New year, new possibilities, new ideas, new goals. . Let's rock 2019 together!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Dec 10, 2018
Doing some research and would really appreciate your feedback. Over the years, I've written music in Tadpole, Redline, Static Era and Metaract. 1. What international bands do you think they sound similar to (either individually or altogether)? 2. What are your favourite songs from each or all of them?
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Nov 19, 2018
Getting closer
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 26, 2018
Such a privilege to share the stage with Skid Row. . ZP is a monster vocalist, their next album will be killer! . #skidrow #metaract #auckland #rocknroll
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 25, 2018
Going to the SKID ROW concert tonight? Here is the timetable: - 08:30pm Metaract - 09:15pm Silence The City - 10:15pm Skid Row
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 25, 2018
Today is the day! First time I experienced SKID ROW live was '93, when they supported Guns N' Roses. Then in '14 with Ugly Kid Joe. Now in '18, Metaract get to share the stage with them at 8:30pm. As you can see, we've got some treats for those attending. If you are on the fence, use promo code 'neverforget' to get a discounted ticket online. #livingthedream
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 23, 2018
This Thu, it's on! Use promo code 'neverforget' to get a discounted ticket from the ticket site.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 20, 2018
Incredibly stoked to share that my Waikato Rocks NZ rock radio show is now syndicated and replayed on The Generator FM in Whangarei! Tune in every Saturday 3pm-4pm, listen online at: #boom #nzmusicrocks
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 14, 2018
Remember your first musical experiences? . Alan and I entered our first talent quest together at Massey High School back in the day. . Wrote a song loaded with silly innuendo, and for shits and giggles decided to revisit it now. . We've just finished tracking the 2018 demo 😁🎶👊🎤 . #primo #ruthssecretadmirers #masseyhighschool #musicnostalgia #westiesofinstagram
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 08, 2018
At it again tonight, tune in online or download the podcast here or on iTunes #nzrockmusic #waikatorocks
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 02, 2018
Download and enjoy the podcast of the most epic NZ rock radio show ever ;) Last night's show is now online.