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I Told You So
Here to Save You All
Here to Save You All

RICANstruction: The Black Rosary
Chino XL Jul 11, 2018
“Chi many parts 2018 summer run” Scroll down for venues and dates including Europe .. **ladies night tour ladies are free !!! w/ equipto ,Mahtie Bush , Dj Justice and Bobby boutit ***Tour Dates with my Brother immortal technique Rebel armz brothers , poison pen south paw and Dj static **7/6 Elks lounge ,San Bernardino ca **7/9 Ninja karaoke , Las Vegas Nv **7/10Rouge bar Scottsdale AZ **7/11 shadeh night club Santa Fe New Mexico **7/12 Diamond Lills Hobbs New Mexico **7/13 The Secret Group- Houston Tx **7/14 come n take it live Austin TX **7/15 Leftwoods Amarillo TX **7/17 Zebra bar Bozeman Montana **7/19 Speak easy vape lounge Canibus club Colorado Springs Co **7/20 Lils place Denver Co ***7/21 Smoked out summer 98 Oakland California w/Immortal Technique ***7/22 Strummers Fresno ca W/Immortal Technique ***7/23 Marty’s On Newport Tustin ca w/immortal Technique **7/24 Live In Humboldt eureka ca **7/25 Elbo room Jack London Oakland ca **7/26 Coopers alehouse Nevada city NV ***7/27 The Regent Los Angeles Ca W/immortal technique *7/28 The nines Dallas Texas ***8/7 Neumos Seattle Washington W/immortal technique ***8/8 Star theater portland Oregon W/immortal technique *** 8/19 Organic fest wilseyville ca W/immortal technique ***8/21 The catalyst Santa Cruz ca W/immortal technique ***8/21Academy islington London United Kingdom W/immortal technique ***8/25The sugar club Dublin Ireland W/immortal technique France , Czech Republic And more #dates will me announced Soon Artwork by the great :Micheal Firman @michaelfirmanart
Chino XL Oct 24, 2017
My verse from 7 deadly sins off huntsman from Australia's album features myself horshoe gang and ubiquitous from ces crew over a madlib beat ... artwork is from my upcoming graphic novel ...enjoy
Chino XL Jul 01, 2017
Free show small intimate setting tonight at Joe k'a lounge 2601 s.soto street Vernon ca 90058..Going on at like 10 come rock out! Grab some signed C'ds /vinyl/shirts bandannas etc take photos and chop it up.
Chino XL Jun 27, 2017
Ever go to the post office with 1,856 packages to ship?????? Smfh it's crazy .
Chino XL May 03, 2017
When they play your video on the big screen !!!!! Yeeeeee!!! "under the bridge " still moving
Chino XL Apr 26, 2017
Just was sent a box of the poison pen vinyls the have wordsmit , *Beastin ft Killah priest *Dont fail me now ft.Beatnuts.*All I wanna do* Im signing them and selling them for 60 bux each and shipping hit [email protected] You will get an immediate response Update all who have purchased CDs last week will be signed and sent out top of next week . -chi
Chino XL Apr 21, 2017
My verse from @djgijoe album cold minded with @dtmthemc avail on iTunes and Spotify #RebelArmz until my casket drops 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 Also under the bridge is almost to 1 million views on Facebook I appreciate you all very much -Chi
Chino XL Apr 20, 2017
Let's goooooo!!!!
Chino XL Apr 15, 2017
Just got a new batch of Ricanstruction hard copies And poison pen as well 15.00 including shipping in the us and Canada only 20.00 over seas I will sign each one custom Email : [email protected] For orders ... Peace
Chino XL Apr 13, 2017
1520 Entertainment
Chino XL Apr 07, 2017
Pretty cool rock publication trying to make this happen🙏🏽.....if you have a second 💯
Chino XL Apr 02, 2017
Chino XL Mar 28, 2017
DjBabu Dj Rhettmatic Rama DukeBeatjunkies at Dash radio #underTheBridge
Chino XL Mar 24, 2017
Every body good? Y'all getting through the day without screaming?
Chino XL Mar 20, 2017
Chino XL
Chino XL Mar 19, 2017
Rock world and hiphop world are showing mad love ...thank you all here on my page , and all over for believing in me , when I didn't believe in myself
Chino XL Mar 18, 2017
Chino XL Mar 18, 2017
1520 Entertainment
Chino XL Mar 16, 2017
Official announcement of my rock project W/ Ramaduke produced by Jared Lee Gosselin. The name of our group "A Bad Day for Sorry"
Chino XL Mar 16, 2017
Rock.side and Hiphop side are both showing mad love this is crazy....🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Chino XL Mar 15, 2017
@chino xl Rama DukeTonight with Dj Rhettmatic the beat junkies Scoop Deville large professor
Chino XL Mar 09, 2017
#UnderTheBridge #OfficialVideo #RamaDuke #ChinoXL Available on iTunes and Spotify ! #1520Entertainment
Chino XL Mar 08, 2017
Rama Duke
Chino XL Mar 06, 2017
I Humbly Appreciate all the years of support I will continue to give everything I have with my pen My newest offering "under the bridge" W/@ramaduke @jaredleegossekin Shout out to the red hot chili peppers for approving this #RebelArmz #Lyricsstillmatter #Ripjarch 🇵🇷🇵🇷
Chino XL Mar 06, 2017
Tomorrow rock out with me "under the bridge" Heroin/Heroine music RedhotchilipeppersApproved RebelArmz LyricsStillMatter ITunes