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A Misfit in Progress
Write This Moment
Chemical vocation Apr 14, 2019
Chemical vocation Apr 13, 2019
Sthlm! Är det någon som har en baslåda att låna ut för ikväll?
Chemical vocation Apr 13, 2019
Göteborg!!! Igår gav ni oss fem någonting vi aldrig trodde vi skulle få igen. Ni hoppade med oss, ni sjöng med oss, ni svettades och gav allt tillsammans med oss. Ifrån botten av våra hjärtan, TACK! Råkar ni ha videos eller bilder. Släng upp dem och tagga oss. Vi älskar er ❤️ CV
Chemical vocation Apr 12, 2019
Ikväll smäller det! Vi har speltid 20:45, men för att hinna spela så många låtar som möjligt så springer vi på fem minuter tidigare! 20:40!!!!! Lets do This!
Chemical vocation Apr 03, 2019
Redo att brista ut i sång nästa vecka! Är ni redo? #chemicalvocation #10yearsofdisaster
Chemical vocation Mar 08, 2019
Listen up Sthlm! The venue has been upgraded to the amazing Münchenbryggeriet! If you missed out on a ticket last time, now is your chance! Head over to And get your ticket NOW! It wont get upgraded again! See you there! CV
Chemical vocation Mar 07, 2019
Det börjar närma sig! Om vi skulle ha med oss ett gäng t-shirts, specialtryckta för detta tillfälle. Skulle någon vara intresserad av en sådan då? //CV
Chemical vocation Feb 08, 2019
Listen up! Då trycket på biljetter i Gbg var stort och många missade att köpa, så har Adept sett till att uppgradera spelningen till Trädgårn! Så skynda nu över till och skaffa DIN biljett! Vi lovar att ni inte kommer bli besvikna! CV
Chemical vocation Feb 05, 2019
Stockholm är nu slutsålt! Kommer bli galet. ses i April!
Chemical vocation Feb 02, 2019
Nu är det ju slutsålt i Göteborg. Är ni många som blev utan?
Chemical vocation Jan 30, 2019
Hoppas ni köpt biljetter!
Chemical vocation Jan 29, 2019
Nu finns det bara 100 biljetter kvar till giget i Göteborg och 200 kvar till Sthlm! Du har väl säkrat din plats för årets fest?
Chemical vocation Jan 04, 2019
Have you been missing some of our songs? Well, today everything is back online! Write This Moment (Album) Hide Away (Single with Nikola Sarcevic) My Dependence(Single) Start this Friday with Chemical Vocation. CV Edit: I haven’t checked all platforms, but it should be out on Spotify, deezer, Apple Music etc.
Chemical vocation Dec 29, 2018
What song do you think we really HAVE to play on our two gigs next year?
Chemical vocation Dec 28, 2018
Today, A Misfit In Progress has been realesed! Some places are a bit slower than others. But if you have Spotify, tidal, deezer or any other streaming service, you should be able to stream it as of now! Merry Christmas! CV
Chemical vocation Dec 12, 2018
Alright! As some of you have pointed out, almost all of our music has been away from your streaming services for some time. Well, that is about to change. We have bought back the rights to our music and will upload them as soon as possible, for your listening pleasure! When they appear on spotify. Dont forget to follow us there. it's important for the songs to get more attention. Thanks for all your support. It's amazing to see that people still cares about us. Love //CV
Chemical vocation Nov 30, 2018
We are stoked to announce that we will be playing two exclusive shows 2019. Celebrating Adepts 10 year of disaster tour. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!
Chemical vocation Nov 28, 2018
Chemical vocation Nov 23, 2018
Chemical vocation Apr 29, 2017
Listen to Speeding Heartbeats (Synthwave remix) by Killing Moon #np on #SoundCloud
Chemical vocation Oct 17, 2016
Oh uhm...Hey y'all! Just wanted to let you know that our first ep is available for listen on Spotify again, back by popular demand you might say (at least 2 people!) So yeah.
Chemical vocation May 01, 2016
For all of you hardcore CV fans who's been missing me sing and scream my lungs out. This one is for you ❤️ //Pierre
Chemical vocation Sep 12, 2013
Check out my new project! Pierre
Chemical vocation May 20, 2013
New record from Social Siberia - The Master of None - Out today! Spotify - iTunes - Vinyl is on it's way! SHARE away & DO NOT hesitate to let me know what you think over at / Jocke
Chemical vocation Apr 15, 2013
Chemical Vocation - A Case Of The Mondays