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Exit Humanity
Kill All Kings
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Feed 'em With a Brick
Feed 'em With a Brick
Live @ the Ancienne Belgique
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Black Fuel
Black Fuel
Stigmatized for Life
Stigmatized For Life
Channel Zero
Channel Zero
Channel Zero Feb 20, 2019
📸 by Harold Naeye
Channel Zero Feb 20, 2019
order your (hot) summer Tshirt or hoodie today !
Channel Zero Feb 16, 2019
Channel Zero Feb 14, 2019
Parkpop Oostkamp
Channel Zero Feb 11, 2019
Channel Zero Jan 27, 2019
Here’s another one
Channel Zero Jan 25, 2019
First show for this summer, more to come. Don’t miss out, this will be an awesome party with good friends 🤘
Channel Zero Jan 09, 2019
Channel Zero Jan 02, 2019
Rockin Dark Passenger like a Pro ;-) !!! Happy NewYear 🤟😎🦖
Channel Zero Dec 28, 2018
A huge shout out to all the loyal Channel Zero fans for their everlasting support. Please continue to be awesome and see you all in 2019.
Channel Zero Dec 21, 2018
Hey there Channel Zero fans and followers, we have a new instagram account (as the previous one was no longer working). Please follow us at #channelzerotheband and spread the word. Meanwhile happy holidays from all of us in the CZ camp. Stay safe, stay heavy!
Channel Zero Nov 19, 2018
Black "Friday" Fuel !!! 😈
Channel Zero Oct 18, 2018
Check this Docu on 30 Years of Belgian Metal Bands by #redbullmusic
Channel Zero Sep 29, 2018
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Channel Zero Aug 12, 2018
This just happened at The Alcatraz Festival in Belgium. A minute of silence for the memory and respect for Phil B Channel Zero's fallen brother/drummer. It's been five years since he passed. I want to thank the entire Alcatraz organization and Filip Alcatraz for being so kind. You are a true class act!
Channel Zero Aug 12, 2018
Thank You all for this moment ! RIP Phil B. Alcatraz 2018
Channel Zero Jun 30, 2018
Thank you @L'ImprimerieClandestine for rhis great set of stickers!!!!
Channel Zero Jun 18, 2018
Channel Zero Red Devils support ! Check out the merch page soon ... #teaser
Channel Zero May 13, 2018
Order your Channel Zero Tshirt for your next summer festivals ....
Channel Zero May 01, 2018
66 Zwaarste Platen fuif gaat naar In’t Garageke bij Bert Boeye !!! Feestje bij deze Crazy Bende Headbangers !!!
Channel Zero Apr 23, 2018
Stem voor Channel Zero in de #Zwaarstelijst #Stubru & Win DJ set met de 66 Zwaarste Platen. Post uw Screenshot van Channel Zero stem hieronder, kies een leuke plaats en laat ons weten waar jij dit wil beleven en misschien kom ik wel bij jou een feestje bouwen !!! Franky DSVD / djMetalman
Channel Zero Mar 17, 2018
Channel Zero
Channel Zero Feb 26, 2018
Channel Zero Trailer Tour 2017 ! Made by HNIMProductions
Channel Zero Feb 18, 2018
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