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A Taste for Bitters
Anything Near Water
Chokebore Aug 04, 2019
Throwback to our 2013 show at Hafenklang Hamburg in this German podcast, also featuring a pair of old school live recordings from our earlier tour buddies Hammerhead and Janitor Joe!
Chokebore May 25, 2019
Our drummer Christian also played with The Brian Jonestown Massacre... Here's a live video from his time with them back in 1997!
Chokebore Apr 20, 2019
A long long time ago in a country far far away.... The nineties, Lisbon, Portugal...
Chokebore Apr 08, 2019
Blast from the past: Chokebore live at CSOA COX18 in Milan, 1997.... Thank you Cox18Stream!
Chokebore Feb 26, 2019
Early Chokebore, fka Dana Lynn... Troy and Jon's first guitars... Early 90's, somewhere in America....
Chokebore Feb 17, 2019
Hot off the press: the Chokebore book "Chokebore : Days of Nothing" by Thierry Jourdain is out now on Camion Blanc! Order it here: Here's a bit of the French blurb: "En 1989, Troy sort en autoproduction un premier enregistrement avec la formation précédant Chokebore, Dana Lynn. Trente ans plus tard, en 2019, sa discographie solo devient aussi importante que celle avec Chokebore (cinq albums entre 1993 et 2002), avec la sortie de son cinquième album en tant que Troy Von Balthazar. L'occasion de marquer le coup et de célébrer trente ans d'écriture par un livre qui rendrait hommage à lui et à son groupe culte pour toute une génération."
Chokebore Feb 15, 2019
A couple of nice interviews of Thierry Jourdain, author of the upcoming book Chokebore : Days of Nothing, and of Magali Boyer Photographie, who contributed many photos to the book. Thank you Soul Kitchen!
Chokebore Feb 15, 2019
Check out "Filthy Days", the first single of the new TvB album "It ends like crazy"! Pre-order the new album (available on white vinyl or CD) here:
Chokebore Feb 14, 2019
Happy Valentine's Day 🖤
Chokebore Feb 11, 2019
All TvB music in one new Spotify playlist. Includes Chokebore music! Subscribe and be the first to hear new TvB single coming later this week!! #checkit #spotifyplaylist #troyvonbalthazar #tvb #newalbum #nirvanapass #red #sweettunes #goodmusic #skateandkisstroy #allaccess #chokebore #backstagepass #nirvana >>> <<<
Chokebore Feb 06, 2019
Chokebore Feb 03, 2019
"You are the sunshine of my life" original lyrics from Troy von Balthazar's Chokebore archives...
Chokebore Jan 23, 2019
The French Chokebore book is coming very soon! Chokebore : Days of Nothing by Thierry Jourdain (of Equilibre Fragile zine) will be published in February 2019 by Camion Blanc.
Chokebore Jan 22, 2019
Lawsuit cover!
Chokebore Nov 04, 2018
Chokebore Oct 16, 2018
A nice video made by Yelena Baykova. In her own words: "A few years ago I came across an artist who called herself Chiara Bautista, she made drawings that I became obsessed over. She also loved one of your songs. So I animated her art into a video with your song. Here it is:"
Chokebore Jun 27, 2018
The Chokebore/TvB tribute cassette compilation is now available on Equilibre Fragile's Band camp page! >>>
Chokebore Jun 17, 2018
Chokebore Apr 04, 2018
Coming soon (May 2018): Chokebore/TvB tribute compilation on cassette tape. A great idea by our friends at Equilibre Fragile zine, featuring Mona Kazu, The Silence Kit, Luis Francesco Arena and more! Pre-orders are now open at
Chokebore Feb 12, 2018
TvB's "song for ewe" on Velvet Sheep zine.
Chokebore Jan 28, 2018
Cool cover of "It Could Ruin Your Day" by French band Mona Kazu!
Chokebore Dec 22, 2017
Anything Near Christmas: check out new color variations on the Chokebore "diver" T-shirt re-printed by The Dark Slide. More Chokebore/Amphetamine Reptile Records things at
Chokebore Nov 16, 2017
Rocking "Spear" at Club Detroit for a nice Amphetamine Reptile Records showcase (Clusterfuck tour '93 with Today Is The Day and Guzzard)
Chokebore Oct 04, 2017
The Dark Slide is offering a special $5 discount code for Chokebore fans on their online store: CHOKEBORE5OFF (valid until October 15). A nice chance to grab one of their classic Chokebore T-shirt reissues!
Chokebore Sep 21, 2017
Another classic Chokebore shirt, this time from the Anything Near Water era, and once again featuring the OG Amphetamine Reptile Records logo on back, is getting reissued by The Dark Slide! Shipping in October, now available for pre-order!