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Music 4 Tngrs
Jacques Jams Vol. 1 - Endurance (Clinton Sparks Mix)
Love the Future
Love the Future
Chester French Nov 07, 2015
Here's a live performance D.A. did of "Every Time You Walk Away" live at Capitol Studio B. See the full video here:
Chester French Oct 21, 2015
Check out "Feel" by D.A. Wallach Live at Capitol Studio B. More live performance videos coming in the following weeks:
Chester French Oct 16, 2015
A little trailer for the album!
Chester French Oct 16, 2015
D.A.'s Debut Solo Album, "Time Machine," Available Today! Spotify: iTunes: From D.A.: "Today is one of the most important moments of my life, as Harvest Records / Capitol is releasing an album that I've spent the past two and a half years writing and recording. It is my first solo album, and an expression of everything I've learned about writing songs and singing them. I called it Time Machine because that's what music is to me: a magical way of capturing and preserving a fleeting moment, and a portal through which to escape the monotony of everyday life. It will mean the world to me if you are able to find 30 minutes to throw on some headphones, close your eyes, and take a ride on my Time Machine. Things move really quickly these days, and I wanted this record to be a medium for slowing down and enjoying sound. Pharrell, Diane Warren, Dan Wilson, David Campbell, and all of my other collaborators deserve most of the credit if I've achieved this. I'm measuring success solely by the number of people who hear the record and gain something from its existence. So if you enjoy the music, please do share it with anyone else who you think might dig it, however you do that sort of thing. Thanks as always for supporting me in my life and my art! Love, D.A."
Chester French Nov 28, 2013
D.A.'s newest song "Farm" on YouTube. Please check it out and share to your friends! Buy "Farm" on iTunes at:
Chester French Nov 27, 2013
Another new song by D.A. : "Farm"
Chester French Nov 27, 2013
New song by D.A.: "Glowing" Video directed by Tyler the Creator.
Chester French Dec 20, 2012
OK PEOPLE - I'm DJing NOW. Going to play some of my favorites of all time:
Chester French Nov 13, 2012
The NEW Chester French Music Video!!! Please Share!!!
Chester French Nov 09, 2012
New Chester French video coming next week!
Chester French Aug 27, 2012
Excited for the show tonight in L.A. Acoustic set. Playing songs we've never done before. RSVP now and come hang!
Chester French Aug 25, 2012
We're doing a little performance Monday in L.A.:
Chester French Aug 07, 2012
Just got my Chester French Varsity Jacket. So dope. Only have a few left so if you want one go over to NOW!!!
Chester French Aug 01, 2012
Chester French Jul 10, 2012
Thanks to everyone who submitted entries to our Black Girls Remix Competition with Talenthouse! Congrats to Play It Louder Productions + Assorted Shapes, whose winning remixes are featured on the Black Girls Remix EP. Download the EP for FREE right now at
Chester French Jul 08, 2012
Chester French Varsity Jackets available at !
Chester French Jul 01, 2012
Just a few days left to vote! Help us pick the best two remixes to feature on our upcoming Black Girls EP, we want to hear what you think!
Chester French Jun 29, 2012
Vote now for your favorite entry into the Black Girls Remix contest! Help us choose which two tracks get released on the Black Girls EP. Which ones are your favorites?
Chester French Jun 25, 2012
Last day to submit entries to the Black Girls Remix competition! Get yours in by tonight for a chance to be featured on the upcoming Black Girls EP. Voting starts tomorrow.
Chester French Jun 25, 2012
Did you get the new Chester French album "Music4 TNGRS" yet? Go to and make it happen!!!
Chester French Jun 23, 2012
An acoustic performance we just did of "Interesting Times." Hope you dig it!!!
Chester French Jun 22, 2012
Only three days left to enter the Black Girls Remix competition. If you're a producer or artist, we want to hear your take on the track. Get your entries in now and make sure to pick up the new album if you haven't yet:
Chester French Jun 21, 2012
Hope you guys are enjoying the new album. Get your copy here if you haven't yet: What are your favorite tracks so far?